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I’m a Scottish contemporary electric fiddle player too - and for my sins have composed and produced a Star Wars faerie tale called AEON

The Astronauts Song - All rights reserved copyright Solan 1990, ‘Free’ written and composed Hennessey, performed; Busby, Waylen, Hawley for the Starwars faerie tale AEON.  (128 bit version)




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I trained as a Spiritualist Medium in Edinburgh at Albany Street Spiritualist Church in 1981-2, sitting in a development circle with Danny and Bobby Wright, but although the sincerity and truth could not be doubted, I found the paradigm unable to fully explain my own experiences.

I then attended the Edinburgh Theosophical Centre from 1982 and explored many spiritual pathways and theories; Eastern and Western Traditions, and for a short while became a member of the  the Scottish Knights Templar in 1985, taking part in Holy Grail meditation groups and as a guest in the BBC Radio Scotland  ‘Parade’ series episode on the Templars with Archie Fisher.

Ultimately though after moving on to a different path forming in 1996 the ‘Transformation Studies Group’ – a think tank that looked at ‘magical realism’ in a transforming world. The group was co-founded and led by renowned Ethnological and Secret Society expert, Rosslyn Chapel museum curator and historian the late Robert Brydon.

The Transformation Studies Group attracted a great many scholars from all disciplines and corners of the global alphabet soup and left its base at the Edinburgh Theosophical Society in 2000. Our traditions of skywatching and networking Expeditions persisted and we were involved in various net adventures like the Scottish X files and Beyond Boundaries


I’m also mentioned as a contributor to the original Transhumanism FAQ in 2000 and later listed as a ‘Dissident Scientist’ by the Jean De Climont Trust in 2012, 2014, 2016 for my Chaos and Luminiferous Aether cosmology and physics models.

It was though in 2006, having finally recognised the amount of extraordinary intercessions that had been taking place that had kept my life intact, that I thankfully became Christian.

Reality Creation

I’ve often heard it said that if we focus on dark things and recognise them we are dark ourselves. How though can we overcome an obstacle if we cannot see it.

As JA Hynek suggests there can be elements of a dark and surreal nature in some types of close encounter. This ‘high strangeness’ though can be superceded by the powers of light, by miracles, by Angels and Saints, by random acts of kindness from our brothers and sisters on Earth.

There are various ancient traditions on Earth of interdimensional nasties, but there are also a great many tales of miraculous intercessions – too many to just reasonably dismiss.

The human problem with cognition appears to be that we don’t think, see or recognise or feel half as much as we would like to in a world full of historic records that point to various creatures, beings and people appearing to easily transcend the human limitations of physics, materials and time-space.

How possible therefore that we may dine with Angels unawares.


Christ’s central spiritual message to mankind is His New Covenant, essentially also a universal truth that by analogy is enacted by every living cell in the cosmos.

Inanimate and unconscious living cells though do not have the problem of mental and spiritual distraction that would detract from their normal functioning of natural and regulatory exchanges that usually keeps them healthy and viable.

In the race of Adam though, with the free will to upset any apple cart, various artificial choices and pre-conditions to human exchanges can be made that isolate and fortify our social, psychological and spiritual ‘plant cell’ walls (comfort zones) – so that we do not automatically facilitate and exchange the waters of life and love the way that nature more automatically operates. [John 15, the True Vine]

In this respect, by analogy, Christ’s New Covenant is that we love God – our root and source, as we would love ourselves, that we would love and therefore facilitate life-giving exchanges of the waters of love with our brother and sister cells, our neighbours in the vine, and also that we would respect our own integrity, keeping ourselves open to life-giving interactions with our brother and sister plant cells without barriers and other accretions or attachments to stop this exchange, and by doing so are also supplied and sustained by the roots of the loving source.

As a biologist I am very aware of the provenance of this Covenant of life, fully enacted by nature but not necessarily natural to some aspects of mankind.

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1980 CE4

1981 – 1982 Edinburgh Spiritualist Society

1982 – 2000 Theosophical Society in Scotland, Edinburgh

1985 – 1990  Scottish Knights Templar

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2015               Alien Encounters and the Paranormal – book, Amazon


Dear fellow ufologists and friends

Many visitors to my site have shown interest in my modus operandi. I hope the short explanation below will offer some insight.

The images that you have seen on my sites are exactly that, digital images gathered with the naked eye. They are no more or less scientific than that. As a ufologist my job and interest lies in interpreting these images. Although I sometimes use myth when investigating them, I have a good reason for doing so. The ancients relied on myth to record what they could not explain and like ourselves in the 21st century were fascinated with things that they could not fully understand. There is a wealth of information to be gathered from such myths. Sometimes there is correspondence with modern day phenomena and sometimes there is not. My position is one of openness to any intelligent hypothesis, including mythic observations, which can add some light on the investigation.

As regards the faerie/folklore aspect of my ufology, I have discovered interesting parallels between writers of the faerie genre and the ufology/scientific genre. For example, the Rev. Robert Kirk in his 1697 'Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries' claims that faeries drink essences through their pores. There is an interesting comparison between this observation and the statements made by the A70 [Tarbrax] abductees Garry Woods and Colin Campbell in stating that their alien abductors drank and metabolised through their pores whilst in glass jars. Is there an exact parallel to be drawn here? I do not know for sure, but what I do know is that there is a parallel to be drawn, at least as to process, and such similarities welcome investigation.

Due to the wealth of information we have as a civilisation, moreover, whether taken from myths, stories, artefacts, drawings, or early historic documents, there is no doubt in my mind that any contact that has been made with Earth has been taking place for millennia.

This position, therefore, while including all ongoing scientific hypotheses, is not limited to them.

I hope this gives some insight into my method, and hopefully not madness.

Andrew Hennessey
October 23, 2009

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