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 'The Universal Seduction Trilogy'​, RoseGarden Press

The Universal Seduction: authors

Journal of Abduction Research issue 9, 'Exopolitics needs to change'

 JAR MAGAZINE   The Gorebridge Story

The mission of JAR is to create a global platform on which to debate the significance of the extraterrestrial presence.

Paranormal Magazine issue no. 57, 11th Dimension Publishing, 2011

Drawing from Scottish folklore anecdotes about the faeries and demons - comparisons are then made with stories from the ufology of today.

Alien Chaos - are aliens falsifying our data ?

Paranormal magazine issue no. 58, 11th Dimension Publishing, 2011

With the power to mutate matter, time and space - are the aliens falsifying human information for some sinister agenda ?

'Harvesting the Disconnected, the alien agenda for mankind' ebook 2011, Lulu press


'Alien Encounters and the Paranormal, the Scottish experience' on Amazon and Kindle 18 march, 2015



Inothernews radio

Jeff Rense - American Coast to Coast radio - 1998 - Beyond Boundaries Scottish Report
Eddie Middleton, Nightsearch and the Scottish X-files, 2000

HPANWO radio, 14 april 2016

HPANWO Show 184- Andrew Hennessey listen here on Spreaker

ADX Files july 2016

ADX-Files 28 Andrew Hennessey link

A seriously strange show! Andrew Hennessey talks to Alyson about high strangeness in Scotland, particularly in the area of Gorebridge. It's got aliens, faeries, werewolves .....    





Global NewsMaker Focus on KGRA radio, August 5 - 2016, &  March 17 - 2017

The Kevin Baker Show, Aug 26 - 2016      


The Discovery Channel - Have Aliens Invaded Scotland
The History Channel - 'alien princess'​ - artwork.

2008 Whos Who in Ufology by Lafayette

2012, 2014, 2016 Dissident Scientists List by Jean De Climont Trust

FAQ of Transhumanism by Nick Bostrom

Transhumanist Frequently Asked Questions link

The Transhumanist FAQ A General Introduction Version 2.1 (2003) Nick Bostrom Faculty of Philosophy Oxford University 10 Merton Street, Oxford OX1 4JJ, U. K....    





Hennessey Radio & Writing Harvest strsample.mp3 AEP

The Picture Evidence for Gorebridge …

The  DVD Evidence for Alien contact in Gorebridge …

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