The New Star Party

NSP Founded 1999AD


I think people want sexy aliens - and its certain they have to exist somewhere - but all the planetary evidence actually points to another sort of contact.

This sort of contact has to exist somewhere too - and it does look like we seem to be unlucky. Perhaps a large chunk of our local time space is under Draconian and insectoid rule ?



The demo agenda for the most important political party that never was - from 1999AD.  



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The 21st Century of Mankind brings its own challenges with extreme environmental changes, maximum levels of solar radiation, and minimal advances in science and technology. Never has so much crises been answered with so little scientific advance.

Whereas the technological remit of multinational corporations has increased the supply of items to consumers, there is no sign that the free energy technologies and theories currently and historically available are being deployed for the benefit of mankind and the planet.

100 years of failed scientific theories by the established order are yet corrupting and impacting on the deployment of new solutions.

It is the agenda of the new star party to supply and deploy interstellar science to this planet.

With a starship drive, advanced robotics and working nanotechnology the human race will be able to supply its needs from resource bases within the solar system.

The new star party acknowledges the extra terrestrial colonial effort currently underway on our planet and intends to  negotiate for and collaborate with the new intellectual property and market intelligence already freely available to citizens within the galaxy.

Current ring fenced agreements with multinational corporations deny the public and tax payer access to interstellar data and interstellar enterprise.

Public Wealth, Health Reform and Interstellar Education and Technology should be freely available within current human infrastructure.

Current government practise of interstellar apartheid and separatism are racist and a denial of human rights and liberty.

The new star party shall separately negotiate with the visitors for human rights and a share pro rata of currently exported artefacts and intellectual property collectable through current human royalties and commissioning infrastructures. e.g. The Federation Against Copyright Theft, the Patent and Designs Legislation, Mechanical Copyright Protection Society, and other Civil and Industrial Laws and Bodies that protect the estates of the copyright creator or custodian.

We shall offer an amnesty on undeclared exports and renegotiate franchise rights for and on behalf of human artisans.

Currently Undeclared galactic exports shall provide either direct or indirect benefits for the human race - including the families  and or relatives of those who have contributed their intellectual property.

Although most interstellar organisations do not consider the reward strategies of Earth capitalism adequate we will negotiate for payment or human benefit for creative artisans.

We will set up the Department of Interstellar Affairs to administer to and facilitate Enterprise and Market Research amongst human applicants who can present an Enterprise brief for scrutiny. This will be an independent tribunal that remains outwith the cachment of multinational interests and personnel.

The new star party will set up a new university called Stellar University, which shall teach the financially lucrative interstellar sciences to human candidates. This university shall stand apart from current human academic institutions bound up as they are in failed theories and paradoxes.


Cultural  and  Colonial Exchange Programme

Although the visitors are exposed to a multinational elite and their personnel and  marketing strategies the visitors have by no means enjoyed the full goodness of human diversity and wisdom.

Many elite have argued for a tainted and poisoned human generation incapable of beauty and commune but no-one would truly expect the visitors to buy the idea that the human race and its cache of wise and eternal souls in otherwise temporary accommodation have nothing great and beautiful to offer to the galactic milieu.

The new star party shall set up a cultural and colonial exchange programme whose first duty will be to vet and advise potential participants what cultural themes and processes are acceptable to the visitors.

We shall offer consultation opportunities to groups and individuals that have a satisfactory track record taking into account qualitative output and any lack of professional qualifications.

The new star party shall open an interstellar embassy to the public to advise them of their rights to travel or what to do in the event that they have been recruited by an interstellar interest.



Using the available energy to matter technologies, the planet Earth will be cleaned up and all of its pollutants and offending toxins and materials removed. This includes the obsolete industrial architecture and their waste products. The Extra Terrestrial interests that I represent see this planet as an important Keystone in a new kind of Catholic and universal Civilisation and intend to remove future industrial activity to outlying facilities within and beyond the solar system.

It is entirely within their power and remit to technologically alter global warming CO2 to fix the problem - as indeed this technology has existed in human hands since the days of the Philadelphia Experiment in the 1940's and the US teleportation of the USS Eldrige 200 miles west.

Re-tuning the technology to fix on the signature of CO2 instead of the ships steel and projecting the CO2 200 miles up and away from Earth's centre of gravity, global warming has been a fixable problem for the human Military Industrial Complex for over 60 years.

Once the planet has been cleaned up its social infrastructure will be rebuilt and its primary role as a Pilgrimmage centre will see it become a showcase and hub of not only artistic and creative endeavour but of Spiritual purpose and a new commitement to Life and Love.

Aliens currently strip mining planets in this solar system will be reminded that they have been asked to leave and if they choose to stay they will be agreeing to take part in new multimedia and merchandising and Movie enterprises for the New Earth's Wars in the Stars series.

These Movies don't have to be action Blockbusters though.

Eviction will include imminent Court actions and Democratic Lawsuits and the enforcement of a notice to quit.

Courtroom dramas have been part of the Intergalactic remit forever and always have a wide and enthusiastic audience.



The new star party intends to join the human race and its national infrastructure to the galactic stock exchange and interstellar market.

Established human infrastructure is based upon the petrodollar and it  is intended to offer control of the new energy franchises for the human race to the oil companies. This will preserve the balance of power on the human stock exchange. Free energy devices and attendant antigravity motors will also be offered as franchises to the current automotive industry - replacing the internal combustion engine on this planet.

No multinational corporation currently selling internal combustion products will be fiscally out of pocket under the terms of deployment of the new free energy motor franchises.

Hydrocarbon resource extraction will continue as usual to supply the plastics and pharmaceutical industry. Surplus crude oil previously  supplied to the internal combustion industry shall be stockpiled off planet so that  the current oil distribution and storage infrastructure is not burdened.

New interstellar markets shall be obtained for this crude oil under the terms of existing multinational agreements with the visitors. This will also balance and compensate the oil industry financial infrastructure as the era of combustion on Earth draws to a close.

Capital and Market infrastructure on Earth shall be reviewed in the interests of upholding current trade arrangements between corporations and the visitors and corporations and the human race.

It  is intended to form the human race as a multinational corporation in its own right and thus preserve all the benefits the corporations have extracted from their elitist endeavours for the corporations.

Workers currently in menial jobs will be able to apply for a personal robot to currently supply the service under the Substitution Programme.

However new production facilities and multinational profits will be supplied and maintained under the terms of the substitution programme.

The human race, defined as those excluded from interstellar trade and commune in terms of existing interstellar treaties and as self-employed interstellar citizens shall henceforth incorporate as an Earth-based multinational company with no executive structure.

The newly incorporated  human race shall present itself as available for interstellar commune and enterprise at the honour and discretion of the galactic order. This galactic order already has treaties with other multinational corporations on Earth, so the new star party shall represent the human race as a corporate entity of self-employed entrepreneurs.

Telepathic vetting shall be entered into and soul  life contributions from available data and extra  terrestrial scanning techniques on pre-birth lives shall conditionally qualify previously unqualified humans for the galactic order.

The new star party shall act as agents for the human race in the acquisition of greater standards and qualities of life far  beyond the current expectations of national standards of living.

The new star party does not acknowledge the United Nations as sole agents in an interstellar role for and behalf of the human race. The United Nations has professed no commitment towards deployment of new sciences, technologies and interstellar benefits for the human race and is clearly in the pockets of the elite corporations and their measures.

The new star party will collaborate with the united nations in its alleged efforts to maintain and control the planetary biosphere against the ravages of multinational industries but will not heed the call for population reduction when there is clear evidence that interstellar technology will feed, supply, heal and educate every mouth ever conceived on this planet now and in the future.

The new star party will  seek to legitimise the human race and will ask that criminal elements amongst the human race be telepathically neutralised in a social context with full regards to their civilian and national laws and rights. The human rights of the criminal will be preserved.

This new order of policing shall not extend at this time to multinational personnel with whom we currently share this planet, but multinational criminality shall be addressed via corporate and galactic laws.

In exchange for such social management, and the logistical management of new energy and transport and industrial goals, the human race and its creative talents shall supply solutions, artefacts and the conditional rights to certain planetary resources to the visitors and the galactic corporations.

The new star party will set up an agency called the department of human affairs to pursue the social and fiscal rights of the human labour force currently engaged in multinational industrial production.

Using our galactic credit and credibility we shall offer to Buy Out every human worker currently engaged in unaesthetic employment.

So that the exploitative relationship the multinational corporations currently have is preserved we shall either supply a robot or index linked financial compensation, or a more efficient factory.



Rehousing needs for the displaced national populations including medical supplies, hospitals, educational facilities and creative and recreative supply shall be temporarily met from the existing supply of galactic surplus ships, until pre-fabricated cities can be flown here or indeed built from  our own resources.

Standard of Living Credit Cards shall be introduced to all the human race to supply everybody with a free basic degree of living and luxury comfort drawn from the usual department store itineraries. Refurbishment grants will be issued by social priority.  The system will not be exploited.

Health care needs shall be met from interstellar hospital ships. Current profit levels generated by multinational corporations within exploitative relationships between the human race and national agendas shall be maintained. Pharmaceutical industries shall have their capacities re-assigned to manufacture new orders from interstellar markets as their tenure and sale to the human race will be over.

The new star party will set up new international trade agreements that govern the farming and production of food for the human race.

The need for intensive agriculture and inorganic farming methods will be obsolete when the human race takes deliveries of better prepared foodstuffs from offworld. These new foodstuffs will be free of artificial and dangerous chemical additives.

The current corporate food industry will be compensated such that their balance of profits is preserved and the new star party will open a new Forum for Organic Food which will enable the human food industry to compete with its interstellar neighbours.

Massive Industrial Farming techniques that safely and cheaply supply huge populations will be replaced by bulk supply of fresher naturally preserved products.

The Forum for Organic Food will consult with current producers to bring human produce into the competitive standards demanded by a discerning galactic market. The new star party will enable food producers to convert to new food infrastructure and compensate corporations financially and grant them the franchises on new food factories. An expense born by the human race plc.

The new star party will appoint a commission to evaluate the fiscal worth to the galactic market of human produce on Earth. The Commission for Human Produce will with interstellar consultation evaluate the human race as a corporate producer and give the human corporation a value on the galactic exchange. This will include, software, intellectual property, planetary DNA, rights to artefacts, previously excluded human ideas and inventions, artwork, recipes, fabrics, foods and other curios of noted interest to galactic  consumers.

The Commission for Human Produce will collaborate and consult with Extra Terrestrial Industry to find new outlets for human produce and will research interstellar markets and societies for potential distribution, exchange, barter and or sales.



Surplus human population, folks that were not otherwise gainfully employed who had been made redundant by the sweeping technological changes, shall be given the assistance required to bring their human lives up to the standards required for a useful existence, firstly in human terms and secondly in interstellar terms.

Initial demand and  premises for mass re-education can be supplied and met from existing interstellar surplus ships.

These Interstellar contributors may wish to negotiate the rights to facilitate subsequent human intellectual property produced from within their premises.



Criminal aspects of the human race that cannot be catered for are the attributes of  dark, nihilistic cynical and often criminal passions that a significant minority brings with them from one life to another.

The human race has inherited this dark line of intentions and enshrined desolate anti-life ideas and habits within its peoples and culture.

As  the new star party respects the right to life of such people within its human resource, but that clearly such individuals have no place in a socially creative and nurturing environment - it is proposed that such perpetrators be rehoused under the same terms of new luxury as the majority of the human race, but that they be housed together in a land set aside for their commitment to anti-life ideologies.

They can be repatriated to their originating soulgroup ascertained by scanning of their being. From the scan, details of  their prior lives before they became humans with amnesia can be revealed.

Each perpetrator will be given a Life Assessment Interview to ascertain their reasons for having located amongst humanity.

Any perpetrators committed to social harm will have their interstellar freedom restored with no memories of Earth and will be relocated in a prior civilisation where they may have previously flourished.

This would be a resort extended to the most dangerous criminals on Earth and would not in any way impair their future functionality or desires - they would however, be less likely to target Earth’s soul group in the future.



The department of human affairs will vet all extra terrestrial imports and offer transparency to all human individuals.

The DHA would seek to import all pro-life educational and recreational tools for the human race and set up a reporting system to evaluate evolutionary enhancements - which if empirically proven will be subsequently made available to all.



No one shall dictate to anyone how to worship God.

However, an anti-God stance begets a nihilistic society full of anarchy and fear and power trips.

The worship of dark exploitative non-nurturing and antisocial spiritual  agencies for selfish wars of social oppression will be deemed an anti-life and anti-human and anti-social practise unwelcome in a human future on Earth.

These people will be free to continue in their anti-social beliefs and practises where they can inflict their harm on informed and educated volunteers and in a place set aside for that purpose.

They shall be segregated from people that they would normally predate upon and given a Life Assessment Process to enable them to understand what it is they are offering to unprepared and innocent people.

If their anti-life war on the human condition remains deliberate they would be referred to the Justice process.

The idiom of Social nurture and God is both an internal and external effort that draws from the source of Love within to give it -  to outpour it

into the Life of others.


Our Christian tenets.

1. Love God as you would love yourself.

2. Love your neighbour as you would love yourself.

3. Do to others what you would have them do to you.


The new star party seeks to break the destructive cycle of anti-life vengeance and would educate and heal the victims of hate crime with eternal memories, discussions and opportunities for personal growth.

There will be opportunities to recreate relationships from previous lives where there has been love.

THE NEW STAR PARTY  if elected will serve as an embassy for the human race and seek to end the deadlock that has been presented to the human race in a cul de sac of society that is deprived of truth and true reality.

By making the human race free players as galactic citizens there can be the realisation that the one true resource we have is our impulse to love and to create. Such a human diversity will guarantee a challenging and rewarding and stimulating love-filled future whatever body we choose to turn up in.

The human race has a vast untapped potential of wondrous creativity that can travel endlessly beyond the anti-life culture fomented by the dark few.

The new star party and andrew hennessey will seek to facilitate the great changes that must come to our planet and mankind.

Here is a glimpse of our export potential and collective wealth – here is the pie that the interstellar corporations are devouring on our collective behalf – here is what is ours – what we worked our tickets for …

Start thinking in terms of; hardware, artefacts, designs, buildings, vases, fabric and textiles, period designs, food and drink, artworks, music, furniture from all epochs, writings, social expressions and themes, fashion, monumental designs, historical colours and textures, historical graphics, vehicles from all eras, their shape and form.


I may have missed some out.


Celtic, Teutonic, Moorish, Baronial, Renaissance, Classical Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Indian-Hindu, South American, Chinese Sino-Asian, Oceanic, Africanic, Polaris, Russian 19th century, American Native 17-19th century, American Westernised 20th century, Russian 20th century, European west 20th century, European aristocratic 19th century, English Victorian/imperial, Caribbean 18th-19th century, Tibet, Sumerian, Catholic, London 1960’s, Futurist, Latin and Jazz, Tokyo Manga, Japan Ancient.


Can you imagine how many kinds of peculiar forms of transport could be decorating somebody’s ornamental lot somewhere ? how many paintings, how many styles, how many juke boxes, how many archives, how many textiles and soft furnishings, how much tableware and what era and style – how much food and drink, clothing and styles – can you imagine how many lives died to deliver this stuff up to these human and alien corporations ??


Folks, we need to be asking the right questions – for this is truly why there is a UFO cover-up the non-disclosure is that we are being ripped off and terminated – terminated we all know about – but please tell me that you can see the rip-off.


At another level though its about human choice at a personal soul level between selling out for dominion and choosing an angelic vision of God and Christ.

I can see that this planet has been maintained as a simplistic funfair for millennia perhaps to facilitate these very choices amongst incarnating felons or spiritual hospital cases.

e.g. there is academic evidence for zoning and tampering see NSP BRIEFING 03

'the Hidden Hand'


perhaps this is all that this planet is all about - that one choice - between the way of eternal life or the way of eternal death - the vine of social and communal nurture of John 15, or the way of the self-centered predator.


My own strategy has been to campaign for export and royalty rights to the artefacts and intellectual property that is our heritage and inheritance. i.e. to attempt to engage with some political process that governs economic reality between ourselves and the others.

To me that seems like an immediate next step - obtaining legal recognition as a species. I don't know if you folks have heard of the great ape legal project that campaigns to give us as much rights as any ape.

I'm suggesting that we have an economic right as producers and the children of producers and artisans to the kinds of wealth currently being generated in these 'imperial' trades.

As we have no individual or collective power to contest a war amongst angels and beings with superior powers and technology - perhaps the next best thing we could do to get involved - after we commit to one of the two paths of Life or Death, is to make a claim for legal recognition as producers of unique items - only in the hope that whatever empire or social structure involved can recognise unions or labour, rather than unions of convicts.

If we look at the big picture at the level of soul - in 80 years or so we will all be elsewhere - an earthly ephemeral voice in an eternal life and hopefully an eternal society.

We want a legal exopolitical position and certainly defining an economic policy for the renumeration and the temporary but physical safety of our human condition would be a good start.

The incredible number of historic eras and artefacts, designs and fabrics is enough diversity and grandeur to fill a galaxy with. My personal question is:

1. why are we currently being frozen out of these trades ?

2. to whom should we be addressing concerns for our current legal status ?

3. when can we expect to be beneficiaries of our own heritage ?

I know that in all ways the Kingdom of Heaven is the place that we all inherit - but in our temporal world - are we collectively doing enough to deserve representation here - there must be a real exopolitical process for us to engage with - thus far all we talk about are lights in the sky, earth changes and hokey sciences with a vision of our overlords thrown in.

We all need an economic vision in our exopolitics and that as well as the politics of intervention we should also be discussing ECONOMICS.

e.g. there is no good reason why we as a planet are still based on an oil and petrodollar economy. In the 19th Century Industrial Revolution in England, canal owners simply acquired the monopoly of the new new rail networks. They never went out of business.

Everywhere we look, day or night we see and have filmed aliens shooting up into our night sky, so its time to get real and to take democratic responsibilities for our own future.

We know that many people have had gravely bad experiences with SOME of these Beings - so it's time to get legal. The NEW STAR PARTY or something similar is a big step in the Right Direction.


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