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With Andrew Hennessey

Gorebridge Nightwatches

This Gorebridge ‘Hotspot’ option can also be purchased as a separate tour, with pick-up and drop-off locations remaining the same.  

*  Pick-up from Edinburgh (location to be arranged) at 5.00 pm and the Sheriffhall Park & Ride at 6.00 pm

*   A planned stop at Dalhousie Castle or nearby pub where food and drink can be purchased

*   Relax for a couple hours while the sun goes down

*   Get to meet and discuss latest UFO happenings with UFO and paranormal specialist, Andrew Hennessey, and have an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of his latest book Alien Encounters and the Paranormal  

*   Meet one of the UK’s top UFO cameraman, a witness to the alien presence

*   When the sun goes down head out for the evening Skywatch - various localities

*   Late evening return to Sheriffhall Park & Ride and or drop-off in Edinburgh

Note: Specific itinerary and times are approximate and subject to change

One of the busiest UFO hotspots on the planet by night

Contact your Tour Operator on the landine 01333 428921

Andrew Hennessey

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Beyond a doubt there are many things to be seen and photographed night and day around Gorebridge.  What is going on and how long has this been going on and why would a local member of parliament be in a state of denial?

Is there some sort of underground base in this area and is there some sort of agreement in place between the establishment and the greys or faeries. When the fields light up big container ships can be filmed coming up through the ground - being the most massive Chinese lanterns ever !! etc  

Filming at Gorebridge