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Frank Ferguson is an incredible authority on Free energy thinking and thinkers and has been exposed from a very early age to the world of secret science and schooling, seeing at first hand the major differences between knowledge that is publicly taught and other knowledge from whatever source.

Here he gives us some background on his early life.

In the late sixties my father working at Lockheed (Skunkworks) had 70 plus Ph Ds working for him.   The Successful Project was  the Deep Space Platform that enabled interstellar travel.  Michael Wolf was MJ-12 liaison to Deep Space Platform project but IMO several devils were calling the shots and answering tough scientific questions when my father needed to know how to get there and back from here. 

The UFO HOAX of the devils is  part of a millennial long strategy on the part of the devils to farm, distress, and harvest the souls of mankind.

On a friday Dad had his team including 70 physicists-theorists and many many others on Monday comes in and they are all gone.  Believe  Father was  to be moved to Cape with cover job of designing transporter to carry upright chemical rockets to launch pad. Instead he does not immediately go to Cape. 
All the details in Paul Laviolette's book Secrets dove tail with my known experiences of Dad in the fifties.  T. Townsend Brown previously working for the Naval Research Lab where Dad is supposedly designing control systems for Vanguard at Lab.  Brown gives radar lectures at naval research lab in 1943. Dad designing Mark 50 gun director was the first automatic direction of ships anti-aircraft guns based solely on radar in 1943.

At 3 to 5 years old we lived near Wright Patterson AFB, and my  Teenage Education included long saturdays at the Lab being immediately turned over to the director of a particular area of research.  Area's like .  . .   X-ray telescope "Why would anyone want to use light based telescopes?   Director's reply Don't know."

I remember seeing a Nuclear reactor and looking down at black pipes deep under water  . . . and was told  "Don't do that". -- radiation hurts you. 

Dick (Richard Arnowitt) was frequently at our kitchen table with beer in hand and slide rule on table while Dad re-doodled  -- retraced  over and over Sinusoidal wave with naval research issued black mechanical lead pencil.  Then heavily used eraser subtracts parts of traced wave . . . Laughter from Dick and Dad based on small changes in dad's wave drawings. 

Warned  by  Dick and Dad when explaining from my new McGraw Hill physicist's text that Hlavarty (corrected for missing out "l" in Vaclav Hlvarty's name) had theory that worked while Einstein's theory of relativity did not work.  (Page 75 Paul Laviolette's Secrets.)

Dad knew or contracted with almost every company mentioned in Paul's Secrets after the UFO summer of 1952 in DC.   That summer he no longer wondered how UFO's over DC appeared, disappeared, and then reappeared. 
Up to the moment of his death in 1979 dad worked  24-7 on his grand theory of everything called Constrained Undulating Motion . . .  A Theory that worked the same way a bird worked that flew overhead as we once sat few years earlier on hot light brown sands of cape canaveral beach.

There was a US Marine standing guard by his briefcase in the hospital.
My fathers Theory I find wholly consistent with Andrew Hennessey's Interdimensional Cosmology.
ID cosmology of Hennessey's encompasses understanding of time, gravity, matter, energy, teleportation,  . . .  But not as Andrew would be first to argue Transcendent nature of God above all gods.

As dad once said to me of Robert Oppenheimer  "What THEY did to him was horrible . . . Inexcusable."

[Frank Ferguson, June 2011]

On Jun 4, 2011,

Dear Frank,

These are wonderful xfiles stories from the 1950's - they really are an important part of American history.
Its a great privilege to be able to hear them first hand from yourself.
The Otis T Carr and Ralph Ring material sounds scary - from the point of view that people were taking part in a totally arbitrary event whilst being controlled by demons - and seemed to be buying the idea that somehow they were in control of space flight when they clearly were not.

I have some notes annotated with a language I made called HX assembler about rational translation/teleportation.
These notes have been out there for years - and also the tripartite essentialism concepts are a secret school degree taught by those of reptilian persuasion in the theosophical society - from the days of the Hindu Vimana and 10,000 BC Sanskrit

[HX] Assembler description of Translation Travel. - Time 4 Predicts the barrier to the transformation.
time1, context1, ship1, [+?]F1 + F1n
time2, context1, ship1 energy input, [?] F1, F1n, F1y, F1x, F1z, F1p
time2, context1, ship1 destination C2 input >> [-?]C1 >> [?]C2
time3, context1 and context2 >> proximity concentrations of C2
time4, translation toll [@t] between coam and ships core [@f]
time5, context2, ship [?]C1 >> ship [?]C1 V ship [+?]C1 >> [+?]C2
time6, context2, ship1 with C1 core >> [?] V [-?] C2
time7, context2, ship1 with C1 core = context1 V F1, F1n  V  £F1

in that 7 line sketch of teleportation I made - the in vivo lines of HX assembler code would obviously run into the thousands for each of the 7 processes as they delineate a very detailed reality that is to be encoded, moved and then recoded according to the local building bricks at a very distant locality and my systems theory that has no infinite recursion and logical paradoxes.

Also my logical modal logic language [A] provides a bridge between so-called quantum bits of non-local energy or Q-Bits and so-called digital bits which would enable a major hurdle to teleportation descriptions and translations to be solved.  HX assembler and tripartite essentialism also enable a mind machine interface - but the translation and relocation process in this starship idea is entirely rational and outwith the organic will of the person.

Hence it is possible to have an entirely automatic deep space guidance system where the operator is essentially only pushing stop and start not doing the calculations - this prevents arbitrary chaos from entering the process via the operators mind - though obviously the greys can infiltrate digital data and technology via other means.

None of the above however takes us closer to God - but down into the deeps of the underworlds.
tripartite essentialism cannot get you to Heaven.

THE  TRANSLATION  STARDRIVE - not unheard of elsewhere either !!

Below is a random what was thought to be channelled science fiction from an alien contact story of the 1950’s.

The details however on how the interdimensional alien ships travel/teleport through the dimensions are entirely rational and can be predicted and modelled using my 2003 TRE relativity.

The aliens even suggest that their ships have a ‘crystalline’ intelligent brain which struck a chord with me because that’s what I have also predicted and modelled using my TRE Expert System !!

My philosophical language though that I quote below is full of jargon and symbols that come from previous chapters of my thesis on grand unity which lets be honest you’re unlikely to pick up in the 5 minutes it would take to read through the article.

I talk about things like the Coam or basically a cosmic multiverse full of bubble universes that have their own varying densities of infinite aether.

In my work on relativity I use the term oogenic quite a lot which basically means egg or fruit-forming – simply because the chaos law of emergence causes structure and product to emerge – so this is a universal tendency at all scales.

My acronym [AVOS] which stands for Absolute Voltage Operating System is basically the crystal brain guidance computer made from the rules of matter that the aliens talk about in the following quote.

I speak of  the emergence of unstable or aberrant resonant dimensions that come from the activity of this one – our one and only reality.

Oddly enough the aliens talk about living amongst these chaotic islands in the adjacent interdimensional cosmos.

I speak of Afn our local aetheric matter naturally translating itself into other things AF1 but that chaotic aetheric weather from the cosmos has interfered and changed the end aetheric product in the distant cosmic zone to which the ship is travelling to AFX and hence our re-assembly of the ship must incorporate AFX 

Elsewhere I define Bridging Activity [BA] as the activity of a system to extract assets or achieve a qualitative evolutionary result from its context or periphery – and our ship must be equipped to do this so that it can overcome the Translation Barrier – the energy and processing investment needed to take the central core of the ship from A to B.

Here are a couple of quotes about these alien interdimensional ships from Orfeo Angelucci's Contact Story…

‘The voice stated that the disks were powered and controlled by tapping into universal magnetic forces; thus their activated molecules received and converted energy inherent in all the universe. It further explained that the complexities of the apparently simple structure of their disks were so great that to an Earthling a saucer would be considered as having "synthetic brains"…’

‘Many of the saucers - of highly attenuated densities of matter - were invisible to Earthly eyes and could only be detected by radar.’

‘"Our disks, or saucers as Earthmen term them, are in your space-time frame as harbingers of mankind's coming resurrection from the living death. Although our disks are essentially etheric; that is, non-material, they are controlled in such a way that they can almost instantaneously attract substance to take on any degree of material density necessary. Various other types of space craft are now permitted to visit Earth for certain purposes. These are from other worlds and also space islands of various densities of matter. Some are on the borderline between materiality and non-materiality. But all are operated by intelligences highly spiritual in nature. All are on a mission of love to their brothers of the Dark World, but mankind's understanding of their ultimate intent and purpose will only become fully apparent further along in Earth's Time Dimension. We do not say that there are no negatives in the universe who have not attained primitive modes of space travel, but at present Earth is fully protected from these by both cosmic law and the etheric host."’

Orfeo Angelucci's Contact Story


by Orfeo Angelucci (1955)

Here is an excerpt from my chapter on ‘aetheric engineering’ on my ‘Translation Stardrive’ – a deep range teleportation for ships.  I quote it here to let you see that there is some sort of a logical system by which the very advanced technologies of these interdimensional aliens can be at least modelled if not built by human hands.

Given the technology to; measure, attenuate, generate, translate, input, project and maintain such atomic behaviour in material power systems and their hulls - the process modelled by my General Systems Theory/ Unity model [Hennessey, 2003] has aspects that would incorporate the etheric ontology of the Orfeo story above to create a self-regulating and ultimately translatable and portable self-contained and portable cosmic environment.


Frank Ferguson:
They need to have a rational guidance system at least as back up and probably would have suggested a version of YOUR tripartite relativity to steer the craft to and from its destination.
that way the end result is not arbitrary. (and demon guided) Devils first lie is that he does not exist..
Guidance and feedback control systems was my father's early special interest.  Dad believed Uri Geller's  telekinesis to be real. 
Have book of  a Columbian  engineer who takes rides ON SHIPS  and sees pilots link arms after their thinking helmets descend from ceiling of ship and then think  where they want to go, or destination.
Totally demonic as new recruits are trained to get large numbers of people of earth to jump into many ships for their "safety".  Actually people are jumping into meat locker as they mistakenly think world ends. 
Had vision of this deception and wrong it was to go on ships when I was 21.

Dear Frank,

Your father's system of relativity called 'Constrained Undulating Motion'  is probably based on the idea that like Dewey's universe in flux ideas and my own observations of chaos theory and the aether there is a force at work amongst the energies of the cosmos to constrain wave-energy packets.

Most people would find it hard to account for where such a constraint comes from but that is because they have chosen for whatever reason to disregard chaos theory and the law of emergence which is the other side of the coin from the second law of thermodynamics. Chaos theory has it that structure emerges from chaos.

Rowe has it that hydrogen atoms emerge in a vacuum and Chladni wave scientists note that these hydrogen atoms are also standing waves of the expected hydrogen frequency pattern.

Particles therefore emerge from nothing out of chaos and are also standing waves, but where do they come from.

Such particles are like the tip of the sub-atomic energy iceberg - the emergent fruits of chaotic chains of interacting aether packets which both simultaneously create and indefinitely sustain light matter atoms.

What forces act as constraints therefore to all this undulating motion in our time-space? and the answer is that like the pressure of new gas being added to a local (cosmic) bubble, there is a flow of newly emerging atoms and particles into this local time-space which creates pressure and constraints.

I call this process the 'emergence gradient' where energy/particles flow from high to low pressure, and this pressure of newly emerging and entering atoms into our local time-space from some adjacent aetheric reality indefinitely creates and sustains the parameters of our particles and waves.

Particles and waves at the same time - therefore no actual quantum paradox - and e.g. no many worlds ideologies etc

A former employee in US security at Area 51 has been recently in touch with me and seemed to be interested in some of my ideas.

Here is what he has written to me.

Dear Andrew

Sent: Tue, May 31, 2011 6:30:43 PM
Subject: Re: request permission to access your briefings

I was so inspired by your blog and now your book which I've read a lot of, I hoped to continue a dialog to see what you felt this knowledge inspires your role in this world to be/perform, and perhaps be inspired and explore more of what I'm supposed to do with these insights/experiences. I'll get back to you, still on finishing reading your ebook.


Oliver Casperson, ex-security at Nellis AFB, Groom Lake, Area 51, June 2011


Basically at every scale of activity in the cosmos there is flux, chaos and exchange. The most basic exchange is of the sort A to C through a common medium B with the intercession of at least one D. Logically there are only 27 ways that can ever happen at time1     


[Fig.]  Three part exchange models showing the relative integrity of an time1 - time2 exchange in some context - only ever 729

A folklore version of Tripartite Essentialism is taught as an irrationalist metaphysics degree by the Secret School of the Theosophical Society, although it requires a Hindu glossary to interpret. It is part of the occult body of work known only to a few, but is briefly referred to in the Theosophical Society's exoteric work by HP Blavatsky called The Secret Doctrine volume 1 in the notes on the emergence from chaos in; 'Logos, Outpouring and Vehicles'.

My Tripartite Essentialism as written today in 2016 remains as a body of  domain independent notes that require a Philosophy of Science glossary to interpret.
Its paradox-solving products include a logical and programmable language resembling PROLOG called HX Assembler that also includes; chaos law - emergence, transference, and flux mapped by inverse squared power laws.

An aether and chaos/emergence based particle physics that models a solution to the collapsing wave quantum paradox along the lines of Tesla's Theory of Environmental Energy.
It has also produced the alleged Holy Grail of Artificial intelligence in that it models and overcomes the infinite recursion in computation and logic noted by Turing and Goedel that prevent fully executive robotics and therefore enables Artificial General intelligence. (The Halting Problem)

Tripartite Theory also rationally models teleportation using complete and finite sets of essential processes to reproduce in infinite circumstances.
A scanning device was also conceptualised that would utilise data maps to borrow and exchange similar processes from different maps to fill in the unknowns. This alleged isomorphism between domains is another goal of Artificial Intelligence.

Before any of these alleged science fiction products could be had however, an initial expert system database with a reference system of empirical values for every object or class of object would have to be devised. 

The American Deep Space Platform