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Scotland is a land of ancient mystery

Alternative Destinations by special arrangement

ADD-ON EXCURSIONS    Rosslyn Glen, Bonnybridge or Soutra Law

Bespoke excursions can be added, including a visit to the humanoid carving in Rosslyn Glen, a visit to Bonnybridge, the original UFO’hotspot’ of the western world or a ‘skywatch’ looking over the Lothians on the high place of Soutra Law where St Cuthbert had his famous vision.

Information and prices available on request

The Holy Pool and Priory

Miracle cures for Lunacy ?

St Fillan was probably one of Scotland’s most X-files Saints.

Coming from Ireland. He is said to have done many incredible things and even his relic bones won battles. There are notable places associated with St Fillan all over Scotland, but it was at the Priory and Holy Pool that Saint Fillan’s Ministry with the Sick and Lunatic was renowned for miraculous intercessions by the Holy Spirit.

Is now a Dry-den and folly

In a place called Paradise

Bonnybridge, King Arthur

Dark Forces UFO Tour

St Fillans Priory at Strathfillan

Dryden Tower, Roslin

Cairnpapple Hill, West Lothian

Some places require transport and overnights, and we would be happy to discuss your tour ideas.

There is a glossary and place names of destinations in Scotland in my Book ‘Alien Encounters & the Paranormal’ .

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Other Excursions

When in the 18th Century Edinburgh architects and City Fathers had started to allocate place names to co-incide with Biblical and Gnostic lore, there was a garden called Paradise at Roslin that then in name became a Dryden with a folly tower. Almost a re-enactment of the Fall of Eden and the clone wars of the Book of Enoch when you consider the lab that first Cloned Dolly at Roslin was adjacent to this place

Scotland first recorded abduction of Robert Taylor at Dechmont, visit Cairnpapple hill - a modern faerie story and then the Kelpies - monument to dark forces and review the site of King Arthur’s last battle at Camelon and travel round Bonnybridge famous UFO window area and hotspot. Dark Forces UFO Tour tunes you into the Otherworld of King Lot of the Lothians and of JRR TOLKEIN’s ‘Lothlorien’ - the Elven kingdom

From the times of Atlantis, Scotland has been a place shrouded in mystery. From the Mythology of the Celts and the Templars to the faerie lore of the Middle Ages and to the modern era of Alien abductions - there is a vision of destiny engraved in the land.


Rosslyn Glen

Reptiles by the River

Bronze Age Blueblood

The place of ancient worship in Rosslyn Glen in the valley below the famous Chapel has graffitti carvings dating back to Roman times, but it is said that the Reptilian carving on the ancient rock where people were said to commune with their ancestors is of a Sumerian provenance from the Bronze Age resembling the many Eastern statues of the shapeshifting Anunnaki of Babylonian legend


‘They’re here and they’re coming here !!’  Garry Wood, A70 Abductee, Edinburgh

The Falkirk UFO Triangle Briefing - the Mystery and History