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*   Tour departs from Edinburgh (location to be arranged) at 12.00 noon or from the Sheriffhall Park & Ride at 1.00 pm (Google Maps link on the payments page)

*   A guided tour of the famous Gorebridge UFO ‘hotspot’, taking in the various localities where extraordinary alien activity and close encounters are being recorded

*   Places visited will include: Newbattle Abbey, Dalhousie Castle, Carrington ‘fields’, the ‘old Roman camp’ near Blinkbonny Mine, as well as the Borthwick Castle and Crichton Castle area.

*   The tour is supplemented by a visit to the ancient Knights Templar Priory at Temple and a discussion about hidden gold and other mystical secrets and by a meeting with the extraordinary Gorebridge UFO cameraman John Gillies, and, subject to availability a guided nightwatch with him.

*   Arrival and drop-off back in Edinburgh mid evening

Included in your Tour are:

*   Transportation to and from Edinburgh to the Gorebridge area

*   A mid-afternoon stop at the Scottish Mining Museum where refreshments can be purchased

*   Plenty of time throughout for taking photographs

*   An opportunity to purchase:

*    a signed copy of Andrew Hennessey’s latest book ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal - the Scottish Experience.'

*   a signed poster or small print of the ‘Ghost Horse of Crichton Castle’

Note: Specific itinerary and times are approximate and subject to change,

The Gorebridge UFO & Paranormal  Hotspot Tour

Your Tour Operator Andrew Hennessey can be contacted on Landline   01333 428921

  Andrew Hennessey


Directed by renowned Scottish ufologist, folklorist and paranormal expert, Andrew Hennessey

*   Let tour specialist, Andrew Hennessey, take you on an extraordinary journey of alien encounters, hidden starports, ghostly castles and faerie high jinks


On Andrew Hennessey’s Gorebridge UFO & Paranormal ‘Hotspot’ Tour you will be taken near the Gorebridge ‘camp’, where you will see for yourself what is believed to be an operational alien base near an old abandoned mine, evidenced by impeccable witness accounts, camcorder footage and digital photographs.  You will also visit Dalhousie Castle, the site of a well-documented alien abduction and for those intrigued by faeries and ghostly visions, a visit to Crichton Castle, with its faerie legends and sightings of a ghostly rider.


Tour times, days, Disclaimer, price and group sizes and rendezvous point can be found on the Checkout page on the link below