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The World’s busiest UFO hotspot and a place of ancient mystery

Stargate Edinburgh Tours is a small, bespoke company headed by one of Britain’s foremost ufologists and folklorists, Andrew Hennessey.  It is dedicated to the consideration of possibilities and alternative interpretations of unexplained phenomena found in and around the Edinburgh area. What are some of these mysteries, these secrets?  To name just a few: the Templar Mysteries, a 12,000 year-old secret, thousands of UFO sightings, underground bases, a possible link between Arthur and Atlantis, Abductions and Greys, ‘Clootie’ trees and faerie hills, a Saint and a star.  Visit some of these extraordinary sites and see for yourself.

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Andrew Hennessey, your guide to this extraordinary world, is the founder of Stargate Edinburgh Tours, and has been a researcher and writer in this area for over 25 years.  With substantial photographic evidence and witness reports, his unique perspective, historical understanding and expertise have been sought after for TV documentaries, radio programmes, specialist magazines and newspapers both in Britain and abroad.        ‘.. It was an exciting afternoon !’                               Christoph Scheuermann, Der Spiegel News

Gathering Stars


I looked up at the dark, dark sky

and started gathering stars,

Wide-eyed, I steadied the sky,

Wide-skyed, it steadied my eye,

A thousand years of light

funneled and focused,

filtered and furled,


hurled itself upon me,

And suddenly -

a thousand light years had stopped,

I had gathered

a far, far-off star.

 © 1998 Edinburgh   

By S. Robin Charles

(Later reported 2 UFO’s)

With Andrew Hennessey

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  ‘... As Rome was, London is and     Edinburgh shall be ..’

  The Brahan Seer 17th Century   Scottish prophet and mystic.