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Triangular fish supper flying about my living room - the antigravity flounders are about 18 inches across

By using the analogy ‘as above- so below’ we can predict an analogy of respiration in these pseudo-biological forms that uses the electronic form of oxidation rather than oxygen gas.

Magnetic Life

Magnetospheric Life :- NASA provides mankind with the evidence of the Life Beyond death

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From all our UFO, scientific and paranormal data we can see at least 3 levels of life evident to us at this time.

1. atmospheric ; oxygenated metabolising of planetary biosphere and ecosystem

2. magnetospheric ; use of analogous electromagnetic oxidation to sustain form not anchored in Earth’s time-space and gravity

3. a. spiritualistic ; predation, evil

b. spiritualistic ; love and spiritual augmentation

All three have inter-relating biological analogies of the type ‘as above, so below’, but it is in spiritualistic predation or augmentation that we can appreciate a greater loving reality that cares for us.

The one thing that remains for me to do is to learn to see with my heart not my mind. That’s the quickest and safest route out of this hungry dimension, its illusions and locality when I finally shuffle off the old overcoat.

I see lots of NASA near-earth footage being touted as evidence of alien space ships when in fact these flying objects are actually looking like marine life-forms.

For the materialist who cannot conceptualise dimensions and endless continuity these natural-looking refutations of death and the petroleum physics paradigm are simply written off as space debris no matter how obviously they resemble marine life in the oceans of Earth.

This parabiological marine life may use an analogous form of biological respiration and oxidation based not on the electrons of oxygen but on the electron exchanges of the magnetosphere.

Creatures whose physicality in time-space is governed by the flux of the Earth’s magnetic field and other magnetic events in the cosmos and solar system as opposed to the Earth’s gravity and atmosphere.

For such life-forms, the sustenance of Earth’s EM field and its Van Allen Belt which extends into interplanetary space is a rich and pulsating ecosystem full of the sustenance of  plasmic metabolic materials and other natural cycles of growth, reproduction, feeding and decay.

These creatures owe little in their design to the influences of gravity.

This magnetospheric life has been variously photographed by NASA’s; Apollo, STS shuttles, the International Space Station programmes e.g. Apollo 8, and the famous organic-looking ‘tether footage’ from the days of the shuttle.

The simple acknowledgement and recognition of magnetospheric life flies in the face of vested interests in the scientific, industrial and spiritual community on Earth.

At once corroborating the simple industrial truth of Townsend Brown’s electrogravity currently buried by petrochemical and military investments.

Magnetospheric life provides simple, abundant working examples of the Bifeld-Brown process and trillions of refutations of scientific dogma that preaches that not only is the Earth flat, but that anti-gravity cannot be used to get above it.

Further, such life provides a deep insight into the infinite continuum of dimensions that God has prepared for us.

For as Charles Fort suggested – we appear to be at the bottom of an ocean. We are also at the bottom of stairways to heavens untold at the bottom of our frequency ladder – and this is now visible to our eyes.

This fact has damning refutations and implications for materialism and scientific existentialism on Earth.

Even with eternity presented as a reasonable, empirical analogous reality of the kind;  ‘as above, so below’, people may still prefer the comfort of their blinkers.


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