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Here are some encouraging comments :

 Bart 'aka' ATS Deck ... former Moderator at the Above Top Secret Forum

‘Hennessey's experiences, which are backed by personal experiences of contact, as well as photographic and video evidence, combined with his own research is very well articulated in his writings. His intelligent, grounded, thorough and humorous theses on these subjects goes a very long way in clarifying, updating, and filling in the blanks to our experiences as a race.

Hennessey may not be the first to really accurately and honestly describe our cosmic dilemma, but his perspective on the subject is sorely lacking in the field. In fact, Hennessey hits it out of the park as far as his description of our current cosmic dilemma.

There's so much that can be said for Hennessey's perspective, and his writing. His compassion, intelligence and sense of humor clearly comes through, and his expression is often poetic.

In the end, despite all of his experiences and exposure to the truly darkest and most bizarre aspects of our life on this planet, it seems Hennessey comes to a position of affirmation; that there is indeed light at work on this planet, and a change is indeed occurring.

These elements come together to create a very satisfactory reading experience, which hasn't been proferred in this manner on these subjects before. It's very refreshing to see this.

To me, Hennessey has enough of a greater understanding, which includes a very real divine providence/intervention, that it should be self-evident he has a responsibilty to find a balance in what he is sharing.

I am grateful to have discovered him; another positive reflection of myself, and fellow journeyman.’  [Bart, ATS Deck, Forum Moderator, 2010]

Thanks to Lars and the Vikings from Sweden for the fun UFO Tour at Gorebridge at the weekend ... Lars Qvist, Gorebridge Tour August 2015.  here's what they were saying ...

'Thanks for yesterday, really enjoyed it!
We have looked in to the pictures of the castle (Crichton) from yesterday and spotted some strange looking patterns in the dark. We lighten up the picture a bit and saw a face. Fredric took the picture. He took two pictures fast after each other. You can see that the face has moved a bit on the second picture, he’s almost out of the picture to the right. weird ha!'


Has anyone ever recorded a sequel or follow-up investigation into the 1st Alien Base video in Gorebridge Scotland? This is one of the most significant videos on the Internet if valid! Either way this is an amazing video! Your a brave soul to have risked your ass recording this Investigation if authentic, which it sure seems to be! This makes my authentic video recordings look like recording Butterflies! Thank you for the education my friend! Peace.... Ufobill.


You are definetely on to something. Not long ago I would not have believed this myself but unfortunately now I do. It is so amazing that they are right in front of us so many times but they are somehow cloaked. Weird but true.


this, IS ABSOLUTELY BIZARRE! you have some incredible footage, not seen anywhere else

Ghen Ukoolele

This thing is beyond creepy


As usual, another amazing video! I see those damn greys so well, with those big evil eyes too.

They are demons wandering around the countryside. You always get great shots of them. Try to use binoculars, it may bring their faces in closer. Just an idea. Great work!

Lee Andrson

thank you for filming this we seen this in bonnyrigg we all thought it was a ufo but had no camera or video cam you have made our night thank you keep filming

stefOFtheEarth Maclean

Thanks Andrew Hennessey for a spot on account and info of a very special part of Britain with a past that is paramount to the cause!


First time I knew about this, and Im from Scotland, I did hear about bases in other parts of the Globe, but I was stunned to learn this could be one here.

Joe Mac

good vid. obviously not a helicopter.  you may have something special there. 5stars*****


Reminds me of the story of Canberra and Pine Gap in Australia! Good work man!


‘It was an exciting afternoon !!’

Christoph Scheuermann, May 2016, Der Spiegel News, Germany,

The Gorebridge Nightwatch goes politely to where its at …

The Gorebridge Starbase filmed recently by JJ Gillies the local cameraman.

The fields light up and big container ships rise up from the mines and caverns below through the ground. Like any human airport you would be on your best behaviour.

See from 2.30 - 3.30 minutes

What they say ....