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One of the many things in the sky and on the ground at Gorebridge, Scotland

Known by many names the world over - they have been here a long lon time and didn’t just turn up in 1940’s America as if from the stars

The Greys



Greys first came to my attention in 1980

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Although we were all brought up on Startrek and Starwars with its allusion to endless Federated or contending anthropomorphic social groups in space, our own first contact, historically was with the sight of ‘flying shields’, flying chariots of fire, flying coaches and cars, strange airships, and other impressive shapeshifting people and vehicles that seemed to both mimic and supersede our own technological aspirations and hopes and fears of the day.

The Ufo phenomenon in terms of what it manifests seems to keep pace with our own limitations and expectations.

According to NASA’s cameras in space e.g. SOHO, cassini, spirit, curiosity, Apollo, STS, ISS etc the solar system is full of ‘death stars’ and Mars is looking more and more like a Star Wars film set.

This sort of imagery sets the scene for human hopes in the 21st Century that interstellar civilisation is only a phone call away – rather like the ET in the Spielberg film.

I’m sure that in the universe nice places and beings exist beyond Earth, not just in parallel interdimensional heavens but also further along this hungry plane of dualism. [the light matter universe]

Suppose though the nature of our own human contact was actually not with federated sociological and technological avatars, but with a life-form, an interdimensional life-form that mimicked and predated on our anthropic principles of social fabrication and design.


The reason being that there are many invisible investments of energy, nervous system and life-force tied up in our physical objects and attachments in our comfort zones which if disconnected, distorted or disorientated may release our essence-like pollen for the bees and their soul-mining hive.

Like a swarm of interdimensional insects, bees or locusts they may be specialised in distorting anthropic social fabric and reality, distressing and tearing intentions to bleed away our driving soul-juices.

So that like the magnetospheric life we see living and respiring off an oxidative process that is actually magnetic – in the demonic greys, this interdimensional life-form the sparks of its oxygen are our creative soul-energies. A predator  then, living off the oxygen of human soul life by distorting our associations with and investments in physical objects and attachments like a specialised bee gathering essence-pollen for the hive.

The story of the journey of our divine spark and its evolution is an ancient one noted e.g. in Theosophy, Gnosticism and Psalm 139 but with science reducing such wisdom to imaginative prose it does rather

Isolate those many millions  of souls on Earth who may be subject to distortions and surreal  events of a psychological or evidential kind which appear to be hacking at their reason for being in a soul-destroying way.

The human mind may project technological  anthropology onto such life-forms in the form of; matrix, ships, hybridisation colonies and civilisation but its probable that this interdimensional reality of a soul-juice hive or hives may not have a technological reason for being  the way that humans might have social and sci-fi expectations.

These life-forms specialise in essence extraction and instead of forming some mundane ant colony, have adapted to farm and milk anthropic social constraints.

In another reality the hive beings may cascade through fractal dimensions to happen upon the opportunity to be real termites again somewhere else – the feeding process on humans and natural sugar are similar.

It may be though that the adaptations of the particular hives and nymphs are specialisations that enable them to predate upon sentient anthropic life-forms and are displays or developments of pseudo-technological processes. Some human interaction with  these ‘Trojan horses’ may appear meaningful e.g supplied ‘interstellar ships’ but these are merely to acquire new soul-food supplies amongst life-forms in this dualistic dimension.

Such ships ‘Trojan horses’ would serve as GPS locators for the interdimensional swarm when the ships find other concentrated delicatessens of humanesque activity.

Thus with shapeshifting forms, artefacts and illusions and with the capacity to mutate both our material and spiritual environment the; djinn, archons, kobolds, faeries, elementals, demons, devils, come to us as spiritual predators.

I haven’t been surprised by the proliferation of support for the alien mega-federation idea, where at least 57 varieties of aliens can be identified in their quest for contact on Earth.

It is after all human nature to envisage society.

Mind you on a planet that is run by devil-like Draconian shapeshifters and their Janitorial hive of demonic-faerie-greys who also operate shapeshifting personnel and vehicles, I am not surprised by the alleged diversity of forms on view.

There are though several issues which make the democratic federation idea  infeasible.

Namely that the Draco and the Greys have clearly been top of the soul-food chain in this hungry and depleted, disconnected dualism for a long time.

Time and time-space being the operative words.

In this plane of dualistic depleted timespace there are obviously many stars and galaxies – probably many federations and many contentions, but given the nature of the life force predation by the Draco/Devils and the Greys it is very unlikely that advanced civilisations are going to come calling in case they get tailed home and assimilated.

Another issue that may be beyond the ideation of many trekkies is that the nature of the predation happens invisibly and in parallel to this plane/dimension and the predators are very capable of instantly creating holograms on any scale of magnitude of just about anything – some of them indeed may feel real and solid to interact with.

Hence when the International Space Station snapped in HD an alien looking space ship that resembled a horses head – I was reminded of the Trojan horse and the idea that Ufos are like boxes of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get until you open it up.

That being said – I’m inclined to think that its all just more of the same freaky dysfunctional alien nonsense – a huge hologram manifesting inside the Earth’s vicinity that originates in a massive scale – out of sight, interdimensional hive that settled in our solar system around our oasis Earth and its creativity long ago.

There is though great hope to be found in the Angelic intercessions of Celestial beings that live in connected and life-force abundant states of being above these dark planes.

There being many arguments for leaving us to our own choices but having studied Deliverance Minister and Healer Stella Davis and heard of the miracles that attend her works it is obvious that a Higher authority can over-ride dark and evil nonsense on Earth.

In the same way that evil can work subtly – so can Good.

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