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  Scenic and historic Scotland by Scottish Andrew

Lightscape Photography

Scottish Andrew has been collecting original art and photography that brings out the essence of life in Scotland’s historic and contemporary landscape. From Herring boats and bridges, Vikings and Robert Burns to the Lynx mix domestic cat - the eclectic influences of a vibrant Scotland are brought to life in the Lightscapes of Scottish Andrew.

Scottish Lightscapes

T Shirts

T Shirts and other Clothing with the Lightscapes of Scottish Modernist and Colourist Andrew Hennessey.

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Stationary, Cards, Posters


Mugs, Trays, Coasters


T Shirts from Scottish Andrew

Lightscape Art and Prints

Scottish Lightscape Drinkware

Art, Posters and Prints with the Scottish Lightscapes of Andrew Hennessey, digital artist, colourist and modernist.

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Scottish Lightscape Drinkware with the digital art of Scottish Andrew, modernist, colourist and photographer.

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 The Light of Scotland


Lightscape for iPhone and IT


Lightscape Accessories

Scottish Lightscape for Office

Music from Scottish Andrew Accessories Officeware

Clocks, Mousemats etc

Bags, Hats, Rugs

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Cases for iPhone

Network with Scottish Lightscapes from Scottish Andrew Arts.

Andrew Hennessey is a Scottish colourist and modernist based in Fife, Scotland.

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Scottish Lightscapes bring a new dimension to the Office. The vibrant life of Scotland in and on our Office supplies.

Scottish Andrew is a Modern artist of the digital era and is inspired by the early Scottish colourists.

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Scottish Lightscape Accessories bring the natural energies of Scotland to a range of popular goods.

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World Music from Scottish Andrew


Shores of the Dreaming Rainbow

Poetry Book

The epic journeys of Man

Shores of the Dreaming Rainbow is an anthology of collected theatre shows written by Andrew Hennessey that tell the story of Mankind from his early beginnings, his mystical temptations and of his possible futures.

This collection of epic poetry and stories is at

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Jazzmetaz - Scottish Andrew