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Listen let your heart keep seeking, listen to his constant speaking listen to the spirit calling you.

Listen to his inspiration listen to his invitation listen, to the spirit calling you.

1.  He's in the sound of the thunder, in the whisper of the breeze. He's in the might of the whirl wind, in the roaring of the seas.

2.  He's in the laughter of children, in the patter of the rain. Hear him in cries of the suff'ring, in the moaning and their pain.

3.  He's in the noise of the city, in the singing of the birds, And in the night time the stillness

helps you listen to his word

Pedal harp & Clarsach

Sarai has taught Piano and Voice at the Toronto Conservatory and was featured in an International Who’s Who of Composers, having had her Choral Rosary featured in Toronto Cathedral, and has played on Canadian TV.

Also a doctor of Philosophy from Edinburgh University, she is an expert on Plato.

Robin also teaches music, singing and composition in Scotland

Acoustic & electric fiddle

The music of the spheres




The International Quest

The human spirit reaches beyond the dust of our unsustainable environment

Andrew has written and composed for Folk Theatre and has been featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on several occasions with his different Celtic shows.

He is also a Scottish fiddle player with his own unique style and can often be heard in full flow during his Ceilidhs with his ensemble.

An exponent of electric fiddle Andrew has often been called in to play on Blues and Country CD’s

Andrew and Robin enjoy playing poems to the Spirit of Eternity.

These can take the form of forgotten hymns or melodies which particularly appeal to the pilgrim on the road.

Music is the exaltation of the mind, derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound ..

St Thomas Aquinas, 13th Century

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