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Andrew Hennessey, your guide to this extraordinary world, is the founder of Stargate Edinburgh Tours, and has been a researcher and writer in this area for over 25 years.  With substantial photographic evidence and witness reports, his unique perspective, historical understanding and expertise have been sought after for TV documentaries, radio programmes, specialist magazines and newspapers both in Britain and abroad.    

You will experience the unexplained, with

1. Unique local knowledge and research
2. Access to amazing local UFO and paranormal footage

3. Opportunity to meet your own internationally recognised UFO expert  (e.g. La Fayette Who’s Who, 2008, Jean Le Climont Trust, 2012)

‘Stargate Edinburgh is a website I created and launched in 1998 to discuss UFO activity. I have been a researcher and archivist of oral and visual UFO phenomena, paranormal activity and folkloric accounts in Scotland, especially in the Edinburgh area, since my youth.  My mandate in this new site was to take into consideration the many possibilities and alternative interpretations of existing UFO phenomena found throughout the Edinburgh area.  Since its inception this site has received 1,000s of hits, welcoming the comments and insights of people from around the world.  Over time I have had to develop a broad and dynamic paradigm for understanding the huge body of images amassed and experiences shared.  Many individuals have been able to identify with this paradigm, where I present a comprehensive understanding of what I believe is out there and happening.  Not surprisingly, this sometimes runs parallel, but often contrary, to the accepted norm of what we are told is out there or should believe.  

Stargate Edinburgh Tours is a further development of this idea.  In addition to UFO sightings, the supernatural or esoteric ideas are also considered, including ghostly sightings, secret societies, Saintly interventions and faerie kingdoms. Here we ponder and sometimes challenge existing religious, historical and political traditions.  From the New Jerusalem to the Masonic secrets of Rosslyn, no stone is left unturned, not even the Stone of Destiny.  While travelling into what is often unknown territory or even unknowable, what is absolutely certain is that Stargate Edinburgh Tours will take its passengers on a most extraordinary journey.’

AND NOT ONLY THIS, you will have time for experiencing traditional Scottish culture, too!  With the always welcomed  ‘tea’ stop on the day tours, you will also have an opportunity to explore the local village, drop into the high street ‘chippie’ or pop into one of the many shops that dot the town.  You will also receive plenty of recommendations of where to find the perfect Scottish gift or souvenir, cultural venues and local cuisine – plus, the opportunity to taste the local ales, experiencing music and spirits of the brewed and distilled type!

So why come on a tour with Andrew Hennessey when you can google some stuff on your iPad down at the local public house with your friends!  And who is this guy anyway !

In September of 2006 my think tank called the Transformation Studies Group led by the late D R Brydon, ethnologist, secret society expert, historian and archivist and curator of the Rosslyn Chapel Museum was contacted by the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign think tank about the possibility of developing an innovative game theory conceived by myself which unlike the well known game theory by Professor Nash where everybody wins something, my game theory based on chaos theory has it that somebody could win everything !  Although they were interested in developing this further we declined but the presentation we gave them is up on the internet.

Evidence of this Secret School teaching on threeness can be found in volume 1 of Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’ where it talks of  ‘Logos, Outpouring and Vehicles …’

As an alternative Cosmologist - my Cosmological theory predicted Stephen Hawking’s error in his assumptions about black holes - namely that they only radiate anti-particles because they are sucking in one of a pair of particles. Imagine Hawking’s surprise therefore when black holes were seen to eject stars and other stellar matter. My own Harmonic Continuum Theory (1991, 2003) predicted that black holes  could form and eject stars if the cosmos they were connecting to suddenly became a higher energy state through natural chaos.

I have also been contacted by a secretive group of international scholars who asked me to write an essay on my theory of time-space, although whilst operating my Scottish based think-tank I have been meeting all sorts of people from all quadrants of the alphabet soup and have some great stories to tell !!

Listed in the Dissident Scientists List of 2012, 14 and 2016 for my theories of Luminiferous Aether, my Tesla-esque theory models a solution to the infamous ‘particle-wave duality paradox’ or ‘quantum paradox’.

I also model a solution to the ‘Halting problem’ in Artificial Intelligence - a feat which no-one else has yet achieved. I am also credited in Nick Bostrom’s FAQ of Transhumanism.

Besides not believing in absolute ‘god particles’, I trained in mediumship with Danny and Bobby Wright at Albany Street Spiritualist Church in 1980 then as a Theosophist for 20 years and briefly as a Scottish Knight Templar. To quote the Matronna of the Star Temple or Stella Templum - ‘we are the Jedi .. !!’. My own series of Close Encounters - CE IV which Dr J Allen Hynek would describe as ‘high strangeness’ are a set of incredible tales for which there is at least some pictorial proof.

It was from these encounters that I was able to work out my theory of the Alien agenda for mankind and have written of this in my articles website at Xenopolitics  and also continued my sceptical dialogue with Exopolitics - an organisation that has spectacularly failed to deliver a manifesto in over 10 + years.

I am also a writer and my latest book ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal - the Scottish Experience’ is out on Amazon.

Listen HERE to my Live Radio Shows at and Dark Matters Radio

It was good to be recently contacted in 2015 by some very gifted spiritual teachers from India who have the ability to read and see the energy patterns of beings - (Chakra) - and these people had been reading my writings on connection and disconnection to the source and how humanity was interacting with aliens - we call them greys or archons or faeries but in India they are called the djinn. They were saying that they recognised my ideas on the alien agenda for mankind. They tell me that the ancient Sanskrit word for connection to the Source is ‘Antahkarana’.

Last but by no means least I have over the years written and produced several shows for the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and also the Festival of World Folk Myth - and studio recordings of these ‘Stargate Theatre’ shows on CD can be exclusively purchased from myself by arrangement.

About Andrew Hennessey


Having developed an interest in relativity in the 1990’s, my ideas were appreciated by the son of the leading scientist who had worked with Lockheed Skunkworks in the 1970’s on such things as teleportation, wormholes, free energy and stargates. This secret program was called the ‘American Deep Space Platform’.

The US Naval research radar scientist’s own theory of relativity was called ‘constrained undulating motion’  and he had worked alongside such people as; Townsend Brown, Michael Wolf and Richard Arnowitz and had a team of 30 PhD’s and unlimited resources at his disposal via both government and corporations.

The son of this scientist notes the similarity of theories and processes mentioned in my own Tripartite Essentialism’ (threeness) from 1991 to his father’s work.

One of the things not commonly known is that the Secret School of Theosophy teaches a degree on ‘threeness’ to its inner circle.  From  this theory comes solutions to many of the worlds scientific and technical paradoxes that have kept us in a state of relative primitivism.