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57 + Varieties of aliens allegedly on Earth and not one of them intercedng to prevent the population cull outlined in UN Sustainability Agenda 21

Mind you if they did intercede there wouldn’t be any need for all this suffering. Usual rhetoric is ‘we’ don’t deserve help etc ... Who’s we ?


‘Exopolitics needs to change’



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Exopolitics ? It needs to change
By Andrew Hennessey

from JAR issue 9 by kind permission of Elaine Douglass, editor

JAR, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, is a non-commercial, subscription email quarterly magazine about the abduction phenomena and its implications. Learn about JAR at Subscribe at $20. The article below appeared in JAR 9, published in August 2010.


In the year 2000, during a period of alien encounters in my life that came on like some bad B Movie, I was of the strong opinion there should be some human agency—like Exopolitics!—that would debrief me of the knowledge I had acquired in “creative” sessions with an alien interface.
I was being stalked by a shape shifting alien alleged princess and an extraordinary hybrid entity manifestation, accompanied by enticements to leave with these beings. On my declining the offer, an incredible and spiritually brutal barrage of strange and extraordinary events followed.
Particularly unpleasant was the hybrid lady materializing a small portal through which flooded a room full of glowing 12-inch triangular larvae that looked like flying flounder fish. Clearly, the aliens do surreal very well indeed.

In those days I was in deep trouble from alien encounters; they threatened to tear my existence apart. I knew in my heart others were too, and there needed to be some sort of agency that would collate our extraordinary claims and perhaps match up some of the evidence collected.
I was attracted to Exopolitics through the works of its pioneering three doctors, Salla, Greer and Boylan, even though I noticed the absence of the works of Dr Dave Jacobs and Budd Hopkins.
On an exo-forum, where I expected to meet more people with my own set of experiences, there was a feel-good feel to some exopolitical posts, and indeed I met some very wonderful people on the exopolitics yahoo forum of Dr Salla’s prepare 4 contact (p4c). (
I met those who were genuine contactees, many with interstellar memories and knowledge. Some were in ongoing scenarios and gave accounts of interstellar technology and star wars type encounters in great detail, with encyclopaedic knowledge of interstellar life.
One such person was attacked by Reptilians and Greys who came down from overhead ships and the subsequent defence of their home and their car was made by Pleiadean starships on public streets.
I was meeting other people who could remember how to fly Pleiadean starfighters from their time in the Orion wars—before they were captured and brought here.
I also met people online who were on the receiving end of unhappy close encounters and dark, muddy abduction memories, such as people whose person and families were being assailed by dark Reptilians. These people, though, seemed to get either continually overlooked, uninvited, or rejected, and were never featured at exopolitical conferences, media events or media projects. What they had in common with me was they had an important story to tell about the activities of negative aliens.
A case in point is the story of Paul Schroeder and his catalogue of outrageous and grievous alien behaviour targeting his person against his ongoing personal wishes, hopes and aspirations. (See
It became apparent that highly educated people in exopolitics, who really should know better, were letting down mankind by not upholding the complaints of victims traumatised by criminal alien behaviour.
Some players in Exopolitics, such as Dr Greer, adhere to the fallacy all aliens are good despite the abundant empirical and historic evidence illustrating the negative nature of some of the ETs on earth. The idea all aliens are good is a logical fallacy that would fail any academic exam since no one has met all the aliens in an infinite cosmos.
Not that mainstream Exopolitics today denies the contemporary existence of negative aliens in our midst. For example, Dr Salla wrote in 2006:

I have privately corresponded with Dr Greer on a number of occasions where he has repeatedly dismissed data I forwarded to him that some extraterrestrials are violating the rights of individuals, and that agreements with covert agencies have indeed been reached where these agencies have become complicit in such violations.

Despite Dr Salla’s complaints to Dr Greer, there would be no exopolitical forum where I could testify to my torments at the hands of negative aliens. Instead, Dr Salla is clear on what he considers the reactive victim mentality that is breaching the human rights of the aliens in contravention of various UN treaties on war crimes and hate speech. In post # 53172 on his prepare4contact forum:

I'm trying to find the right language so members are clear we will not allow hate speech (i.e., demonizing and fear mongering) directed towards ET races by those whose experiences and prejudices blind them to countervailing ET behaviours, e.g., benevolent ET groups/races trying to assist humanity's evolution.

Many people speaking out, though, had suffered traumatic encounters and the nature of their post-traumatic stress appeared to disqualify them as witnesses to the status quo. It seemed they were being required by exopolitics not to say what they felt about being violated and socially estranged in any emotive way that would offend the rights of their attackers.
It is as if negative alien-induced outrage is being criminalized, and
I have not yet seen an official recognition or exopolitical formulation of the specific alien crimes against humanity.
I am one who believes ETs have been on earth for millennia, whereas Exopolitics contends our bemused little starbrothers just got here in the 1940s. Exopolitics does not admit this is an embedded and historic problem. In other words, not only are the Greys exploiting humans now—they’ve been doing it for centuries!

Instead of taking up the rights of human beings in negative alien encounters, exopolitics makes an issue of aliens having human rights. This, from Dr. Salla’s post # 53172 on the prepare 4 contact yahoo forum:

So in applying human rights standards to extraterrestrial visitors, they have the same right not to be demonized as does any human racial group. Proscribing hate speech/demonization against extraterrestrials is therefore affirming their right not to be vilified or have war propaganda directed against them. We can acknowledge that some extraterrestrial regimes or groups might be enemies or evil, but never an entire race.

Dr. Salla’s edict against sweeping generalities that lead to the ignorance of racism misses the point. Clearly, if you are a human who has been raped, abducted, grievously assaulted, harassed, had damage to property, unwanted medical research, implants, abortions, inflicted disabilities from beings that keep coming back despite repeatedly telling them not to—then, when you identify demonic behaviour in your assailants—the very least you want to supply to the human rights court is identifying information that the assailant was, e.g., a Caucasian, Asiatic, African, grey, tall white, Anunnaki, etc.
From there, no one asserts that all of any race is evil, just that empirically, human alien abductions tend to be driven by negatively-behaving greys, though other species are noted present.
It’s a given that if human beings assert greys are evil, they are referring to the greys they have encountered on Earth, who tend to be negative. One person on p4c had memories of fighting them in the Orion wars! These abductees reporting alien militarism are picking up on the reality that fences and boundaries around stellar resources are being maintained, and that breaches of these boundaries results in, dare I say it? Armed conflict between the ETs.

As an example of how we should think about the aliens, Dr Salla in p4c forum post # 53172 models ET societies in terms of human eastern European ethnicity and factions. In that anthropocentric generality, where he likens all alien society to a human social model, he does not account for the possibility that in relation to the human race some entire alien race could be totally anti-human, e.g. some sort of parasitic, viral intelligence antithetic to the life processes of humanity—i.e., an innately anti-human xenobiology.
Salla’s weak academic model of cosmic humanism in organisations does not draw widely enough from other examples in the natural world. E.g. the hive organisations of the bees, ants and wasps with innate caste structures and specialties, elite, artificers, drones and soldiers—somewhat akin to the social structures of Plato’s Republic. Just because we can have a benign conversation with a swine flu virus capsule doesn’t mean it is going to acknowledge our human rights.
How can Dr Salla assert we are not dealing with such totally anti-human xenobiology here on earth right now ? Yet he excludes the debate about a demonic hive/biblical-demonic-legion race of beings historically here on Earth. He has opted for the ‘all aliens are humanity’ model.

I agree greys elsewhere in the Cosmos might well have evolved beyond doing what the reported greys here on Earth do. Some might be doing great things, somewhere, but the evidence shows that the bad ones are here on Earth, and that is most prominent in the experience and testimony of those chosen to interact. The fact remains those greys should be brought to account.

Next in exopolitics emerged the apologism for the activities of negative aliens: The victims were blamed. Somehow, because our souls were impure, we had created the reality of being an alien victim and we had got what we asked for, or deserved. This blame-the-victim reality-creation ideology has been associated with much of the flaming on some exopolitical forums.

For example, this post, p4c # 6018 by Stephen Calkins, suggests that these human victims were asking for it—a quite common theme on the Exopolitical scene generally:

Hi Cassie, Ray and P4Cer's, While people may "appear" to be "out of control" or "victims" to circumstances or other individuals, (i.e., abductees taken without their permission, etc.), they are at the same time, (from their higher consciousness), aware of their choices, and are wilfully playing their role(s) as the "masters of limitation." (i.e., a true master of reality creation, and thus able to choose to limit itself, in such a way as to experience victimhood. Basically, we are choosing to evolve, and as we do we will less and less express the need to experience negative/limiting manifestations.

Dr Salla in this post to Wynderer clearly endorses the ideology of all humans creating their own reality according to their own spiritual level. Dr Salla’s post # 41719 on the prepare4contact yahoo forum:

Hello Wynderer, I think we need to revisit the idea of conducting regular group meditations/exercises. More people are desiring to change the world by coming together in small groups and envisaging positive outcomes. The growth in literature around the power of positive intention, e.g., Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Bradden, etc., suggest this is an area we need to keep working on as a group.

When I noticed that Exopolitics had not produced the mainstream and credible political frameworks that any real political movement would, I decided to look at the issues myself and came up with a draft exopolitical manifesto for an imaginary exopolitical party that I called the New Star Party Manifesto.
In 2010, Exopolitics has become a diverse and entertaining circus full of workshops and conferences and DVDs and books—but it has still not produced the political mechanisms that would serve mankind or facilitate a post-contact era.

Out of this reaction to the failures of exopolitics to represent humanity and take a pro-human stance, and also on being admonished for demonizing the creatures that had attacked my own life—I recognised that exopolitics seemed to be a somewhat one-party monolog where all aliens were good, and out of this rejection and invalidation of my own experiences the testimony of Xenopolitics was born. (See:

Exopolitics as a movement has not worked hard enough to acknowledge the human rights of human victims of alien abuse. It tends to present even the negative aliens as recently arrived despite the historic evidence to the contrary. The movement of exopolitics also seems to act to filter out natural human outrage. Instead of working to identify specific alien perpetrators and create the mechanics of human justice, exopolitics favours the historically embedded alien aggressors by concealing the evidence of their ancient criminology and burden of guilt. Even worse, some exopolitical supporters assist the idea that human victims of alien abuse are self-harming psychotics.

It is obvious some humans are still the victims of alien racist behaviour and are being treated like cattle, and spiritually tortured in contrived and intelligent ways. E.g. Paul Schroeder. (
Whereas the stated aim of Exopolitics is to promote "healing, forgiveness and reconciliation over past injustices,” it clearly cannot get the negative aliens to stop behaving like racist demonic bio-lab research farmers in the now—despite all the alleged benign assistance that exopolitics claims to currently exist. Such human beings as Mr. Schroeder have a right to human rights too.
Exopolitics with a capital E is dysfunctional, and I want more than just its negation and deconstruction. I want to see reconstruction and growth into something pro-human. And saying that doesn’t make me anti-exopolitics. It makes me a concerned and socially responsible human being.
At the very least if Exopolitics does not illustrate a detailed pro-human agenda soon, it could be then labelled as a multinational smokescreen for the industrial profiteers and the behaviour of negative alien farmers.

This article and many other important documents can be obtained from the Journal of Abduction and Encounter Research
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