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The Faerie Hill of Aberfoyle Tour

Directed by renowned Scottish ufologist, folklorist and paranormal expert, Andrew Hennessey

*    A guided walking tour of the historic ‘Fairy Hill’ of Aberfoyle, Scotland

Hidden away in the lowlands of western Scotland, Aberfoyle is one of the many hidden gems of Scotland’s secret history.  This charming town forms the gateway to a mystical world of fairies, elves and fawns.  

*   This magical walk forms a circular route, and includes a walk up Doon Hill, a stop at its famous grove of  ‘Clootie Trees’ and a visit to the ‘Sacred Pine.’

*   The tour is accompanied throughout with tales from the Reverend Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries, in which a visit to this famous folklorist’s 17th-century church and grave is one of the highlights.  

Included in the tour are:

*   Transportation to and from Edinburgh to Aberfoyle

*   Departure at 8.00 am from designated pick-ups

*   A mid-morning break stop at Dobbies Garden Centre and Restaurant near Stirling

*   Guided tour of the ‘Fairy Hill’ of Aberfoyle

*   Opportunity to taste local fare before departing back to Edinburgh

*   Arrival back mid-evening, between approximately 8 and 9 pm  

Note: Specific itinerary and times are approximate and subject to change

TOUR 4:  The ‘Faerie Hill’ of Aberfoyle

Your Tour Operator and Guide Andrew Hennessey can be reached on landline   01333 428921

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