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Stargate Edinburgh Walking Tour

Directed by renowned Scottish ufologist, folklorist and paranormal expert, Andrew Hennessey

*  Let tour specialist, Andrew Hennessey, introduce you to a unique and rarely seen side of Edinburgh, the UFO capital of the world

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, along with its surrounding area, has more UFO sightings than anywhere else on earth.  In addition, one does not have to look far to discover a plethora of other strange phenomena, including the Templar mysteries, a 12,000-year old secret, as well as mysterious tales of faeries, ‘Greys’, and alien abductions and hybrid networks.  

In this tour you will discover the little known links to JRR Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings, and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter. Learn about the secrets of an ancient underground world, as well as discover why Edinburgh is the ‘illuminati’ capital of the world and learn who or what these ‘illuminati’ are.

This walking tour departs at 1.00 pm from Calton Hill, one of Edinburgh’s most prominent and ancient of faerie sites.  This tour comprises:

*  An introduction to the secrets of the Seven Hills

*  An excursion to the Royal mile where you will visit St Giles Cathedral and note its mysterious happenings

*  A visit to the National Museum of Scotland where pagan artefacts of Druid Scotland and other ancient rites are stored

*  An opportunity to look at images of the now withdrawn extra-terrestrial  (ET) exhibit

*  See and learn about the Illuminati Headquarters

*  Learn about the faerie story of Holyrood Abbey, as well as the modern faerie stories connected with Abbey Hill, where your guided journey will end at approximately 5.00 pm

*  Chance to meet up for an informal chat afterwards

Note: Specific itinerary and times are approximate and subject to change

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Andrew Hennessey



Please note that participants in all tours require appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.  A packed lunch can be brought or refreshments purchased.  A disclaimer must be signed prior to departure.


Included in the Tour are:

*   A stop for refreshments at the National Museum of Scotland at approximately 2.30 pm

*   An opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Andrew Hennessey’s latest book ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal’

*   An opportunity after the tour has finished for further questions, discussion and refreshments in a local pub or coffee house

Note: Specific itinerary and times are approximate and subject to change

Tour times, days, Disclaimer, price and group sizes and rendezvous point can be found on the Checkout page on the link below

‘thank you again for a truly enjoyable interesting few hours…much to think over and I  hope to see you again’. Spike, October 2016