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The Charles Hennessey Duo is Canadian born composer, harpist and vocalist Sarai Robin Charles plus her guitar, keyboards and percussion and Scottish fiddle player Andrew Hennessey on an assortment of acoustic and electric fiddles, including 6-string bass fiddle, whistle, bodhran, percussion, singing bowls and vocals.

Our music comes from the heart and the land and our spirit ..

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Robin and Andrew will play for you by prior arrangement, bookings in advance

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Tam O Shanter Parody

When weary shoppers leave the street
and trundle home to soak their feet
when Marks and Spencers closes doon
and working folks are leaving soon
Some part and say they're going for grub
but actually mean a noisy pub
with cheery friends it's open late

and none will leave till thirst they slake
They think not of the miles that lie
Of roads and lanes and sullen sky
before the door of hame is reached

BOOK THE DUO Robin Charles and Andrew Hennessey Article 01

where intae our lugs the time is screeched

a Scotsman's hame is no his castle
for a pint O what a hassle.
This truth found honest Jock the banker
driving home his mind the blanker
Oh Jock hads't thou but been sae wise
as ta'en thy ain wife Nel's advice
She's told you many times before
your blethering tongue goes over the score
and at the pub now every day you've sat and drank
up all your pay …..

[excerpt from ‘Jock The Banker’]

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