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   Modern digital art from Scotland


Swash is an artform in the Scottish modernist and colourist tradition and was first developed by Andrew Hennessey in April 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Swash, as an artform, is a wave of colour, objects and textures washing over the creative canvas like breaking waves on the shore.
These waves create light-filled vistas from the natural universe.a dolor neque venenatis lacus.

Electric Scottish Art

T Shirts

Swash Art T Shirts and Clothing with the Colourist and Modernist art of Scottish Andrew - Andrew Hennessey of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Swash T Shirts

Art and Prints

Swash Drinkware

Swash Art, Posters, Prints and Stationary from Scottish Andrew Digital Art and Design.

Scotland historically is awash with the ocean and the south westerly winds which bring colour to the shorelines - washing up the most wonderful images on the beaches.

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Drink to an ocean of colour and seascapes with Swash art drinkware.

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 Swash - awash with colour

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Swash design iPhone cases

Swash Photobook

Swash art accessories

Swash art for the Office

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Coffee table Artbook

For iPhone, iPad & IT

IPhone cases

Network with an ocean of colour and form washing over the digital beaches of Scotland.

Swash artwork is awash with colour.

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Swash Modern Art for the Office from Scottish Andrew Digital Arts.

Extraordinary digital vistas from an ocean of wave lengths crashing upon the shore.

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Swash Accessories bring a colourful splash of colour to any occasion.

Swash Art by Scottish Andrew the digital colourist and modernist from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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This high quality Swash Artbook for the coffee table brings together the oceanic modern art of Scottish Andrew, Digital colourist and modernist.

Swash on beaches is the backwash of tidal movements across the shore which produces unique collages and textures on the beach.

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Swash art calendar


Swash Art

The Swash Art Calendar brings together the Swash oceanic art of Scottish Colourist and Modernist Andrew Hennessey.

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