‘.. a minor roadblock !!’

Rhada Burnier, President of the International Theosophical Society, India.


‘.. many are called but few are chosen !!’

Office bearer, Sovereign Military Order of the Scottish Knights Templar of Jerusalem.


‘.. do it to them before they do it to you !!’

Prince Michael of Albany, Chair of European Council of Princes and Stuart heir pretender to the Scottish throne.


‘.. you can’t tell the people .. (mate !)’

UK Special forces, SAS, re-iterating Margaret Thatcher’s policy on aliens.


‘… when it comes to this topic of aliens and flying saucers’ . Andrew ‘… offers drama, entertainment, …. reports, stories and pictures and that is what … the public want.                                                                                     Ted Roe, US Government Asset, NARCAP and NASA consultant

‘… a nutter !!’

UFO Harry Sommerville, Head of East to West UFO Society and UFO reporting forum, Scotland, on Yahoo Abduction Forum.


‘ there is a lateral line of sensors and x membrane below the dorsal fin !’

Two and a half foot three year old to his embarrassed mother in Deep Sea World, North Queensferry, Scotland


‘I can’t see anything worthy of note …’

Mrs F, Black Ops Starchild and contactee programme co-ordinator for Europe.


stream-of-consciousness writing.. high on dope and techno-raving electronic music’

Conrado Salas Cano, Cold Fusion Expert and Particle Physics Scientist





Andrew Hennessey





This book is for those who are already familiar with the fact that dark Reptilian species and Greys, both with look-alike holograms and superhuman capacities and very advanced technologies have been on Earth farming relatively retarded humans for a very long time.

What follows is a series of articles and analysis on the nature of our shared human reality and what our options are once we are able to recognise the doorway to eternal Life, Love and Freedom.


PART 1 is about awakening, and recognising what we are really seeing

PART 2 is about how this alien soul mining may be acting upon you

PART 3 is about denials, diversions and soul traps

   PART 4 is about the journey home


This book is also for the many I knew that are now gone and who died not really knowing why they had lived and what had caused the bad things that happened to them.

  They did not know why they had their human past but theirs is a glorious and empowered future in Christ and the Holy Spirit with a huge family of Saints and Angels in a living Vine. [John 15]. A future without sorrow and desolation.













         02. THE STATUS QUO



         05.  THE END OF THE VINE

       06.  BEFORE YOU GO













        15.  MINE CAMP

























The problem we all have with the internet in general and also UFOLOGY and our attempts to be exopolitical is the obvious presence of semantic chaos.

Its like somebody has put all our ideas and ideologies into a blender and come up with a chunky and often funky mixture of stuff we recognise but which can be a bit inappropriate and contradictory.

Exopolitics like any other human institution is exposed to the same problems of semantic chaos and its contradictions, often issued from people with the robes of credibility who appear to be no more than professional decoys with an elaborately constructed cul de sac for the sheeple.

These charades begin with credible constructions then end up in cynical science fiction and unbelievable assertions.

The problem with our allegedly human institutions therefore are their inbuilt redundancies that seem to be caused by people who have a mind to deliberately perpetrate chaos.

The anti-human performance of the United Nations for example in its long term advocacy of population reduction to save the ecosystem of this planet is in truth a blatant social crime.

Clearly if the human race were allowed to freely use the anti-gravity and free energy technology and technological paradigm on the table industrially since at least 1890 with Faraday and then variously with many others throughout the 20th Century – we would be able to clean and purify our planet, supply and resupply it from farming interests elsewhere, and take no part whatsoever in the desolate and polluting industries that the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation first identified in the late 1960’s – as being in possession of clean and cheap factories there would be no need to produce oceans of toxic waste in e.g. Brazil [Volta Redonda].

Aliens or alleged aliens who allegedly postpone dealing with humanity because ‘we’ cannot get our act together are actually anti-human aliens aiding and abetting the cull or indeed the ‘soul harvest’ [Kerner, N: the song of the greys, and Delooze, M]

Other engaging social charades to help us all get through the day include: government, civil administrations, religious organizations and the trans-national corporate world, networks, secret societies, think tanks operating conspiracies of self-interest, black ops, Career Intelligence Agencies, MJ12, Criminal Intelligence Agencies.


All of these can get our yummy ‘outrage juices’ flowing for the benefit of our farmers.


Inside almost every one of these scenarios is an endless alphanumeric soup that is compartmentalised, chaotic, antagonistic, sometimes synergistic, often ineffective, always fiscally wasteful, always producing its own version of winners and losers.


It is more than likely that these agencies have to deal with all sorts of infiltration, abduction, reprogramming and replacement of their key personnel from a dark alien threat.


In this light therefore, it is unlikely that any benign ET civilisation intent on doing good for mankind would interact with this dark and incoherent circus called a global social hierarchy.


It can be argued that the chaos and negation and nihilism that our alleged society is laced with is a deliberate essence feeding strategy by Repto-Grey farmers who may feed off and milk our ‘outrage juices’. Our tendency to self-vindicate is often very predictable .. especially in a potentially predatory social and telepathic environment with personal spiritual issues that we cannot always  immediately recognise.


Intervention by benign ETs therefore would not be effective if it used these self-cancelling agencies.


It could also be said that if benign ETs just stood back, that everybody would just gravitate to their own familiar reality and millions of people would go to millions of other places naturally e.g. during a catastrophic geological revision of the mountains and oceans on this planet.

That however doesn’t account for the fact that some people on Earth are being made to feel that they should go to a certain place with certain beings in an artificial and trauma driven way.


The beginning of benign ET intervention that accounts not just for the individual, however, but for large social groups of individuals has to start with One generic social missive and communication.

What strategy might they take .. e.g. use of Earth based pop stars like Robbie Williams, acknowledged leaders and hierarchies and ‘gurus’ – the innate resistance to truth and change within some of these channels merely adds to the chaos.


Because of this I suspect that the process will involve the total subsummation of the telecommunications and media network created by over riding advanced technology that will neutralise the current Repto-Grey media franchise and its own brand of interstellar junk.

Advanced and benign ET’s will totally bi-pass the Status Quo on planet Earth with all of its taint and anti-human failures.


I predict that we will all collectively see a whole new brand of television and radio and internet options for the duration of the repatriation process supplied by benevolent ET’s.

Repto-Grey farmers could try this one on us too … but then I’m certain that the highest frequency civilisation processing the most ones and zeros in the least time is an Angelic one and would prevail.

That for the first time since the Fall of Atlantis, 20,000 years ago which also roughly co-incided with the last geological catastrophe we underwent [Hancock, G : Fingerprints of the Gods, also Piri Ries map] there will be massive changes amongst the temporary farming charades albeit 20,000 years of temporary farming – and those locked into and orientated by; physical, social, historic, spiritual and ideological landmarks will be able to detach and potentially escape with help.


At that point real Exopolitics will come into play, and I predict that such Exopolitics  will involve the company of Angels, superior technology and infrastructure and the presence of other Beings from this cosmos who wish to reclaim their soul group members before they get farmed off to some other factory or franchise.

If there are deep politics within the human population it is the secrets of our ancient knowledge and heritage and family groups that we as older souls naturally possess. From there we can make a new choice – whether we embrace the Way of Life and become high frequency loving lifeforms [John 15] empowered beyond biology and clones and the fires and combustions of Repto-Grey hell and desolation and the games of being Vampire or Dust.

We have a chance to inherit a realm of love and beauty instead – at that point Exopolitics becomes the Politics of Ascension or Descension, but it will be above and separate from the cynical charades of toxic pseudo human and infiltrated Repto-Grey agencies.




It can be seen from some of our academic material that for some time now all is not right with our view of the world.

We have physics and cosmology and sciences and paradoxes that refuse change and solutions and whole ways of doing things seemingly entrenched in obsolete technologies and fuels and medicines – and we have everywhere some war or rumour of war.

I suggest that things in our status quo have very much been like that every century for thousands of years.

There is always some dark evil wolf of human political fabrication at the edge of the pasture to keep the flock nervous, yet for every century that passes the news of the dark alien underground and what goes on there has always supplied us with stories of magical people and their shapeshifting technologies and often evil friends.

Cave paintings, standing stone carvings, ancient monumental sculptures, European Renaissance paintings, the Roswell first contact myth – we have always had some dysfunctional and un-progressive human society that seems to go nowhere – whilst at our fringes in the dark woods of our nightmares at the pastures edge lurk the alien brigands who would usurp the flock portrayed in the cultural media of the day.

Historically though the planets surface seems to be stuck in zones like the film Westworld.

Around 1000AD, looking in depth at the academic reasoning behind the non-use of the Chinese navy over a period of 500 years which comprised of a fleet of heavily armoured highly manoeuvrable flat topped paddle boats that were armed with cannons we see a glaring paradox.

In 500 years of massive fiscal demands that would relocate capital cities and equip numerous armies etc No-one allegedly had the idea to take even a portion of that fleet south, hugging the coast and water supplies into the Indian or Arabian Ocean in search of gold - but the only explanation offered for this is that either strangers interfered or that they as a people had a 'patient and resigned shopkeeper mentality' – but neither of these explanations is sufficient for me.

They conducted trade and imports from India which also contributed to their culture and architecture so they knew of the Raj Kingdoms and palaces.
It is an incredible fact though that that navy was allegedly never used for the purpose of conquest yet they had overwhelming technological superiority till the arrival of the East India Company hundreds of years later !!!

How could some martial arts warlord never have the idea to leave the Chinese version of the Truman show or Groundhog Day in search of loot to finance some of those massive campaigns ???

What changed their minds to prevent their global conquest ?


The particle physics of Lord Kelvin and his atomic vortex theory of 1901 is actually a more advanced particle physics model than the one we are using in the 21st Century. Also Tesla’s theory of Environmental Energy ought to have been enough at the start of the 20th Century to give us a future.

Instead we toy with insoluble mathematical conundrums and elite mindgames that can never progress past a central fatal flaw and inbuilt mathematical redundancy.


No such joy however, as most of us start to notice on a journey round our local bookstore, the remix and duplication and un-originality in ever more dumbed down formats.

Multimedia devices for youth culture with tiny display units totally fail to convey anything good.

Educational exams for children in the 18th and 19th century appear to look more and more like post graduate university degrees with their mathematical components and Science and medical Science totally fail to deliver for the human race, certainly at any price that they could afford to pay. Two thirds of the population of this planet have no social concept of coffee and cake whilst in an African village pancakes made out of dust and sugar are served up to the starving.


In these grotesque and alien and un-humanly engineered social circumstances then, we see time and time again the failure of every social charade we had been counting on to deliver.

Junk physics, unending cancers, incurable paradoxes and diseases whilst millions of contactees or spiritually tuned in simply cannot write a chemical formulae for a cure down on a paper napkin sent by some wise

Alien being of alleged love and light.


The aliens themselves entrenched and farming this disorientated herd, suspiciously seem to be farming our souls from some accounts and other accounts point to some impending harvest.

After this harvest they allege that their victims will inherit better biology next time, yet the eternal soul and all its manifestations as a truly living and empowered being does not need or use biology or biological constraints – being empowered by a network of living and free life.

It is only the dead that have future need of biology, and of course, biological beings need to eat, even clever alien ones.


We mill about in our stockpens looking at the entropy and social disease in the culture and media and utilities and in our own security and geology whilst others with less than human agendas parade powers of illusion and mastery of matter and shape, and display technologies, skills, memories of events and places beyond the human horizons and perhaps if we are human we realise that our own human condition for some reason we agreed to before we were born, is artificial.

It could not be reasoned that we don’t have these massive capacities too, its just that either genetically or by some other magical or telepathic or technological control, we cannot access them at this point.


Looking at satellite photographs of my own home and area, I can see alien observation droids parked above my and the dwellings of others.

Special Forces in contact have suggested that they are in the possession of visioning equipment that can see all the stuff that’s flying about .. and that if we had this kind of technology we might see a very different kind of world.


We hear of the Reptilians and their alliance with the Greys and that humanity according to a series of Norwegian statues in Oslo are their thralls.

If this is so, then let us ask some important questions about the things we take for granted.

This place is a deliberately diseased and retarded cul de sac imo.

If oil ran out somewhere, these beings would probably manufacture it for our use. We know that they can abduct anyone anywhere and programme or replace them – so does that rule not apply to our many and various politicians and leaders and captains of industry ?

In a planet that has been managed and successfully zoned for thousands of years, its science and technological developments suppressed whenever necessary to keep the planets surface backwards, the one word that could sum up or describe the quality of the entire evolutionary output of this planet is ‘almost’.


On planet Almost therefore where people are being herded about and

Distressed and supplied and resupplied by global industries and a global food chain … how do we know that whole container ships coming from China and their cargoes are not abducted and substituted too ?

How do we know that our little bits and pieces of household material doesn’t have other inclusions in it.

To believe that is a Psychiatric condition called Capgras Syndrome, which more commonly is the belief that someone you know and love is now an alien substitute. There have to be genuine sufferers of this disorder, but from what we know maybe some people are not so deluded.


On Planet Almost many people in the Western world have a computer, mostly running Microsoft operating systems and software – a luxury not extended to probably 70% of the population of this planet.

One hears stories that the CPU, the chip that is at the heart of our home PC is designed after the floor plan of an Egyptian Temple and that the enigmatic Bill Gates has some sort of Stargate happening at his HQ.

Stuff like this might well be fanciful comic book material which may or may not link into other aspects of matrix like virtual reality and semi scientific Transhumanism, Cyborgs and matrix uploads.

However one thing is for certain with your windows software in that you will always be looking at the top left of the screen.

In Neural Linguistic Programming, or NLP, which was developed from presumably secret military research e.g. Munroe Institute, we have the idea that the eyes looking in certain directions are accessing either logical or imaginative faculties, real truths or fabrications – so could it be that our creative imagination is somehow being conditioned to expect a top left hand corner input or some sort of network link ?

Is our top left visual field a window into our creative imagination ?


We almost landed stuff on mars and the moon again, we almost have a space program, we almost have a theory of relativity that works, we almost have free energy, we almost have cures for this and that.

We almost have a computer and software that finally operates to spec.

We almost have a food shortage, economic collapse and nuclear war and we almost have full disclosure.

We most certainly have Repto-Grey soul farming and chaos theatre from all this creative distress.

The fact that that actually goes on is advertised in the stained glass of 13th Century Lincoln Cathedral in England where you see St Theophilus being handed a soul capture device by a Reptilian devil.

I think how the process works is that tiring human beings absolutely phased and dazzled by the superhuman craftsmanship of some very strange competitors in their own line of business sell themselves out to some masterful type that promises them their dreams by a process of enlightenment. Ie. The acquisition of a little helper or attachment, a demon, as more recently advertised in the film ‘The Golden Compass’.


If the human being can detach from the world, this strange series of dysfunctional social charades arguably designed to milk the person of their good stuff, is going to matter less.

Then perhaps merely losing their dreams to some telepathic thief and then watching others live your dream instead of you is not such a hard thing.

I remember having a melody stolen from myself on more than one occasion to then hear it manifest in the most grandiose circumstances for example.

Many creative people complain of being ripped off all the time in any case. Realistically though many have been telepathically hacked and ripped off.

There are several times in my life when I thought that I needed glasses.

My eyesight though would recover back to its very sharp normality.

I then noticed that after mixing with certain kinds of people, some of whom seemed reptilian, that my eyesight would become distorted for a while, but thanks to Angelic love and healing, it would always return to clarity.

Matthew 6:22  The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

One night after a Reptilianesque interaction with a person, we had been following some unsettling line of discourse and I felt that my heart centre had become slightly depleted. My eyesight had then become slightly distorted, but it was soon restored.

I went to bed and slept well, but just before it was time to rise I had a torrid dream that seemed to replay the unsettling argument of the night before such that when I awoke, my eyesight was not its usual clear self.

I prayed and asked why this was proceeding as a victory for dark things when I sat down and stared out of a window attempting to relax my eyes. Suddenly I saw what I was being asked to account for. It was an etheric implant that had been distorting my vision. It was a long narrow, metallic light coloured oblong shape.

My Angel then removed it and very shortly afterwards my eyesight returned to clarity.

I realised suddenly the amazing analogy between our own physical bodies and the reality in which we all live.

In entering into a physical discourse that diminished the quality of my hope and aspirations I had allowed a person to have an impact on my own spiritual clarity and destiny.

I had allowed a worldly argument to impact upon my spiritual life and my connection with my replenishing vision of eternity had become blocked with obvious physical impact upon my health.

To me – the internet could theoretically be a place of real spiritual hardship for many people that could have direct impacts upon their physical as well as spiritual health.

If groups of beings gain their essences by pruning and sucking the energies from human ‘containers’ in these discussions, they could also have an occult but very direct impact on our physical quality of life too.

I have suggested that we need to be connected to the vine of John 15 so that we get resupplied and mended and sustained by Holy Spirits. 


None of these realities herein described are the realities that we would have learned about in any formal or established way, yet many of us suspect that at least some of it could be true.

Its probably good news for us that all the social, cultural and spiritual landmarks upon which the human will and ego extends and maps itself for the benefits of its alien farmers could get shortly erased by either geological or climatic catastrophe.

That would mean for the cattle that it was time to up steaks.

Whatever beef we have with whoever is operating our Disneyland will have to be abandoned for a process more often referred to as a ‘harvest’.

Some are even being told to look forward to bigger and better biology which probably means there is a planet somewhere full of giant kangaroos.

High energy souls, and all high frequency lifeforms are well beyond biology and zoology and biological reproduction and gestation and cloning. It is a consolation for these beings that wish to proceed with letting their souls get reprocessed that in the universe of biology ‘their worm does not die nor their fires go out ..’ but I personally know someone who is looking forward to inhabiting and migrating between all sorts of animal life under the Greys. That’s his choice though.


There are realms and realities beyond here and beyond biology – most of us are certain of such things, but we need to also look to our loving brothers and sisters in these places to help us out of this stockyard.

My heart is with Christ, not with any human temporal institution, others will choose another way, but I know that my choice has fulfilled my life.


Are Aliens Manufacturing Crude Oil for our use ??
Andrew Hennessey

Sagacious greens, corporate scientists, government analysts, academic petrologists and geologists, and industrialists within the petrochemical industry, and petrodollar economists all give us dire warnings that at some nearby date – somewhat past the predicted earth movements and geological upheavals around 2010-2016 our global oil reserves are going to run out.
Of course with all or most of human infrastructure destroyed, frozen, flooded or flattened by violent geological disruption and or climatic ice age that fact is hardly going to matter.
Other such facets of the human establishment such as Philosopher of Science Stephen Hawkings predict free energy bearing grand unity and busy robotics after that fairly safe `watershed' date too.

In the meantime it is business as usual for the Petrodollar economy, which is the backbone of a paradigm of atomic fission and combustion and consumption on planet earth.
With many people identifying the lack of social and technological continuity and end based growth and evolution within social charades that date back thousands of years, more and more people are arriving at the idea that somehow the planets surface is some sort of socially phoney farm.
It is a farm however whose central driving force and philosophy are the powers of disintegration and entropy within matter and within people and within spirits and souls. [e.g. N Kerner, Hennessey] – this world arguably is a place of desolation and desertification of more than just the greenery. A Satanic dominion of hellfire and combustion indeed.

The point in question is the Internal Combustion Engine being also symbolic of another tool that breaks things down and combusts them and produces waste products, rather like our mortal biology.

I'm reminded of the joke by Irish Comedian Dave Allen about a sermon by an extreme Protestant Minister in Church … `there WILL be a wailing and gnashing of teeth !!!! …. I don't have any teeth !!!! … `Teeth WULL be provided ..'

Whatever games of death, entropy and disintegration takes place amongst the socially incredible charades on the planets surface we have long known of interstellar communities in and under this world too, and as we can see from many European painted images and art from the middle ages and renaissance – these people and their craft have always featured.

We have been collectively using oil for over a hundred years.
Most Oil forms from the fermentation of decayed and pressurised primeval swamps over millions of years under the Earth.
In our minds we seem to visualise a relatively huge sea of black which recently we have been told is running out at some point – as in it isn't infinite etc
We are all agreed though in terms of governance, obviously, that wherever we are currently getting our oil from there's plenty left just now except we maybe have to put the investment and taxes up.
So the status quo has it that published scientific papers and journals and surveys guarantee there is a reasonably large amount left to keep us going for a few years yet. Which is all perfectly reasonable.


The thing about science though is its phoney. It has been caught renaming and rediscovering essential paradoxes and also burying references to important physical laws and proofs. [e.g. the law of emergence and schifflers horns mathematical proof of universal chaos – both paradigm busting realities]
If you go looking for a European Electromagnetic Survey from Satellite data and Institute analysis which maps out the electromagnetic landmarks and anomalies in western Europe and you find the UK, you will see amongst the beautiful and colorful graphics of EM waves and hotspots a carefully crafted penis over the city of London.
We know therefore that our human knowledge base is subject to works of blatant fiction and falsification.


I also do not believe any 'scientific' reports about the abundance of oil or any empirical data pertaining to it.

Scientific and economic ‘research’ and ‘analysis’ pertaining to oil can only be equalled in its facile malignance by the cartoons made out of particle physics.

The conspiracy to falsify oil data at the very least is in the economic self-interest of the oil cartels and their ability to short and speculate on the stock markets.


Yet reality never seems to arrive for the oil industry, whether taking up the monopoly of free energy applications or in dealing with natural problems that there are no real theories to model with. E.g. Velikovsky presents in his work Worlds In Collision evidence for geological upheavals in earths past.


Yet the science of chaos theory is not part of the mainstream even though it was first really developed at the Santa Fe Institute from the early 1990’s.
The planet Earth is not some static, ossified, frozen structure… it is more physically dynamic and organic than just some static rocks.
With tectonic plate movements, upheavals, undermining movements of molten magma, axis tilting and gravitational torque, eclipse driven tidal ripples of the earth's magma and crust and other moving geological strata – its totally incredible that any ocean of oil we depend on has not already gone down some newly emerged plughole in its rockbed overnight.
We are all currently  assuming that our oil infrastructure and investments have the cartoon like qualities of being immune from real time geology.

Which they obviously do. No doubt.


My geological argument for the disappearance of an oilfield overnight is a sound one ... it is very strange that this has never ever happened in the last 100 years.

In fact with the huge increase in seismic activity in the last 15 years due to impending crustal displacement and axis tilt its absolutely incredible that not ONE oilfield has disappeared down a newly emerged plughole.

An oilfield after all is like a zit … when it gets squeezed like that where does it all go ??

Its just not natural that NO oilfield has suddenly disappeared.

To me its incredible that all the oil reserves are still available from where they were originally drilled and also its incredible that any charted oceans of oil we have depended on have not in any instance disappeared down a plughole overnight. That isn't natural.
IF it is the case that ONE oilfield has disappeared overnight say in the last 50 years the question would need to be asked as to who or what is supplying the oil from the place formerly known as an oilfield. The ET’s would have to have set up their free energy machinery to manufacture the molecular crude oil with using advanced energy to matter and matter to matter techniques.
But the show must go on … so many resources and souls to desolate that there has to be some sort of continuity – so I put it to you that in some cases, some oilfields are no longer delivering and that it is alien energy to matter, or matter to matter technology that is manufacturing the crude oil for our human use … whilst they continue to work on us in their artificially distressing status quo.


As some channelled sources proclaim there is an impending alien harvest and so the planetary soul herd needs its exterior physical and spiritual reference points and commensurate amount of distress associated with them so that those entrapped can feel properly disassociated in all the quality distress time left before the geological changes.

The distressingly poor low tech and degraded status quo has to be maintained for now therefore.


They are probably creating the broken down soul dust food they mention in the first 20 minutes of the film ‘The Golden Compass’, or the soul bits for hybrids mentioned in research by e.g. Collier or Streiber or Jacobs.

IF aliens were producing molecular crude oil with their technology that would be a reason for its abundance and continuity and stasis around its locality of extraction.
The reason they would do so is to retain the suppression and usury and economic slavery that they use to milk our woes in their farming and matrix process.
I maintain in any case that the planets surface is a millennial old social charade full of artificially engineered social distresses in everything from domestic to industrial environments.

Issues of; money, wealth, war and usury are of secondary importance to the true purpose of the alien farming and social charade on the planets surface.
The true purpose of planet Earth is to farm its inmates by the generation of socially distressing processes, circus and sub-routines.


That’s why I recommend becoming Catholic.


This is an article about what our alien farmers may be doing with us, but before we go on outlining what some of their strategies are about – I would also like to point out that an ongoing presence of Angels and other Lightworkers over the millennia have been on hand and not inactive.

If you are not ready to or strong enough to look at or work with these issues then please don’t proceed evaluating these ideas.

I do argue elsewhere though in the article BEFORE YOU GO what I think we as humans should be doing for one another as part of a heart to heart movement.

If we do wish to address the activities of these other beings in the exopolitical context of our ‘Overlords’ we need to be able to recognise the issues that we would like to legally or consciously, or magically, and industrially get them to stop doing – even if there is no real chance of justice originating from within this physical Galaxy at present.

I’m sure that our world connects with more than just a galaxy, but with a multiverse of dimensions all with their own slightly similar or slightly different physical relativity and concerned citizens.

It might, however,  be very therapeutic for most of us to explore the rich, creative but obscure depth of our souls life, potential and history in an Angelic context. When we finally recognise that we are here on Earth because of our potential treasure we might then find the hope and faith that will take us beyond and above here to one of those many mansions.

As represented, the lack of extra terrestrial political will to intercede from some galactic federation takes no account of, or admits to the non-human races that operate human hierarchies on Earth and I have to ask therefore if our warders or farmers are screening our incoming channels of spiritual mail. As represented, this galactic federation does not acknowledge the powerlessness of humanity amongst these farcical charades created and controlled by very high tek non-human alien life.

I am certain though that benevolent ET communities do exist here on Earth and that many different life forms from all over conduct themselves here for various reasons.

If any of the ‘Federation’ ships have yet landed to feed and water a desolate African village I am sure that they would let us know. If I was an overlord running a cattle farm and had a MacDonalds restaurant in sight of the field where the stock were grazing who would think of asking the cattle ‘Do you wish that we show up .. with a big mac ?’

We always seem to return to a central human paradigm with just about every benign form of ET contact that gets onto our internet. In this paradigm, there is only one and one only kind of being on planet Earth and it is the human being and it is making a very bad job of its planet. Most usually no reference is made to Reptilians whatsoever or the fact that both they and the Greys have been here operating and orchestrating things for millennia. Whatever messages our alien friends are sending to us – they cannot be unaware of what species is operating this planet. That cannot be possible.

Because of that it seems more and more that this sort of alleged pseudo benign missive is more in the league of science fiction and also cynical.

On a planet where the use and misuse of telepathy by some beings is an open secret and you can see statues of big Reptilians wrapped around aroused human females and or hopeless men in chains and with human scholars struggling with the hosting process of a Reptilian juvenile – depicted in Oslo, Norway – even David Icke distances himself from the obvious and simple way to operate an anti-human conspiracy in the semantic and social chaos of compartmentalised secret societies. The conspirators do not recognise themselves with human signals, handshakes, codewords etc .. rather there is a far more basic form of non-human telepathic recognition in play. The conspiracy isn’t complex for the Reptilians and Greys, its very simple. They can see one another – probably in high and variable colour. For the humans its complex they can’t recognise with the genetically dysfunctional sensory apparatus they have any difference between a shapeshifter and a human.

Humans are therefore getting telepathically played in these social arcade games.

We hear from sources such as; Streiber W, Kerner N, Delooze M, Schroeder P, Collier A that Repto- Grey farming has an interest in farming and uploading and recycling soul parts.

You can see the ideology of New Age Reptilian/Naga spiritism and also the motive for the promotion of completely emptying and surrendering ourselves to become stardust in the first 20 minutes of the film ‘The Golden Compass’ – where demonically hosted people see soul dust as an important source of food for consumption. In old testament times too from Psalm 139, there were also beliefs that a soul could melt down into lesser forms and ‘take the wings of morning’.

Streibers account of Government personnel being permanently stripped out of their good stuff and  reduced down by the Greys in his Log Cabin Encounters stories also ties in with the dire warnings from Nigel Kerner, but we also take note of the Draconian folklore, histories and the very obvious cultural presence of a Reptilian species of Overlords.

Given that many of us are already familiar with some sort of soul farming and recycling scenario here on Earth, some remembering distant star battles, being pilots and getting captured etc there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for beings that live and operate beyond human horizons and constraints even amongst the victims here.

I think the farming process here takes four aspects:

1.      Soul dust rendering and essence milking of a ‘material’ nature.

2.      The acquisition of ‘how to’ problem solving softwares and behavioural applications and role models and social and relationship strategies for non-human life e.g. for hybrids, or a more general issue process and skills module download market.

3.      Soul hostage barter and soul group location strategies – to expand those future farming opportunities and further the acquisition of more exopolitical livestock.

   4. Last but by no means least: Stolen Dreams.

Here is a glimpse of our export potential and collective material wealth – here is an aspect of the pie that the interstellar corporations are devouring on our collective behalf – here is what is ours – what we worked our tickets for …

Start thinking in terms of; hardware, artefacts, designs, buildings, vases, fabric and textiles, period designs, food and drink, artworks, music, furniture from all epochs, writings, social expressions and themes, fashion, monumental designs, historical colours and textures, historical graphics, vehicles from all eras, their shape and form.

I may have missed some out.

Celtic, Teutonic, Moorish, Baronial, Renaissance, Classical Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Indian-Hindu, South American, Chinese Sino-Asian, Oceanic, Africanic, Polaris, Russian 19th century, American Native 17-19th century, American Westernised 20th century, Russian 20th century, European west 20th century, European aristocratic 19th century, English Victorian/imperial, Caribbean 18th-19th century, Tibet, Sumerian, Catholic, London 1960’s, Futurist, Latin and Jazz, Tokyo Manga, Japan Ancient.

Can you imagine how many kinds of peculiar forms of transport could be decorating somebody’s ornamental lot somewhere ? how many paintings, designs, architectural qualities, how many styles, how many juke boxes, how many archives, how many textiles and soft furnishings, how much tableware and what era and style – how much food and drink, clothing and styles – can you imagine how many lives died to deliver this stuff up to these pseudo-human and alien corporations ??

There is a rich seam of soulstuff in the mines of planet Earth and maybe our planet has other names in interstellar textbooks that do not infer gardening terminology. Maybe this planet is only called Earth by humans and perhaps the coming of Nibiru refers to days mentioned in secret Reptilian underground folklore and prophesy when the Reptilians will again walk the streets of planet Nibiru and the earth of their ancestors in all their height and scaley glory in full sight of their monkey labourers.

Perhaps Nibiru is the Reptilian name for this planet.

When benign and Angelic intervention comes according to our own prophesies maybe we can look back on the richness and the many good things of Earth not as glories that we have lost, but glories that we will inherit.



Andrew Hennessey


We hear from so many different sources of dimensions of higher and higher love and higher and clearer and everlasting harmonics beyond our notion of time and space on Earth and its plane that resonate with ever growing clarity and power only a heartbeat above our heads. These endless Kingdoms or many mansions of Life are full of love and joy and relationships and even our limited Earthly or galactic knowledge can people only some of these places with sets of beings and hierarchies of society, soul groups and social interactions.


On the cosmic plane of Earth though, chaotic materials are; spiral and helical weather systems that are galaxies and atoms, or helical superclusters or atmospheric storms or vortices which pass through endless folds of endless curtains into other adjacent theatres or cosmic bubbles in the foam.


In this chaos cosmology of whirls and turbulence, the endless Life that is the One God continually pours out a foundation of life at the bottom of a huge pyramid of ever increasing and accruing sentience. [e.g. Logos, Outpourings, Vehicles, Vol. 1 – Hindu cosmology from The Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky, or, Kerner, N]

These little sparks or seeds may grow and evolve through other series of forms and archetypes – like hermit crabs.

In the process they accrue attributes and specialism and adaptations for certain habitats and niches.


Nigel Kerner in his ‘Song of the Greys’ speaks of the tidal ocean of God’s Life as an impersonal process that ebbs and flows on the beaches of endless crystals of sand, leaving little bits of foam – new life form sparks - on every tidal retreat.

Kerner goes on to illustrate how this process is being farmed as foodstuff by the Greys who artificially manufacture synthetic amalgams of sparks to birth and or fuel a hybrid human-like [anthropomorphic] species by garnering in the soul outpourings of the more creative and life-filled beings that they predate upon.

The Greys farm and strip [Streiber, W] their captives to supply the missing soul bits, attributes and specialist humanoid characteristics to their new and alleged next step the non-sexual humanoid Grey hybrid. [Kerner, N]

I think this being is merely a Trojan horse or a means to the end of accessing humanoid civilisations and forging empathic feeding strategies with selected creatives within other dualistic ET social realities for the benefit of the Imperial hive and its industries.


The Life Foam in this analogy is the endless supply of new Life from the Source, our Father as it seeps into the hierarchies of Life that are not sentient the way we are. E.g. the animals, the insecta, the reptilia, the fungi, the bacillus etc

We humans on the other hand are not isolated bits of sea stuff, but socially merged and resonating sentient and nurturing, tool using life forms who strive to be as simple, coherent and fruitful as a Vine.


Relative to us, the Greys and their exclusive insecta type caste system come from the atomic and relatively distant end of this interacting Life Foam as individually and collectively we as humans are now different by virtue of being socially engendered, diverse, dualistic and are also a multitude of similarly endowed beings [Life in the World Unseen, Borgia, A and The Life Elysian, Lees, RJ].


For reasons I cannot explain, the Humans of earth and the earth plane are being socially engineered at this time and in sore need of reprieve. [Hempel D and Delooze, M]

The legends of the Reptilian Annunaki, alleged creators of humanity are global and some evidence for their continual presence in mankind more than visible. [Sitchin, Z and Gardner, L and Alford, A]

On this earthplane there is a continual cycle of predation and energy deficit, and energy acquisition on this planet and potentially every other in this cosmos there is competing nature redorangeyellowgreenblueindigovioletblackwhitegrey in tooth and claw and container.


Our cosmos – this plane of existence appears to be part of a place where the worm does not die, nor the metabolic fires quenched for it is a place of continual hunger and eating. [cf. Hell]  [Kauffman, S; ‘autocatalytic self-organising polymers’ (a model of perpetually recreating and emerging DNA from a chaos of basic ingredients)]


When I hear stories of the Fall, I am aware of the mythology of Lucifer and the many ideologies created and uncreated around both the actual physical process and the myth by various groups of Beings who have an interest in both deceiving and farming the human race. [Flavius, J]

Angels fall down from heaven to become incarnadine and selfish and service to self and self-empowered is the core of what we are being presented with.

If there is a quest to find or steal the Light however, it is probably because being disconnected from and hateful of the loving vineyard of their brothers and sisters in Christ and the One God, they need to locate the Lights of others to feed upon. [cf. the lotus eaters]

When our former brothers and sisters fall from these highly energy and knowledge enriched and loved states however, they fall down into unhuman and dehumanised relationships of a disconnected nature. [Book of Enoch etc]


There the meaning of what it is to be nurturing and loving and facilitating and tolerant of innocence and error is distorted and perverted and broken.

There the reason for being human is lost and distorted and replaced by the reason for being animal – the reason for being less than human and an over-riding all conquering predator bereft of justice and social facility. [Do what thou wilt is all of thy law, Thelema, Crowleigh  A]


As it was in Isaiah’s time over two thousand years ago – the circus of fallen evil today knows no changes in its way of death and blood as yet. [Icke, D]


Isaiah 57: 3  But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore.

4  Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood,

5  Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks?

6  Among the smooth stones of the stream is thy portion; they, they are thy lot: even to them hast thou poured a drink offering, thou hast offered a meat offering. Should I receive comfort in these?


The symptoms of the disease of the human soul we all recognise in terms of violations of; trust and life and that which is sacred or beautiful or aesthetic or moral or just or fair or sensible or a sense of family or love or relationship or logical or sane or social or prudent or tactical or strategic. It is chaos and anima and the desolation not just of the temporary human being but of the eternal principle of the best of what it is to be human for its own sake.


Perhaps people we know want to take on the characteristics of animals or birds or assume the energies of animals or some other non-human creatures.

[Fraser, The Golden Bough]. Perhaps they visualise themselves as less than human. E.g. a collaborator Mr G, of the Greys is looking forward to flitting between all sorts of natural life forms whilst recreationally indulging in their sensory limitations and assets.

A Transhumanist for example felt safer and more protected wearing the metallic skin of a robot – however insensitive that was to feelings of joy and organic life – it offered protection from pain. [>H List, 1997]

Our sense of being human becomes distorted by our immersion in the energies of animism and material props.

My own response to the dangers of distortion of my humanity is a Christian one.

A Buddhist or Eastern Mystical response might be to let go of every form and be nothing to any reality or form and in being empty, devoid of influence and distraction have the greatest stability.

A Gnostic magician might build a locus or working using empathetic magic and rituals and talismans in the hope of restoring their lost balance.

A Theosophist unless they have ‘a hard brain and cannot meditate’ might refer to masters or mahatmas and hope that by doing their bidding ‘without cavil or delay’ [Besant, on Morals of the Secret School] that they may be rewarded and sustained by some alchemical art.


When I think of being the best human I can be I think of Christ who is God’s first born and an archetype and brother. If I conform my errant mentality and imitate the natural law He espouses by his new covenant I will be sustained. In His new covenant as a loving soul and committed brother – I may by Loving my brothers and sisters and by loving God and by loving myself in equal measure be what it is to be a healthy being on any scale and magnitude anywhere in the Universe. I would then be like a healthy plant cell in a vine that is able to function by passing on the waters of Life from the One Source, its root, to its adjacent fellows and by also retaining a measure of that self-integrity and loving essence for himself.

Of course how we then actually perform when stressed and put to some service and use by God is another issue.

I think that Christ is the template by which we can continue to live. His power and example, his abundant Life and Love in anthropomorphic resonance with my soul, like a waterfall of Life can renew my Human Being in all its aspects throughout the many cascading and descending spheres in which I can hope to eternally and happily persist now and in the future.

However, if our minds become too trammelled and occupied and pre-occupied and sophisticated and convoluted we can become un-natural and not perform the same simple self-regulating mechanism that all life from the simplest to the more complex uses to remain at ease with the flow of Life within it.

I think that problem is why I am now here on Earth.

By resonating with the template and example of Christ we can return to and be refreshed by a more natural state of humanity instead of becoming diseased by our own sophistry.

Above our heads therefore is a Loving Vine [John 15] that extends and rambles in a carefree manner through all sorts of mansions and harmonics and spheres, but we at the bottom end of it, are like fruits dangling from the lower branches.


At some point though – some Beings, formerly of the human and dualistic paradigm that were full of Life, energy and knowledge, relationships and friendships and loves and society and creativity and sharing wish for nothing more.


Before the time of Christ in the Abrahimic lore, in Psalm 139 of the Old Testament there is mention of the Souls who abandon the human, who ‘melt’ down and take the ‘wings of morning’.


The process itself is probably not all one way – as an efficient and evil vampiric predator could have a strategy for rebuilding their commitments and feeding game plans when they become burned or melted down too far in the ongoing struggle of the hungry cosmic deserts.


In those sandy shores or deserts where Kerner’s more simple Soul Foam washes upon the beaches of material incarnation and creativity – the predators gather like beachcombers.


The bigger catches though are those beings on the lower end of the Vine and a more Complex form of Life – the human type Life.

We can be tempted to let go.

We are fruits of complexity falling down into a universe of organised simplicity.

These organised predators might conceive of tools or props for their complex prey that strip them of, or diminish, the very attributes that they can be made to hope to enhance.

Being complex types its only reasonable to accept encouragement to cast reasonable doubt and self-doubt on our own assessments of our alleged abilities or alleged inabilities and buy into some solution to an alleged issue.

More diminished down here near or on the Earthplane we can get easily taken by liars and cheats and snake-oil salesmen.

Later when or if we get there - as ascended Human type angelic Beings higher up the ladder we have it all, all kinds of powers and attributes, and we can be vested and invested with faith and power that can move mountains without need of talismans or tools.

Such talismans symbolise the presence of our material burdens but also our lack of faith in and connection with God our source. Our need for props is symbolic of a diminished focus on God and our loving brothers and sisters and symptomatic of service to self. These props, Trojan horses into our souls are reminders of our state of dis-ease or imbalance - our magical insufficiency rather than an enhanced efficiency.

A predator can commence mind games around the presence or absence of such alleged assets and our faith in our success or failure with these props becomes invested not in God but in the fruits of our own ego and our own mind based performance. Our mind becomes lost in a maze or matrix of mind games and our heart becomes disheartened and disconnected.

Sluggish and Senescent, Sophisticated and over-ripe, slightly fermented and easily dislodged the human souls who have not in time maintained themselves and their brothers and sisters and returned love to their wellspring and first born Brother. In the retarded and artificial matrix of either soul farms or some half way galactic or aetheric house beyond here they are then disorientated and shaken free of their inheritance and their eternal Life and they Fall down into the dust.

Some might wrongly say ‘falling down to heaven .. on Earth’

They are content to be dust, stardust or electrons, quanta or photons or electro-chemicals and to be part of a cycle of materials anciently described:


Psalms 17:11  They have now compassed us in our steps: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth;

12  Like as a lion that is greedy of his prey, and as it were a young lion lurking in secret places.

13  Arise, O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword:

14  From men which are thy hand, O LORD, from men of the world, which have their portion in this life, and whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure: they are full of children, and leave the rest of their substance to their babes.

15  As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.


There depicted in Psalms – the Children not just of the World but of the Wheel of time and the material cycle of this dense hell.

The Discipline of Raja Yoga also teaches that having and perpetuating child bearing activities can lock you into an almost endless cycle of returns.


Perhaps for someone like myself who had been living elsewhere in the lower vine and who had been drunken with their own mentality and were selfishly sleeping, as I’m sure that’s why this author came here, we may awake before we fall.


Psalms 57:6  They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah.

7  My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.

8  Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.


Down in the cycle of living and dying dust beneath the Vine of Life there is driving anima and non-human and un-human and un-loving deceit.

The Greys for example appear to be stripping and mining our abilities and knowledge and human processes [Collier] and behavioural models and responses out of their captives – allegedly according to Kerner and Streiber to build the next generation of ensouled and superior humans within some biological remit.


Yet none of these alleged new humans they produce innately embody the reality of either biological or non-biological [angelic high energy];  sexual congress, duality, society and family as these traits are artificially engineered out of hierarchical societies in earth-based natural populations of bees, ants and wasps. [Hymenoptera sp.] and are allegedly targeted elsewhere in cosmic alien megapopulations [Krapff, P]. To their adherents they merely promise more engineered biological forms in the future, not high energy, high frequency universal independence and capacity.


This is not to say that a Queen and hierarchy in a more evolved and spiritual hymenoptera based soul group and alien mega population would not one day wish to completely flood themselves and their domain out with competitive replacements.

It seems to me more at this stage in our Earthly farm that the behaviour of these beings when they are not getting their own way is loveless, brutal and clinical.


From the abductee Paul Schroeder …  ‘When the Dark side aliens seem addicted to you truths emerge more dreadful than mere body tampering and theft .If the  truth, weren't so very scary, I wouldn't haunt you for your slant . A very different endgame than one pretends is naturally inherent at our death, the death of abductees. Reptilians and greys INTERFERE with ones soul transit; they garner souls and transfer them into soulless bodies they've created, as hybrids or clones ,bypassing the whole human spiritual recycling of HEAVEN_EARTH_HEAVEN_EARTH, with all the attendant helpers from the universe of Light.  Imagine awakening, again, in an infants body with amnesia, again, but this time after time, no Heaven or rest or blueprint or attending angels between lifetimes. Your only spirit unseen guides and helpers are from the Darkness as reptilians and greys who orchestrate your emotional life replete with temptations, addictions, sinister acts and thoughts, bad luck and  horrors  so that you're always their delicious property for the milking,  a landlocked spiritual Nightmare.  When greys say; WE HAVE THE RIGHT, in a response to abduction complaints, it means that they have invested much in us; that's why they know so very much about our previous lifetimes ..’


On this planet which is a great crossroads – the mind of a human being can be ceaselessly; wiped, replaced, substituted, switched off, implanted, reprogrammed, redirected or overborne by the actions of non-humans upon our more retarded beings in our technologically and socially and quite deliberately retarded nihilistic cul de sac … yet unfortunately in Paul’s life – all the activities of Good are really the activities of Universally dominant Evil in disguise whilst any goodness that is in the Universe simply looks on impassive and uncaring and un-helping.

Paul in his own brutally oppressed dualistic state cannot identify the logical presence of some good somewhere in the Universe and the thing is although having seen a form of Angelic reality the event had no immediate consequences of release from his alien farmers and fear feeders. 

Paul Schroeder has not yet been physically saved. Let us pray for him and ourselves that we may be saved from the Evil one and its powers and principalities.


Our worst nightmare on Earth is not so much things like planet X flyby, pole shift and tilt, mountains becoming seas etc but it is the reality that we don’t know what to look forward to.

Every image we see or hear or read about could deceive us or mislead us, and every author this one included is prone to error.


Channels tell us to look for no more technology or tools, or to be emptying ourselves out as beacons of love – whereas I think we should look forward to being filled with the utter fullness of God. We hear that we should surrender to or visualise scenery in landscapes and mindscapes devised by other allegedly human minds - these being allegedly safe places to navigate our soul towards in the event that we may suddenly be disembodied for numerous and various reasons.

When we have others think-create our final destination for us and paint these pictures we have allowed something to grab our attention and our soul.

Our attention and spiritual intentions have then been hijacked and re-routed into some off-the-peg corral or virtual reality type matrix.

In my opinion we should be wary of heaven-type scenery triggered and implanted in your mind by the written word and other media.

To see with our real eyes, and I’m not pretending to be knowledgeable in these matters .. we need to see with the heart so that we can navigate more surely as ascending souls through the possibilities of a maelstrom of competing realities.

What I suggest therefore – because this would work for me – [ it might not for you – because for example in Neural Linguistic Programming it was found that people orientated their consciousness and recognised the world differently by specialising in one or two of their five or six senses e.g. it was found that they had; tactile language, visual language, audio or olfactory etc] is not to focus on an image of any landscape or geographical looking mindscape supplied by worst case some dark Reptoid or Grey farmer, but to focus instead on the goodness of the final destination and the things that can happen there.

Do this in terms of your own personal way of ‘seeing’ [touching/hearing etc] things …


For example the best things we could hope for in our own terms;


1.The Loving social and healing network of Christ’s archetypal true vine,

2. the empowering return of ancient and sacred memories and the gifts of new knowledge and skills and opportunities, Youth and Beauty, a secure Kingdom full of beautiful technological and natural facilities with ethical libraries and advanced social fabric and media.

3. Beautiful works to do and loving recreation.

4. Perhaps for some who are ready, there might be Life with a loving family.

5. the renewal and creation of friendships and exciting travel and exploration.

6. Rescue work and missions of mercy.





Exopolitics as a movement I think, is at an event horizon.

We have databases of well presented documented facts of an alien presence, facts on the use and mis-use of alien high technologies, industrial collaborations, agreements and exchanges plus numerous testimonies to the fact that sections of the human population appear to have been involved in some sort of barter arrangement that many in power would find it hard to apologise for.


We are no longer impeded by the lack of good anecdotal  or industrial evidence or by the lack of miles of good digital camcorder footage from either civilian or military sources. We also notice that an institution like the Catholic Church or some officials of Government would not deny Extra Terrestrial life.

Having got the issues coherently packaged despite being attacked by professional decoys and multimedia fakers our job I think, is not to just sit and defend our kudos but to take the next step as a political movement.

We must present ourselves as a pro-human organisation.


Its probably true that many within Exopolitics value the use of the United Nations as a vehicle through which mediation from Extra Terrestrial contact may be disseminated through existing Government procedures, mechanisms and other covert demographic procedures for e.g. quarantine emergencies etc.


It’s also true though that the United Nations has propagated the mythology of population reduction and attendant measures allegedly to conserve the planetary ecosystem from the wasteful attrition of ‘humanity’. This whilst ignoring, disregarding, and burying the obvious truth that Free Energy technology, could; feed, supply, resupply, purify, clean, cheaply enable real civilisation and has been industrially available since at least Faraday in 1890AD.

The United Nations therefore continues to illustrate that it does not serve mankind even at science, philosophical or workshop, or hippy think tank level.  This without raising the outrageous spectre of African politics and its more difficult allegations of responsibility.

So although it’s a mechanism that is already there – and we probably all paid in some way for the letterheads and the coffee machines and the transport costs of the big massive black iron ‘meteorite’ that symbolises the raw material of our origins sitting in its temple room … and I do like the colour blue .. its logo reminds me more of Laurel and Hardy than Laurel and Peace .. I think its collective outpourings have already done too much to our global paper reserves and rainforests.


Advanced Extra Terrestrials turning up here to help around the time of geological cataclysms that happen every now and then here on Earth, the last one about 20,000 years ago will not have badly behaving humanity to deal with, but badly behaving Reptilians and Greys that look like humanity.

If they were looking round at badly performing anti-human hierarchy they wouldn’t need to delve very deep with a forklift into the warehouse of damning anti-human material rolled out by our would be Overlords.


Benignly intervening Extra Terrestrials therefore might hope to co-operate with the logistical capacities of such an organisation as the United Nations but would probably just bi-pass them completely.


I have said that such a hitek civilisation would be likely to totally over ride global media and communications networks and perhaps even every kind of media output device, despite current Reptilian and Grey military industrial activity.

They would probably supply additional and alternative and unedited facilities in terms of information channels to the population.


In preparation for a benign intervention what might Exopolitics contribute to the debate other than to suggest that overwhelming good will be in attendance to those in need ?


There are issues of human and social accountability to consider.

If we were all just following orders … whose orders for example ?

If there is some alien programme of conquest and genocide and experimentation going on .. how have we facilitated and attempted to heal the victims ?

What are our human policies for their well-being and how many alien trauma victims might we be dealing with – ballpark ?


We can all probably guess that the usual government agencies on a global basis will have well thought through contingency plans for even more alien contact than is already very obvious.

Whereas its nice to be looked after like this and totally taken care of massive benign ET intervention may be a lot more immediate than a queue for a bus or a train.

There could be all sorts of high frequency things happening such as mini stargates, Angelic doorways, family re-unions, ships out, ships up, translations, relocations, re-constitutions, that are neither under the control of the deployed Grey matrix droids that you can see on NASA satellite images or the other pseudo-human establishment charades.


Suddenly millions and millions of people may be personally engaged with an important reality.

Yes we can go, we can regain our memories, maybe even start to remember how much we have been prepared for these days in our real dream time – not the artificial impositions of our farmers, but, who else cared that we lived.


In all the charades we witnessed and were forced to live and suffer was there a meaningful facility or communion within the reality that we all allege is human that was able to show that it had been preparing us for the truth.

Perhaps we can all look back from some far shore sipping a genial drink amongst untainted awe inspiring scenery with good friends and think that we could have done more for those broken down by alien abuse.

That might leave a sour taste for us.


So we quietly get our little groups together, listening and facilitating and offering peace and understanding, acknowledgement and vindication.

As if we were the United Hearts, we find out how many hearts need uniting and healing.

We offer them the best kinds of therapeutic strategies we can devise.


We catalog and document our experiences which is a good healing exercise in itself, and we note the contradictions and failures of society in the hope that social procedures can be improved.


We present ourselves as a pro-human organisation – and in so doing we become united hearts that seek to legitimise rather than deny the experiences of those traumatised by aliens.

We seek to ask for relevant information from alien and pseudo human databases about population allocation and alien research programmes so that we can extract those who wish to leave from those lists.


There are plenty, peaceful, constructive, healing, ethical, spiritual and democratic things we could all do as people for those we can see need the help – rather than just wait by the intercosmic telephone.






For many beings on planet Earth who can move distances between the blink of a human eye, or who can teleport themselves and far view or shapeshift themselves and their appearance, and fashionably remodify themselves at a whim  .. life on planet Earth can be somewhat of a breeze.

Of course those with overlordish powers seem to accrue all the social advantages by use and misuse of telepathy.

If we look closer though we can see that for society and its alleged advantages; the gold plating has lost its shine, the fruit its flavour, the moth taken the emperors clothes and dust clings to the dark and dubious transactions of numerous social charades in an engaging but fruitless impersonation of a real society.

Many human beings, themselves genetically incapacitated, slower to process, more biology than spirit always seem to be on some fatal and oppressive treadmill from which they are discouraged and dissuaded from leaving.

The cycle of the wheel of time.


Many will know that there are beautiful places to go beyond here, up the frequencies or even across the galaxy or cosmos but many are more familiar with the idea that somehow they are incarnated in a society that is a lifeless dungeon and desolate maze that is bereft of the ability to evolve.


The problem for humans, as opposed to tourists or farmers or visiting research scientists is that the artificial social cul de sacs are designed to negate the aspirations because of the presence of at least two farming and predatory species.

1. the dark reptilian and 2. the grey.


We look around us as humans and see ourselves being farmed, we hear the stories of stripping; mind stripping and soul stripping [Streiber, W and Schroeder, P and Kerner, N]  and essence stripping  [Delooze, M] and have to ask how this is being done.


We can see from satellite photography at that outside the houses of  [Hennessey, A and Gillies, G] two contactees and experiencers of negative alien activity that there are two identical spherical UFO, about 10-15 feet across that appear to be on vigil and other photographs by Hennessey show that other observation and tracking units have been designated to float after and follow their target.

Indeed others are visible on satellite photographs at other localities in that area.


Potentially therefore, cumbersome human beings appear locked into negatively performing social simulations amongst a mixture of alien controlling technology, controller species plus a mixture of other highly able visitors.


Non-humans and controllers seem to have no problem remembering how they got to planet earth, indeed historically the art of the ages is full of people nipping out to more sophisticated restaurants for a carry out during the Middle Ages of Europe, and indeed I can also see from flashearth satellite photographs that there were people in my neck of the woods in Fife who had been obviously doing the same thing.

So plenty of people have the number of a good taxi or carrier, and plenty can zip about from here to there – another fact obvious from satellite photography .. you can see streaks of light leaving some peoples houses either the owner or a visitor.


Lots of Human Beings alas are still shuffling about like the many zombie films full of the rage social virus mumbling stuff about shopping malls, directed from here to there by televisual or telecommunications signals of one form or another.

Overhead, would be non-human gods – blast out an abundant harvest somewhere to produce want or engineer an energy crisis from the control room of machines that run off energy that is free and abundant.

Something passing itself off as science goes on about an alien virtual reality farming matrix, [Hempel, D] then an industry makes films about it.


Human beings, according to the UN reports are due for compost, and other ravings that were issued from my once childhood hero Jacques Cousteau disassociate us from what we thought was goodness whilst alien madness calls for a harvest of souls.


The problem with user designed human genetic dysfunction however is that what we take for aspects of our mind and our sleep are artificial imo.

Human beings are prone to memory dysfunction, or a sudden inability to perform at things they have always done the best when important, as if they had never before seen their favourite stuff, [jamais vue], whilst from some torrid dream time encounter designed by non-humans to make us feel bad about our lives and drive us down, we recognise in time space during our waking day .. what some malevolent film director had shoved in our face at night [deja vue].

Our minds can be blanked and stripped and our short term memory can sometimes be shunted and erased.


The desired end result of this farming process is to break us down into disconnected and despairing beings who have lost sight of the lights of our true home. If the Repto-Greys can persuade us that we are merely stardust or dust, or merely the electro-chemical activity of dust – they can commit us to their matrix or soul dust industry as foodstuff. A reptilian ideology demonstrated in the first 20 minutes of the film called The Golden Compass, where demonically hosted people need to eat dustfood to regain their sparkle.


The human mind therefore, unlike the minds of other non-humans is always getting telepathically played in some way on planet Earths surface.


I have met people [Senior Civil Servant]  boasting about verbatim recall of whole libraries of information that they had read whilst on earth, and no doubt others have verbatim recall of their interstellar scholastic achievements no doubt having read their way through whole solar systems special collections, or the University libraries. There is also the Russian boy called Boriska who can remember his time in Lemuria and Mars in great detail.

It is true though that some human beings attempting to reconnect with the past might be connecting to a lot more than they were bargaining for. This kind of past lives recall can also be part of a Reptilian hosting process where the demon uses a soul fragment to create an empathic or sympathetic link.  The allegedly ancient memories can be fake.


So what happens to the minds of human beings ? where does it all go ?


Here’s my theory.


When we get born as human, we dive down and down the frequencies and get anchored into biology. This though is not just some happy place to start afresh with a blank slate, a tabula rasa state of mind and being.

When we enter our names on the registers here on earth, indeed when our presence first registers here in this soul farm matrix, our pernicious farmers get our number, our frequencies, our capacities and tendencies, our strengths inherited and innate, our possible tactics and or reason for being here – either from previously held data or by scanning and analysis of our aura.

Then they begin to weave our countersong .. the countersong of the Greys, the song of negation.

Many of us came here with our own family of souls already deployed and many would not have come without their own Angels and friends, but everybody here, one way or another, is here to learn more about themselves and the consequences of their choices and about others and the impact of their choices upon their lives.

Whilst we operate our agenda, the Repto-Grey stuff, like some corrosive ideological health spa, continually strips away the stuff that emerges from our souls, the stuff that we come up with to drive us forward and take us onward through the circus.

Being a bit retarded as humans though, we are often too slow to hold onto all our best stuff, and the negating and stripping process, ongoing and continual, 24/7 takes away everything but the stuff we want or think we want and need the most.

We persistently re-create that.

We may have already discussed prior to becoming human what the best things we want out of our life should be and what our agenda is.

We would not remember our agenda, but our Supervisors would, and they can refresh our minds at the right moment when we need to make a right choice or take a next step onto another level of our own educational game plan. They can also ensure that our exposure to artificial dream time is regulated and therefore not wholly laced with dark alternatives.


Non-humans probably don’t sleep – they just zip about to any dimension they please – beyond time and space – they can go anywhere and are hopefully free to do so.

Humans on the contrary, need sleep, they get run down and disconnected and emptied out.


If there is a model for this stripping activity that humans are experiencing with their cognitive processes it can in my opinion be taken from the internet.

Our short term memory is rather like a cache of internet files. It is full of evidential files that recognise the places we have visited or surfed during our waking day. The mall, the countryside, the city, the rail terminal, the bus, the car, memorable people we don’t know or know.

All of these places are wrapped up in things that we associate with goodness or badness and many link themselves to and embed by associations in memories of other good or bad or contradictory issues and feelings.

Also alien hackers can hijack our browsers and our day – pointing us towards more negative issues.

Our waking memories are like little jpgs, animated GIFs or txt files or cookies, all wrapped up in little parcels for ease of recall.

Many non-people on this planet will remember these things forever in great detail, but for human beings, in my opinion, these items in our short term worldly internet cache of daytime experience can be stripped out by negative greys by malignant telepathy with or without the aid of technology.


Its probably true but I don’t actually know – that if we were uplifted and taken to a planet where Repto-Greys are not in control, and had no matrix stuff deployed, amongst a society of friends and Angels, our memories and long term skills of all these places we have been and libraries that we have read would mostly all come back to us very quickly and easily.


Our amnesia and cognitive dysfunction in my opinion, is wholly artificial – being a product of the farming process here on this planet.


The benefits of being human I suppose are that if we really really want something very very bad .. we keep creating versions of the same GIF file or cookie time and time again.

We might not have known how much we wanted these things before we became human.

Our minds would be full of a myriad of things to do and people to commune with and times to remember – so we wouldn’t be very objective about our own feelings about some new things within us if we are surrounded by all our familiar comforts and yesterdays.


Time therefore for a visit to that unique acid bath on planet Earth, the Last Resort !! – don’t go alone and definitely don’t try to leave alone without being connected to a loving Angelic grapevine. [John 15]



Our Dilemma.


Andrew Hennessey



It has to cross our mind occasionally – you know – do you wish that they show up … and yet as a bulk exercise for the masses of this surreal Disneyland and alleged social circus – its been up till now a total non-show - for the masses.

Meanwhile enigmatic ‘be goods’ from alleged good races, against a backdrop of the strip mining of our solar system e.g. Saturn evident both from the recent Cassini probe and as early as the 1970’s with Dr Norman Bergrun’s famous ‘Ringmakers of Saturn’.

Its always been interstellar business as usual for this solar system and all the various craft continually showing up over epochs of millennia.


We can see archaeological evidence for Repto-Grey society on Earth, yet this place could be simultaneously a soul slaughterhouse and soul hospital.


For the souls who are more life-filled – it can be seen as a butchers shop ..  yet for some beings it can be seen as an opportunity to do what they wilt anytime and with anything they want .. a place to lose, tear and destroy the tenderness and beauty of social love and replace that with a life of predation and formlessness and anima.

For us, we who are human, our road divides into a Way of Life or a way of death.

For humans with amnesia whose minds are regularly stripped .. our question is why are we here ?

Here are two scenarios – both possibly operating together.



There’s always some excuse for non-intervention  … its we, us the human race who have failed to govern properly a socially surreal and badly behaving circus maximus.

… but then given the interracial mixture of reptilians who choose to look human and the greys with their human holograms already here for millennia – it would be a very special monkey-derived retarded amnesiac and telepathically vulnerable human being that got anywhere through the massed Reptilian and Grey ranks to take the reigns of power anywhere, ever.

Human DNA straightjackets merely dumb down bright and learned beings to make them docile and stupid like cattle, whilst their overlords can switch off and outrun, outdo and outperform their human herd.


Our galactic citizens already know that. They already know that humans are just dumb envelopes being herded around  some stupidising and depressing and stressfilled dirty tricks circus.


Do you wish that we show up .. well the answer should be No if its our galactic neighbours but that is not to say that there isn’t a light filled galaxy  somewhere else full of really advanced beings that don’t need bits and pieces of creatives and their juices to keep their spiritually bankrupt race and civilisation sustained.


The repto-grey farming stuff is a true dinosaur extinction story .. but just one that’s been slightly postponed.


Who are our galactic neighbours anyway .. ??  maybe only Slaves that are accessories to the fact, probably powerless and living in fear that it doesn’t happen to them. They maybe have to hand over a quota from their own numbers every now and then to the Repto-Greys to top up the numbers on these various planetary grindhouse treadmills.

Perhaps if places like earth can be likened to intensive battery farming, the other societies in this galaxy maybe come under the category of ‘free range’ ?

In our ‘free range’ galaxy … the other races are perhaps allowed to live under few restrictions .. but must pay their tithe to the Repto-Grey alliance in the form of a quota of their more productive creatives.


These beings are then incarcerated and incarnated and dumbed down and given things to do that are designed to make them feel irritated, outraged, humiliated, fearful and stupid.


We can see that there is some sort of human farming going on here – given that in the last 20,000 years, the remnants of Atlantis after the wars of the fall still retained their flying saucers and interstellar shuttles – as most of us can easily see from the art of the ages.

So who were the swords, longships, armour, semantic ignorance and endlessly obsolete technologies for … convicts playtime ? some sort of school ? and all this while starships flew in and out of their oceanic cities and underground caverns through all the millennia of alleged ‘human’ evolution.

Why bother with Knights in full metal armour when you can have star wars ultra light fabric and light sabre ?

Whats with all the retarded loony tunes mud huts and starvation and bows and arrows and sticks and clubs and saw bones and weird theories of matter like phlogiston.

Even our most advanced buildings today are still made out of either blocks of highly compressed or volcanically melted mud.

For our farmers, why bother with hideously unprofitable industries for a thousand years or so if for the last thousand years the crop being grown was not in fact just human cultural output and artefact but human soul farming.

The worlds wealth accrues on some imaginary virtual reality stock market where interest on money borrowed that is not a real asset is re-invested in some other cardboard arcade shell game. Companies cannot make the same kind of offworld money as we know it from human physical stock and its phoney markets, but what if the real stock are the humans. Human Livestock.


We all know that the Earths surface should have been covered in graceful metallic architecture, parks and gardens and any troublesome individuals should have had telepathic and spiritual healing and education and that this place should have been flying out galactic flights every year for the past 20,000 to a galaxy that has known about this planets high technological underground for all that time too.


So where have all our galactic buddies been all this time ?

Do we wish that they show up … as if we don’t already have pictures from historical art that they have been doing just that when and where they please.

Humans meantime have their noses in the trough or pursue the virtual gravy train – somehow totally forgetting the fact that they could probably identify the make and model number of these various ships and their own homeports – if they could be allowed to recover their memory and pull it out of reach of the stripping process on Earth.


Do you wish that we show up and we should take responsibility for what ‘we’ did to our planet … blah blah blah … who’s we ???


The human myth of the level playing field and collective human responsibility for what has transpired amongst these retarded social simulations we seem to want to call civilisation is exactly that.


Extra Terrestrial; contact stories, articles, decrees, declarations, missives, mission statements, pronouncements, websites, articles, whistleblowers, downloads, channels, speeches, automatic writing, think tanks, organisations, lobbyists, ex-military, patriots, PhD’s, concerned black ops scientists, historic re-incarnations, keepers of gateways, gurus, collectors of subscriptions, vendors of star ferry tickets etc who do not admit that humanity is actually under the control of a hierarchy of non-human species who can look human ARE LIARS.


Given that therefore, there sure are a lot of statements on the net alleging interstellar provenance that think that humanity is some bunch of badly behaving monkeys – and who pay no credence to the truth behind the status quo of the soul farm on Earth.


I’m reminded that the Gfed wished that we should all take responsibility for our own affairs ? and also that there was a joke once about the Lone ranger and his native American guide called Tonto … and they were being pursued by a raiding party of Apaches up a dead end canyon … and the Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said … ‘we’re in trouble now … and Tonto replied … who’s we cowboy ?’

All these missives allegedly coming from our ‘galaxy’ never acknowledge the real status quo on this planet and are therefore fake.


One has to admit … our ‘starbrothers’ and ‘starvisitors’ are a little short on the notion of charity or ethics … so many dusty wells to fill up with H2O and not a lot happening is there ?

So much to do …. A formulae for a cure sketched out on a dinner table napkin between lunch break and some cosmic love workshop which can be hastily taken to an industrial biochemist …


So life in the galaxy as we know it maybe doesn’t actually do visiting time here as we know it.

Having interviewed a prisoner called Ralph X who remembers getting recycled between lives in some big computer control room above the planet .. and who also remembers betraying his non-human Civilisation to another non-human species, by handing over strategic secrets to probably the Greys.

Another man, Paul Schroeder has memories of life in this galaxy and beyond but is similarly trapped and farmed and recycled and who is also subject to dehumanising trauma. A severe and caustic test of his Life.

Another person has memories of being a pilot who flew a fighter in a galactic war against the Reptilians.


What therefore is the fate of these captured pilots being run down and broken down by trauma ? to be a bus driver on an old bus that takes a long long runway through a trashy version of memory lane or past all the alleged good things that they cannot now have.

Another man, Jackie Gillies is already part of the Grey collective and also part of their hybrid and colonisation programme who has stated that he is expecting to be rehoused on Mars. He has memories of being a military commander with a Federation of some sort.


In this light do you wish that we show up is rather like asking a herd of dairy or beef cattle adjacent to a McDonalds if they wanted super-sized !


Another recent development which could be fiction, but in fact fits the profile of our dilitant galaxy is that a contactee alleged that he was taken to another ‘stone age’ planet like earth that used radio-telescopes and there was involved in a relationship.

If that is true and it seems to fit the bill – that there is at least one other planet full of retarded social simulations in this galaxy … then that is another planet full of interstellar captives full of ancient memories and skills and relationships and creativity and love that are being brutally broken down in somewhat retarded personal and social conditions – it suggests that if there is a Galaxy of Light somewhere – it isn’t this one !


For all our highly enriched creative souls that are our brothers and sisters who are currently being strip-mined out .. I am reminded of the Neil Young song ‘Heart of Gold’. A song about someone who has fruitlessly pursued a quest for love as far as his journey could take him .. and now he’s weary, growing old and dying … [again .. maybe up for recycling through the computer room again] ..

Ironically, who are the real miners for our hearts of gold but the Repto-Grey alliance and their other accessories to the fact .. our so-called galaxy of light.


For me there were three or four possibilities.

This place is either; 1. a farm 2. a prison 3. a hospital 4. a school or indeed some combination of all of those four.


The reality of it being a repto-grey slaughterhouse for souls is one that rings true for many, for another I have met, Dave says he is here to learn about stuff like he was in school. In between recovering whatever memories I can manage to regain, I am under the impression that I am here to work on family issues amongst my own family group.


There is more than one type of Reptilian shapeshifter here and they are definitely not all hostile at all.

A reptilian guy I know is here to work on his own family group issues and comes from a race of Reptilians that could be the Naga group.

His astral head features look something like the knotted lumps on statues of the Buddha and his eyes have the same all black almond shaped appearance.

Another family of Reptilian beings appear to be from a protruding snouted Reptilian stock that has the appearance of having big quilted looking scales.

Another Reptilian type is the more classic Aryan type associated with the statue in Rosslyn Scotland. They have a more shortened snout and tend to have golden eyes with a black vertical slit, or just black eyes.

Their species as the name Illuminati suggest or their folklore indicate as the shining ones .. can glow in the dark.

I have seen another type of Reptilian being too – this one somewhat shorter but a winged Draco. The wings on this being as seen with second sight three or four feet each the pair – somewhat like a griffin as seen on the MI5 logo of the British Security Service.

As they say ‘In defence ..’ of the big secret and the national disinterest !!


Clearly from my own experiences I can say that not everybody that’s here is here having a bad time.

One guy I knew indicated that he was here evaluating different problem solving strategies with similar or dissimilar tools and looking at new ways or more efficient ways to achieve traditional goals.


Contrast a relatively happy and hippy middle class torture and all the pains and distresses that can offend parts of our beings that we did not know could be offended . with the more brutal and hideous physical butchery of e.g. Africa or South America.


It is evident though that large numbers of the human population ie. Dumbed down galactic prisoners in the straightjacket of human DNA are being rendered in obscene ways all over the globe.

For my own UK based Reptiles .. we are just punks getting whats coming to us …

The reality though goes beyond national zones – repto-grey stockyards to Interstellar administration below the planets surface in those ancient cities – we have names of two .. Agharti and Shamballah and the stories collected by Nicholas Roerich and Ossendowski from Tibet of their inhabitants and their state of advancement.


On Earths surface though – to a greater or lesser extent – the majority of people are being stripped in some way by this farming process.

It may well be taking orders from these places.

Our galactic buddies and all that stuff about Federations that claim we as animals must take control of the Animal Farm .. is ludicrous and disrespectful and bad.


If there is still hope of meeting beings of light from some galaxy, clearly it wont be this one … for how can any sentient being replete with ships and technologies allow countless sentient and loving captive souls to be butchered on this and other planets through a period of time that ought to put any federation of anything to total shame.


This galaxy does not stop the soul crimes on this planet.



There is another scenario for non-intervention here that pays no credence to our phoney human lives and circumstances.

After all in eternity our life here is but a moment, but if we have in some place of great beauty and great civilisation given up as a being on some important things and we have become diseased with who we are to the point that we have started to become offensive and self-destructive, and where our social, spiritual and creative output has started to become depleted .. we may wish to come to place like Earth to give ourselves the shock treatment.

We can be reminded very quickly where our own personal disease leads, and see in real time worse examples of our own malaise if our life planning can be co-ordinated with a womb opportunity that places us in certain kinds of situations amongst some society, peer group and geography.

People will therefore seek to be incarnated here from all over the different galaxies to either bring their problems and to work on their issues with a series of constructed opportunities through a carefully planned and phased exploration of the issues – or people will just come here to eradicate themselves and trash and discard their human personae in an evil and arrogant manner.


For the soul patient looking for healing and self discovery there are plenty of stripping activities ongoing that forces them to prioritise and focus their limited resources.

In these circumstances where aliens are continually stripping us in an acid bath matrix of negation and evil .. we can evaluate our true priorities as these will be the things that we keep regenerating and regaining and remaking amongst the alien mind blanking and asset stripping negation.

This bad place therefore could be put to good use like that – given the society of angels and family were present.

It doesn’t matter therefore if we miss out on a few years of coffee and cake .. if our soul dies because we embrace evil – its all over for us sooner or later anyway.

If we live .. then there’s lots of coffee varieties and many cakes.


It might be thought necessary to supply some sort of last resort for dying souls too.

That would serve the purposes of the evil and the good beings as both sides can again present their cases.


In that case, I’m just one of the better off patients that have been left more unattended by the busy staff … currently at some emergency in some last chance saloon.

In this more ecumenical model of a place of convenience for evil and good .. the people that want to go can and do … those with good .. return to good .. but those that embrace unhumanity become less and less and fall into the dust becoming dust in return.


Perhaps it is true that souls agree to fall and agree to die and if this is so

then living dehumanising and demonic lives and deaths and embracing the arts of desolation and chaos are things that these beings want to inherit.


They may totally resonate with the evils of these distorted human ideas because they themselves are filled with loathing.

Such is their hatred for all life including their own that they empty it out into the world and upon their fellow travellers.

If that is also true about Earth, then becoming more demonic and evil amongst the psychotic butchery of alien technologies and surreal social engineering would be a circus attraction for these beings.

Some of them already looking forward to the freedom from morality and humanity that being some sort of animal would bring them.


In my article THE END OF THE VINE I explore the idea that humanity resonates with a divine human archetype called Christ, first born human and closest to the Source via a simple basic natural law of commune that occurs in every living thing. Love of and relating to and outpouring life and love to the context, social or otherwise, Loving and resonating with the Source of existence in equal measure and also loving the integrity of self as would a plant cell in the Vine of John 15.


Our pains and traumas here are not ignored .. that our highest spiritual thoughts and most loving resonances pass through the dense straightjacket of our biology and the stuff of our dimension and alien captors and resonate clearly visible to Angels of Light – despite darknesses best efforts to stifle those.


So even if our fellow more free range galaxians turn up with the pickles and the ketchup and the cheese .. the human soulfood  barbeque here does have a prayer.


I’m sure that if we pray we will be heard by Angels of Love.





The Repto-Grey  modus operandi in real time


The things we take for granted as part of our daily lives on planet Earth is that someway and somehow – some progress has been made with the invention of sciences, medicines and technologies and that some way back there have been wars and older wars and older technologies and more primitive cultures and that somehow a banana eating ape then progressed from the African savannah in an orderly and logical way through the coffee shops of the Italian Renaissance, travelling the world for the price of a loaf of bread and who then developed all the science and technology that we all appreciate in the 21st Century today, having made a hundred thousand years of adaptation, war and natural selection.


We can see the proof of this in our media and culture, our films and our books, our children’s educational material - this idea that back then wasn’t as modern or as good as now.


The problem with this linear evolutionary scale and ladder as portrayed is that it is a fallacy.

There are accounts of Space Age technology in our folklore e.g. the Mahabarata and other Vedic lore. We also see the proof that highly technological extra terrestrial culture has been taking off from places in and around our towns and cities in e.g. Europe, South and Meso America, China, India, Australia and Scandinavia and the Holy land for thousands  of years … so how is it therefore that we as a people call ourselves the ‘human race’ but that itself is a fallacy that ‘humans’ or all that appears human are one kind of being descended from a dysfunctional primate.

There are tabula rasa – blank slated amnesiac humans – and then there are whole cultures of shape shifters e.g. Greys, Naga, Skinwalkers etc

I found it interesting that in Chinese mythology, godlike beings fly through the air and make war like the Japanese Ogre Magi.

In Celtic mythology, the Light Lance of the god Lugh sounds like a heavy phaser weapon from Star Trek.

From my own personal experience I have seen beings move beyond the time frames and sensory capacities of the real human being, and these others live amongst us.

Humans by comparison live in slow motion.

From satellite photographs you can see some of these beings streaking from the windows of their houses, or indeed a local cameraman films balls of light manifesting a return from a UFO on Saturday night .. the neighbours perhaps having gone out for a pint of some convivial and essential fluid refreshment at the Lunar Hilton.


For the rest of us we have our distractions .. the political circus, the dangers of war and mass extinction, evil fanatics etc Vandals, Huns, Goths, Saladin, King John, Caligula, Machiavelli, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, from age to age the darkness of evil howls at our door.

It is clear that even from the accounts of 17th and 18th century England and Scotland that alien abductions were proceeding for various reasons such as those given by Paul Schroeder in 21st Century USA


The human race though is given the impression that science and rational people are somehow moving us forward with careful consideration and valuable peer review. A myth today more often viewed for the cynical joke that it is.


Given centuries of secret extra terrestrial neighbours therefore .. why are we not all flying about in antigravity chariots, why are we not checking out our galactic stock options by now, or our new real estate on a new terraforming project. Why are we not using the free energy that was available to Faraday at the end of the 19th century or Tesla and Townsend Brown at the beginning of the 20th Century?

The old excuses of vested interests in the Petrodollar actually don’t wash .. because in truth our extra terrestrial brothers and sisters who have been keeping us in this dumbed down funny farm and stagnant cul de sac could have introduced anti-gravity long before the invention of the internal combustion engine and the petroleum paradigm.

In any case, even in terms of our human Disneyland, Oil companies could simply have bought the antigravity monopoly to preserve the stock market status quo.

Basically there ought to have been nothing wrong with us having interstellar chariots in Egyptian or Sumerian times.

Some might say that ‘we’ did, or rather the Annunaki Reptilian overlords did.

Why were the flying shields reported overflying Greece and Rome not merely part of a larger interstellar sociological infrastructure under overt hitek control.

So why are we not even as slaves flying about in antigravity sleds between impressive interstellar metallic domes and spires.

Why were the grand designs of the Renaissance not enacted in a sumptuous interstellar canvas of high technology and artform and more technologically produced Reptilian slavery …

Basically why are we all staggering about between cardboard boxes, mud huts and all the dysfunctional planned obsolescence and entropy, instead of as mere slaves with some sort of hitek collar and computer monitoring making the coffee, doing the housework and going missing on the night of some full moon etc but at least being driven to the altar in some sort of hitek conveyance.


We can argue that we are being farmed and processed as physical slaves but that argument isn’t sufficient to explain a planet of historical contradictions and strangely behaving zones and spiritual nihilism.


It isn’t our physical processes that are being farmed, demeaned and diminished by dis-ease filled culture and low-tech entropy with its endlessly depleting failures. It is our soul that is the target.


If you look at all the historical infrastructure that alleges to be human in the last 20,000 years on Earth – none of it had to be that way at all.

It could all have been gleaming spires and domes and anti-gravity sleds and energy to matter and matter-to-matter manufacturing etc.

None of the social order we take as being human was necessary at all – for we know that non-humans with interstellar knowledge and ability have been running the planets surface and its more ancient underground since at least the Wars of the Fall of Atlantis.


Some of us e.g. Ralph X have memories of being recycled between lives via a huge computer control room above the planet. Ralph as a non-human alien and spy, remembers handing strategic secrets over to his civilisations enemies and his memory of flying his little alien craft to that meeting via its control stick has already been enacted in a crash as a world war one German pilot. After the crash – he was then recycled by machinery into another human life.


If the planets surface is some sort of soul farm and breakers yard that could have been interstellar 20,000 years ago, what therefore is the purpose of enacting some sort of evolutionary process that involves the invention and discovery of certain forms and applications of technology.

Surely these discoveries – like Edison’s light bulb idea he suddenly got on a bus would have to be totally controlled and introduced.

The printing press of Gutenberg for example appeared overnight relatively speaking during the Renaissance in Europe.

According to Burford in Chant and Goodman, 1999 taking 500 years to figure out how to harness a heavy horse for the plough postponed intensive agriculture, social specialisation and a major scientific revolution.

What might be the meaning of the procession of inventions and ideas that we have taken for granted as natural to us – the real paradigm changers though could well be mostly artificially introduced.

Given that our souls farming environment is an artificial, painful and demeaning and sometimes grotesque life .. we may be getting broken down long term over several thousand years by certain kinds of attacks on our spirits and our more ancient memories, skills and prowess we have acquired from our million year social lives we have had before we came here or were captured.

There may be cruel retakes of our past weaknesses and failures engineered to play out in different contexts in a series.


The era of swords and projectiles for example is perhaps an era of our basic choices and the exercise and perhaps engineered failure of the acts of will that the practice of the sword espouses.

The sword is symbolic of the will etc so we might be made to feel inferior in contrast with some alien superman in our relatively deadened state.

The era of social conurbations and conflicts based on the performance of timber, cannon and stone, malfunctional hierarchy and knowledge suggests that we could have been processed in such a way that would drive us to let go of our social vision and become dis-eased with it.

Maybe we once were wonderful interstellar socialites but after a few workouts with loaded social dice and deliberate falsification of our true worth and abilities we can be made to feel that we should give up on societies and what they have to offer.

The era of [alleged] science and technology is perhaps a time zone designed to end our obsession with the use of reason and technology as a hope we should have for escape in any future.

Nothing works the way it should.

If I was a Reptilian overlord trying to break down a proud starship pilot like ‘Han Solo’ after capturing him in some distant war – I would make of him a bus driver in an old rickety bus … which has a very long runway.

The route would take him past all the things he used to love, but many of these things would be in a dilapidated condition.


Soul stripping though is also a Reptilian and Grey activity whilst we can see from NASA satellite imagery of some neighborhoods .. the equivalent of matrix droid R2D2 sitting outside the window.


Planet Earths stockyard surface is a carefully managed breakers yard for souls that has been intentionally designed to be unfulfilling and outrageous and despicable and contrary and contradictory and unjust and annihilatory, and spiritually diseased – a planet that seems by and large to espouse and embody and laud the will to desolate.

The constant struggle of Light has been to salvage and rescue its Children from these abominations.

This central theme of desolation and entropy embraces any and every act of combustion and fire – arguably hellfire.

Our bodies burn and oxidise by biochemistry, the fires of industry burn and break down and combust and oxidise, even our nuclear industry burns and breaks down its isotopes in acts of disintegration or fission and our central theme of oxidation and empowerment in the technological centuries has been first the steam engine, but then the internal combustion engine.

Any number of antigravity or more primitive fuels in the same engine would have produced cleaner results from a human point of view.

None of these technologies ever needed to be invented.


The emergent space age spiritism of the 21st Century talks of harvests, Star dust, and from the film The Golden Compass [first 20 minutes] you can hear of people who host demons that they have been bonded with needing to eat soul dust or dust. Such dust therefore might well be the output of this funny farm on planet Earth.


Reptilians and Greys may be about to produce the most bizarre contradictions in our lives in the most cartoonesque kind of way.

By doing surreal they hope to disassociate us and disorientate us.

They allege through their contactees that the time for the harvest is here.

The greys have openly promised to rehouse the harvested in yet more biology.

After a few thousand years of careful loosening of our grip on our ancient provenance and soul memories that might actually include re-runs in different contexts of social failures we have made or been made to have in previous eras .. they might actually think that they have got some more bits and pieces to put into their vats and jars.


The truth is though that we are more than any kind of dust – and we have endless life and joy beyond combustion and the biology of cats and dogs and demons.


Our escape route out – is the Way of Life .. a network and vine [John 15] that connects us to beings of enormous magnitude and frequency that are more than able to pull us out of harms way when the dark reptilians and greys switch on their big vacuum cleaner.

Already UFO gurus are talking with people who have technical know how about things like the Matrix and who also speak of other soul processing, soul capture and upload grids.

The technology though is not human and may well have been in place on Earth for thousands of years already.


One guy already network connected with the greys speaks of being able to inhabit endless animal forms and other forms too – experiencing recreational opportunities.

If that is so .. who or what might already have been in our farm animals these last few centuries ? and did they have a good time ?


Instead of antigravity chariots running on free energy between glistening spires, we have hungry almost organic automobiles, rusting and burning and producing smoke like little animals.

Our once proud citizens of advanced intergalactic civilisations are now drifting between petrol cars and vehicles as if by habit accustomed to the bunny rabbit lifestyle of carrot, combustion and stick.

Like small furry animals the cars scoot up and down their rabbit runs to their rabbit warrens driven and operated by the spiritual paradigm of combustion and metabolic breakdown.


Our memories of our last intergalactic leap before our capture, held up at the lights in some dismal log jam on the freeway.

The captive spirits are made to feel hopeless on a road to nowhere – their aspirations and outlook diminished by derogatory social practises and a refusal to supply anything else for them to use.


The end product of this farm is Not physical slavery – for if that were so there need be no pretext of social primitivism to keep us all diminished.

The degrading threshing machine that has been what we call mankind’s ‘history’ over the last 20,000 years has been artificially contrived and controlled under very hitek circumstances, and probably very much with the calculations of the geological clock and the effect of earth changes on the points of reference for the herd taken into consideration.


I think my only hope was to be Christian, keeping certainty that no infiltration of any human institution by Repto-Grey nihilists was going to take the certainty of my escape from my mind and my soul.


Here are some examples of social nihilism that may be attempting to violate and usurp the human mind and the human condition – perhaps in a punishing way to overtly break it down in this farming process.


I read about what a friend had written about outrage and realised that the process was the same for him as it was for everybody else like us.

Our problem is that we are being buffeted by repto-grey chaos theatre designed to milk the essence of our distress.

I put it to you that the production of your outrage is a feeding necessity for a certain kind of repto-grey vampirism.

I tried initially to model this stuff in terms of the game of soccer or football and the fouls committed on the park.

The game of football being the game of life.

Our problem is that we believe in the game of football.

A player can come running up behind you and kick you in the back, then go rolling about on the pitch as if you did it to him and his team mates then mob the referee and you get a red card.

Our main problem as believers in football is our appealing to the referee in the social context of the foul. In these social situations where some run off the mill social transaction has become distressing what should happen is that we are vindicated by the fair and reasonable behaviour of others in these scenarios.


You can appeal to the referee i.e. People in the social context and not get vindicated at all, even worse you can then be falsified and further condemned.

Obviously the natural reaction is social outrage.

But then that outrage is entirely misplaced.

This stuff we call society isn’t about science or status symbols or technological evolution and it isn’t about enacting the values that it claims to enact – these tend to be charades that promote chaotic feeding opportunities.

It is actually unreasonable of you to assume that any social context you find yourself in that behaves like that has any worth or meaning at all.

You can appeal to the referee, the linesmen etc but we both of us actually have been conned into thinking there is actually a game of football going on in the first place.

It is the semblance of a game of football.


You are outraged because you feel it is your social right to be vindicated by your peers and are being denied.

You then ask how is this so … that society is social for everybody else except me ? that everybody else has the appearance of a wonderful time.

That’s not true either.

How can so many disconnected third parties co-operate in a negative way to make sure that you don’t have a nice day ?


I went into a coffee shop the other day for a latte and the shop was in the university quarter of town.

My appearance was neat and respectable, my demeanour genial, my stature calm and body movements smooth, my age mature, my clothing casual but expensive, my use of language and accent educated and respectful and in every way that I could see neither unacceptable or unusual in the social context of the usual clientele that could comprise, e.g. post graduate students or people engaged in other professional work connected with various departments within the University.

In fact even a telepath would have recognised that I was in a good mood.


The shop is not busy and I’m first in the queue and behind me is a middle aged studious professional type who is the only other person waiting to be served. He arrived just after I came in.

I order my latte and pay my money electronically and as usual am told to wait at the serving area for my coffee. This I happily do.

The guy that was next is then served and he orders and also pays for his order.

The young educated red haired lady of the Aryan [classically Draconian] racial group then proceeds to get busy making the coffee.

She then produces the coffee for the man who came after me – and serves him first, putting his order down in front of me for him to collect and then keeps me waiting a further five minutes till she eventually and somewhat reluctantly produces my drink.

In that social reality that should always operate every time in any shop the unwritten law of first come first served had been blatantly broken.

If I had been an ethnic minority in some racist state of the US in the 1950’s I might have been able to easily understand what I had just been subject to.

Yet we were all typically Caucasian.

How is it that two complete strangers operated a conspiracy against a third party that they had never met before ?

All the things I could see and hear about myself and my own social performance were perfectly normal as far as I could see, but then I only have human sensory apparatus to judge that with.

What mode of recognition and what ancient priority had been asserted over a tabula rasa human being ?

Is this some sort of Reptilian thing going on here I now wonder ??


The next example of bizarre behaviour is a bit less obvious and involves more construction and it involves a bizarre co-incidence to do with my musical ability.

It isn’t a very strong example of hive control in my opinion but it has enough unsubtle things about it to make it a good ‘what if’.

The stuff in the coffee shop is outrageously in your face – but this story is only slightly good in comparison.

It does show however that if people are walking into repto-grey chaos theatre all the time then we should not dismiss the satellite footage from flash earth of all the alien droids in and around urban areas as part of some alien surveillance and hive matrix process.

In another post I had posted that having successfully played excellent gigs at an elite venue where over the years I had been told that I was not a good enough musician to play there – two people wearing identical clothing to what I had been wearing [same stripey T shirt and dark trousers] were later observed half a mile apart at night on two different road junctions almost in the middle of the road turning round and round on the spot !! as if trying to ascertain where I was going now …

Some alien software process had been halted by me ‘winning the impossible game’ as it were.


Well I know I can’t play Mozart because frankly my brain cannot process the stuff. The numerous differing hand positions and changing finger orientations on the fingerboard of the violin when run together produce far too many spatial orientations and re-orientations and muscle positions for my sense of pitch to work with.

Classical music therefore isn’t my genre. I do though do everything else but my one real asset and if you will a gift – is my ability to improvise in any genre including classical.


So I was heading up in the general direction of the University and on one of the main streets near there I saw the not out of place sight of a student string quartet, and they were standing there on the street maybe waiting for a taxi or something.  They had been there at least a few minutes including the two hundred yards of walking that I could see them with.

They had big double bass flight case, cello flight case, violin and viola case.

Cool I thought – I’ll bet they could immediately and precisely play absolutely any kind of classical music that was put down in front of them.

I had arrived at where they were by then and was proceeding past them and I thought my thought of consolation, having never been able to play Bach myself that I least I could improvise on any concert stage anywhere.

Suddenly the string quartet came to life and seemed to recognise the fact that they were all very late for somewhere.

It was very odd, but as I cast a last wistful glance back at those highly cool musicians they seemed to be fast walking in double quick time up the street after me, their big flight cases bobbing up and down coming my way big time.

I got to the end of the road and crossed it and they got to the end of the road and stopped.

They had not reached any venue or any other socially useful amenity.


It wasn’t until I had reached the place that they were initially static that they then recognised some urgent need to hastily proceed. They happened to be proceeding fast behind me after I had walked beyond them.

Their sudden undue haste was pointless and very uncool and it also co-incided with my presence.

It also co-incided that it highlighted what could be perceived as my musical weakness as my professionalism appeared to be getting challenged and getting chased and displaced by some scenario that alleged itself to be ‘superior’.

I don’t personally believe that classical players can improvise better than I can so I don’t in any way feel inadequate in my own genre.


It was a very strange co-incidence that had a slightly surreal comical keystone cops element to it. It could almost be explained by its context and locality.


It’s all about timing in this case, but I’m certain that the String Quartet itself had no conscious recognition of me or knowledge of me or my life whatsoever.

It might be though that some other controlling intelligence had unconsciously driven them all to do that.


Clearly if there are Reptilian shapeshifters and Greys successfully operating telepathy and essence feeding and scanning technologies and droids and can move at incredible speeds and switch us off when they want etc then whatever we take for society is an engineered charade.

It is engineered to be contrary to what we think should happen.

It is Chaos Theatre.

Our distress and outrage, our life essence outpourings or energetic efforts at self-vindication would be its only goal.

Clearly the farm stock get the bad deal.

We get the frustrating and perpetually obsolete tools and software, decaying hardware and unworkable social logistics and ridiculously performing hierarchies. We get the distressing negative and nihilistic media and culture with its dehumanising and unhuman values and ethics, and we get obvious environmental desolation and perpetually incurable diseases.

But that alas is what it is to be human.

To be handicapped with interstellar amnesia, to have no memories of previous lives or loves, to be abducted and milked, or implanted or farmed or put in a big glass jar and frozen … and even to have our minds interfered with at any time during the day whether at a concert or whilst shopping.

Our values can be those of creativity and love, in that we care what we do and how we feel and how we make others feel. We can be responsible and caring for the most part.

The WE I am talking about is those of us who have a hard time.

I’m sure that WE are the only people who are having a hard time.

WE are human … but what has got into everybody else ?

There are two of several assets I have that make me feel at ease with the world and all its ills.
But somehow these attributes came under attack in a predatory dream.
The first is my spiritually uplifting and sometimes tasteful use of
color which was able to turn my old parents house full of bad memories into a place of peace and happiness.
The second was my sense of humor where I was somehow being second guessed in a stage show comedy act where the things I thought should happen next were then represented to me as something even better than I could have done myself. I might point out that the representations of better comedy genius were infeasible and not actually that good.
In the first dream, I am somehow back in my days of living in a
tenement or condo and I have moved into a small place and decorated it really really garishly. There were very strong wall colors and hangings and the clothes in the wardrope were terrible .. the apartment was unbearable in terms of the color clashes … but on an invite by the zeta infested hive assimilated neighbors downstairs, their house was relatively tasteful and had more of the usual décor indicators that people with class usually have despite their position in life.
Possibly also as I headed back upstairs, what examples of incredible decorative class and genius lay behind the other doors to my garish and mentally diseased accommodation.
Dream number two immediately following was also to serve as the
blocker and screen memory as it then clearly got out of hand and very outrageous such that whilst as I was supposed to be concentrating and replaying the events that would follow … the events in the first dream .. a disease with my personal taste would somehow subliminally sink in and be consciously forgotten.
I'm looking at a stage comedy act involving a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
duo where Mr Hyde under control with a stupid looking set of special effects was going to perform some stunt.
Engrossed, I forward my criticism to some party about the logistics of how that routine could be improved. Suddenly the newly improved and refined version with my suggestions is represented but with additional things grafted on that belonged to another stage act I had previously seen on TV and acknowledged as good.
Its as if my own sense of comedy genius was being second guessed and set up to be diminished and dampened and made to look nothing extra in the face of so many other gifted comedy people.
At that point some amputation scene got out of hand as the circus act went for it and the dream terminated.

I think I have been targeted by Greys who are trying to falsify and
annul the beautiful things about my spirit.
Probably sometime during the day in the town I am going to see
reminders of that brilliance that they are making out they have
probably in terms of their interior decorating skills and or cultured
sense of humor .. maybe in the shape of being focussed on a shop
display in a classy department store I usually go to, or some interior decorators van and also maybe some Edinburgh international Fringe Festival Comedy act which it actually being festival time .. the city is currently full of.
As I usually take a walking circuit that goes through such a
department store and heads up through the Royal Mile where the theatre acts usually congregate and busk, I am reminded what a sad and pathetic bunch of losers our allegedly supreme alien invaders and farmers are.

This morning for example I am reminded how adept they are at degrading attacks when I am presented in my dream of an image of a menacing but sickly yellow looking big bulky dying weed, then the image of a bleached white haired monkey, followed immediately by a stark vision of a windows computer blue screen crashing ….

They seem to want to negate the things that keep my life beautiful and it takes the form of IF X, THEN NOTX.
It's like the X FACTOR – where you have a constant negative critic.
It has to be said though that I do have a colourful sense of humor and I look forward to the rest of my day … I will be sure to report any hybrid genius that presents itself for marks out of ten !!!

Supreme aliens ape-ing my sense of humor and decorative ability, I
often wonder how many dreams, hopes and aspirations they have
butchered in the hours before dawn.


We know they are here – we just don’t realise how they get people and indeed how many people they actually got.

Maybe the governments have a light version of the alien demographics database they were given by a seedy corporation that could tell us how many were entered into the Zip Code Lottery.

In the Matrix films we see the evil Agent Smith forcibly enter into the characters and personalities of the people that live in the social virtual reality simulations. They are then taken over to serve the machine hive against what it perceives as the enemy.

What If I’m the enemy ??

And me such a nice, cultured and stable kind of guy !! 


Here are some stories that illustrate an interruption of what we think of as ‘normality’.

Is it possible that something alien has caused these behaviours ? or if they are a feature of social chaos am I being too aware of the semantic nonsense that they represent.

If however, there is some anti-human process at work that acts upon the unconscious minds of its innocent victims as portrayed here – could that agency be evil telepathic aliens ?


A busy Sunday afternoon at Walmart and the shoppers are queued up at all the checkouts. The self service 10 items or less checkouts have formed 2 queues and people had been proceeding through those checkouts under supervision by one educated looking lady supervisor for more than an hour before I join my queue with one and only one item.

I notice that I appear to be making progress in my queue faster than the second queue and the tall young red-haired [Aryan] gentleman with a basket full of goods looks across at me then at the supervisor.

At that point the supervisor who had been watching everyone go through the automated scanning and goods payments assembly lines halts the entire 2 queue process to make the young gentleman next in all the queues there and proceeds to personally check out his basket full of 20 selections.

Whilst this is going on a young lady then jumps the queue in front of me taking the next available self-service counter before I could get to it.


Quite obviously this first person thought themselves too special to be overtaken in a queue by myself.

So on first appearances what was wrong with me ?

On my non-verbals – my clothes were casual and respectable, my haircut and well shaven appearance did not present me as the sort of desperado that could be sometimes seen there. Was I moving about in a jerky, agitated and impetuous manner that might convey the idea that I had an impatient or garrulous state of mind such that people might feel they needed to get away from some sort of dangerous personality ? No.

I also clearly had one item and was no immediate impediment to the schedule of this overlord.


How did the queue supervisor recognise and know that the person that was being overtaken at the checkout by myself required special treatment ? How was that information conveyed to her ? and what belief system was she operating that she would automatically acquiesce to an unfair demand in a recognisably unfair manner ?


I also don’t need to ask the question if that person that demanded to be served in front of me was a better man than I am as I know that when this kind of being loses the plot like that it has proven itself ridiculous.


Of course, socially speaking this kind of prejudice arguably non-human racial prejudice would be a very hard thing to prove and to substantiate.

It was absurd that a 2 queue system that had been operating successfully under the nose of the same supervisor for at least an hour was suddenly suspended to merely benefit one individual. Also it was bizarre to see the obsequious supervisor personally pack his bags in her own designated area.


My next close encounter in Walmart was far more obvious.


The restaurant appeared fairly empty so I thought I would do some of its cheap but nice Sunday lunch.

They do some meals there like roast beef which they serve with all the usual roasts and vegetables and because there are usually huge amounts of food I tend to ask for a childs portion – which ought to do any adult with an expanding waistline.

The older lady behind the counter, who I had never seen before, asked what I wanted.

I then pleasantly asked for a child’s macaroni and cheese – which is advertised as a dish with chips and vegetables and also comes with fruit and a soft drink.

Again my demeanour is genial and pleasant, my appearance clean, my age and maturity and social standing obvious.

The lady then states that I asked for an adult portion and picks up the adult sized plate and prepares to serve food on it.

Smiling I then reply that I was wanting a childs portion.

So she then picks up two childrens plates and states that I ordered two portions.

Having seen this comedy routine before with someone else, I remain happy and peaceful in mind and gently state that I wanted only one childs portion of macaroni and cheese.

She then puts some macaroni and cheese on the plate and hands it to me. I then ask her to just give me what usually comes with this meal.

She then takes the plate back and puts some chipped potatoes on it.

Seeing that she was about to hand me the plate back again, I then asked her to put some vegetables on it too, at which she says is that beans, to which I replied no, lets do the peas and carrots.

I finally get my plate of food, still though not being offered the piece of fruit and soft drink that comes with it for every other customer.


I have to ask because I need to know .. what malevolent hive turns people at a moments notice into malevolent cartoons ?

What hijacks their minds and their beings so that they can do evil to others ?


What can I take from my Sunday expedition to Walmart therefore ?

I had already guessed that these controlling beings are attacking and attempting to falsify the quality of my creative intelligence and social intercourse so that I could feel cut off and denied.

The participants may not be conscious of their behaviour and may be influenced at an unconscious level to operate like this.

I can tell from the NASA images that alien droids and other alien surveillance dog me around – so maybe I am singled out for ‘special attention’.

Maybe evil dominions, powers and principalities do have a legion of helpers, or maybe they merely temporarily invade what assets come to hand – but it is very difficult for people on the receiving end of this to articulate these scenarios and vindicate themselves in real time.

To interact with this kind of thing and engage in social justification and levelling one on one therefore isn’t good at all.


As the reptiles may say – you’ve just got to have a thick skin. 


Whitely Streiber in his log cabin interviews, talks about the Greys ‘orchestrating happenstances’ for people who they then later strip and totally deplete of their attributes and who then remain depleted of them permanently.


Soul stripping activities rather than the socio-economic grind may then merely be the main part of what it is to be doing our time on Earth.


It’s the great New Age miracle – the book and movement centered on the Celestine Prophesies where lots of happy synchronicities lead us to a worldly and happy Nirvana if we follow our heart.

We learn to surrender to the now and go with our heart, but What If our now is getting messed with by Alien invaders ?

What If our mind space and our aspirations are being usurped and our spirits are being assaulted by alien invaders intent on uploading and harvesting our souls in some sort of matrix.

What if the happy synchronicity stuff is just alien propaganda so that if we are having bad and unhappy synchronicities we are just too ashamed to speak out because we are being led to believe that there is something wrong with us ?

What If NEGATIVE SYNCHRONICITIES are the NORM and that the good stuff only happens to Hybrid colonists.


What though is a synchronicity .. it appears to be a re-enforcing resonance of commitments and ideologies in our life that we have seen before or a co-incidence that affirms we are locked into either a path of goodness and hope or a path of despair and imprisonment.


There is a whole belief system and New Age movement of reality creation predicated on good co-incidences and a general wish by those involved in it to shame those who report bad synchronicities – as if they were inferior souls.


The status quo for this planet though is the mining and stripping of creative souls – stealing their dreams and parading those stolen emperors clothes before us to sicken and depress us.

Thus if we become disassociated, disconnected and disenfranchised of our aspirations we then more easily surrender to be rendered by these evil alien Fiends.

The status quo is the grinding and breakage of these souls into the ‘dust’ referred to in the first 20 minutes of the film the Golden Compass, or the idea behind the film [1983] and  book by Ray Bradbury called ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ … the world an evil carnival run by Greys and dark Reptilians like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory .. the world a place to be tempted and fall to sell our souls so that we can indulge our dreams or do something ‘properly’ with ‘enlightened guidance’ and then fall and be uploaded into a matrix or be recycled as bits and pieces of soul dust for the general consumption of the soul undead.


Paraded before us in a pageant of accomplishment are those who do things ‘properly’ whilst for the majority there are memory blanks and skills deficiencies SOME of which might come from alien sabotage and mind hacking.


So maybe what I have said strikes a chord within you .. that you recognise that maybe negative synchronicities would be the absolute norm on a soul farm that  operated like this.

You’ve heard me say this .. some may realise that this has been happening to them … but where do we go to get some empirical evidence for this that we can tell all our friends and psychiatrists about ?

No worries, look no further than the TV gameshow Deal or No Deal ..

In this gameshow there are about 18 unmarked boxes full of amounts of money large or very very small.

The contestant must guess by luck where the small amounts of money are so that they can keep the big money till last.

During the show – the ubiquitous Mr Big the Banker attempts to buy them out.

Some people have a plan about what order of boxes they want to dispose of … and very often you will hear that contestants got the idea out of thin air that they saw the number 6 written on something then found a dice that had the number six facing up and so on and they then realised that number six just had to be the winning quarter of a million pound box.

They do the show and it always turns out that number 6 or those ‘spiritually chosen’ wonder-filled winning numbers are numbers of catastrophic loss.

Almost on a daily basis therefore you see people being done down by negative synchronicities on this TV game show Deal or No Deal.


Negative synchronicities make us feel that we are locked into a negative pattern or some negatively inclined software program.

If I am right then negative synchronicities are the norm for the population on planet Earth. This is not because they are inferior souls but because they are incarnated in a soul farm.

They have the choice to choose another way though, the Way of Christ, of love and the highest frequencies that resonate with the true Source.


On a more positive note about negative synchronicities – if you see them in your life quite frequently it is probably engineered this way by evil aliens because your spirit is strong, full of life and is breaking free from the controls imposed upon you.

Negative synchronicities therefore are an indication of your Spiritual strength and degree of enlightenment.

The more negative synchronicities that you have the stronger, the purer and more light filled that you are.

Touchy feely folks having a reel good time on planet earth have a lot more going for them than they may be telling about on a planet so immersed in dark social engineering and alien colonialism and human livestock culling and farming.


On that note is the issue of Déjà vu – where you get the feeling that you have seen or heard something before.

There are stories of people being lifted and abducted in broad daylight during their waking hours.

The guy at a concert with his friends wakes in an alley 3 city blocks from the concert hall and he had only gone to the toilets and then went missing for an hour.

There is the story of the guy at a shopping mall in Australia who found an unusual way to save money as he went missing for an afternoon whilst in the mall.

They have tried to lift me day and night with area effect blue white flashes – but each time my guardian Angel intervenes.

It is as if I have been given to witness this stuff.

There was one particular hijack attempt where a team of angels protecting me got directly and observably involved, and there was the time the greys managed to blow out my right ear drum with an incredibly loud blast from an alleged horn of a parked 4x4.

I couldn’t play the violin without agony for 6 months – but miraculously my ear healed.

I digress.

Déjà vu then .. think of it like we as humans are extended with our minds into linear time space and our intentions and minds create a forward impact on our time stream which can be observed by the Greys and Reptilians.

Our lives or minds operate like a long video file on a timeline.

They know what we do before we do it .. as one reptilian martial artist told me. 

So during our daylight abductions – maybe to check on our implants or to recalibrate their equipment to our ever increasing frequencies we get switched off at one point during the real time abduction.

When we are returned – and our mind is then rebooted – it has to seamlessly merge with where it left off .. but its like we are operating at such high frequencies we give them trouble making it a seamless splice.

Its like being in a video editing software and trying to join two clips back together. There is a little overlap. Because we are most likely to be ascending beyond their control such that they cannot calibrate our mind and spirit frequencies very accurately there cannot be a seamless rejoin and as a result we get a short rerun of where we left off – before we left off to be abducted.

If you are experiencing Déjà vu therefore – it means that the Greys or dark Reptilians have probably failed to calibrate your ascending spirit and soul signature.


It is up to us if we want to be overawed by some load of nonsense like this. What’s the point of getting upset.

Creative Human Beings are here and handicapped with amnesia and low on skills and resources being milked by distressing Beings and tools and social processes. The planets social system and its history of technology is a charade. Billions are not having a nice day.


Many of us and some would deny it, experience a countersong of negation to our lives and reason for being.


However, We can pray and lift our frequencies up to the love from the Highest Source and our Holy Spirits and Angels who operate amongst and above us. Prayer does that more than any other thing we could do to protect ourselves.


If we get sold a half cup of coffee our cup is in truth overflowing – for that something that gets into people recognises that it cannot have us.

Be content with the half cup of coffee. Enjoy it. Have a Nice Day – because an eternity full of glorious days is coming your way.

You didn’t do a Deal with the Banker and you didn’t care what the undead allege they are enjoying.





Firstly before I set out my hypothesis I give notice that I uphold the right of the State to pursue and administer its diagnoses based on the best science it has available. We all assume though that the State wants to progress to better scientific excellence and truth. In light of the contradiction of the publicly unused free energy and electro-gravity theories available we should question State inertia inherent in paradigm change in the philosophy of science and mind.

What is presented here though is a hypothetical new paradigm for the misuse of alien telepathy amongst the human race. It may not be true.


This paper, however, asks that we read it as if certain of its core assumptions are true.  These are as follows;


1.  there are aliens e.g.  Prof J Mack, ‘Abduction’

2.  they use telepathy e.g. Lyall Watson, ‘Supernature’

3.      there is a magnetic life-force beyond the chemical at work 

within beings and other life-forms. E.g. W Kohler [1952]

 4.  In an electromagnetic ecology of such kinds of life there will be

        various kinds of relationships between beings e.g. symbiotic, 

         predatory. E.g. Odum, ‘the Fundamentals of Ecology’.

5. By a commonly held universal law that applies to physical

matter, energy flows by osmosis and diffusion between states of high energy [the victim] through a common medium negotiated by the predator, to the predator in a state of low energy. E.g. Ohm, Fajan, Kurt Lewin’s 1952, ‘Field Theory in Psychology’.

6.      Human’s possess biomagnetic energy invested in and 

 triggered by psychological associations.

7.  In a predatory telepathic feeding strategy that seeks interaction with human life force, it will interact with the components of our psychological investments by distorting them and then feed off the energy required to re-iterate ones vision of personal integrity and thus cause us to be depleted.

8.  Some social situations we innocently find ourselves in are good and rational, some social situations are bad and irrational.

9.  Legally and medically the following can be construed as paranoid schizophrenia and a delusional architecture.

 10.  there are evil telepathic aliens and colonists amongst us.


The presence of Reptilian races amongst mankind has been enshrined in many visual archaeological and contemporary artefacts and belief systems. From Sumeria, to India, to Scotland to Africa, from South and Central America, from Tibet to Scandinavia the museums, universities, industries, culture and myth are replete with Draconian items.

In keeping with our dualistic cosmos and its materials we can safely assume that there would be both socially dark and socially enlightened members of all species throughout the various Cosmii and the multiverse.


Some beings might have a surplus of energy because they are less burdened by material attachments and processes, obtaining effortlessly the connections that enable them to be sustained by higher more life-filled energy than those who are downwards looking into the processes, pains and trials of matter.

For those darker beings therefore, who cannot or will not feed effortlessly from the highest source there is a jungle of opportunities in which to play at being somebody else’s god.

This painful chaos therefore becomes a jungle of opportunity for the ever-hungry intelligent or un-intelligent consumer who is bankrupt on extravagant ego-fuelled activities that naturally lead them further and further away from the realities of the gift of free life.

On planet Earth, the woes of humanity can be attributed primarily to two types of beings, the Greys and the dark Reptilians whose millennial and historic archaeological provenance has been abundantly established elsewhere.


The dark Reptilians have a High Command driven by brute force – but its not in their natures to be bogged down with social responsibilities. They much prefer frolicking in the swamp of life eating whatever they can whenever they can get it.

The Greys – utilise ‘social constructionism’ and intelligent, co-operative behaviour doing evil to us for their communal good.

To that end they heavily and collectively co-operate and invest in a social process.


It is hypothesised here that these two predators have a similar nihilistic agenda to feed and farm humanity and no doubt other star systems with but have two entirely different types of modus operandii.


The dark Reptilians tend to be lone hunters with specific strategies but will align with and co-operate with a hierarchy.

Hierarchically directed dark Reptilian packs under a form of hive control have also been known to operate against people of Pleiadean persuasion on Earth utilising all manner of social infrastructure and assets in the process.

The dark Reptilian hierarchy is part of a bigger conglomerate with lots of hardware and also their own brand of soul capture technology, doubtless used in the many wars they have undoubtedly engaged in.

e.g. the Book of Enoch, or, The History of the Jews by Josephus Flavius.


Also if the target human has no prayerful high frequency angelic connection present such that night time protection kicks in – then the human mind of the target is prone to reptilian mindscapes into which our naturally extensive minds want to extend into and occupy with energy investments. In those scenarios we are also prone to getting deliberately infected with a parasite – and this process is called hosting.


Generally though in the human population the feeding behaviour of dark Reptilians can be thought of as entropic nihilism and one on one – a sort of destructive feeding frenzy of whatever goes and anything that works. Rather akin to the jungle red or green or blue in tooth and claw before the global extinction event and ice age that wiped them out. They would have just kept eating till they couldn’t physically manage it any more.

The dark Reptilians though hypothetically use several strategies of predatory essence stripping telepathy – some eight of which will be discussed here.


The Greys on the contrary hypothetically practise a great amount of synthesis and investment in their nihilistic essence farming and tend to operate more in groups.

Theirs is more a social effort amongst humanity with a social priority of obtaining ‘how to’ manuals stripped from human experiences with which to feed their mutations.

The Greys practise in groups an organised and active synthetic nihilism and invest more than the Reptilians in the physical manifestation of the nihilist web that is to entrap their creative and mind-orientated prey.

They use elaborate social theatre that targets social tool use and other creative processes within the target society and its demography. To this end they will creatively invest in the social process that will engage their prey.


The dark (reptilian) predator that predates on energy rich intelligent life does so utilising a process rather like the feeding mechanism of the jungle mosquito.

This latter creature alights on the exposed skin and its snout plunged into the vein injects an anti-coagulant (a false and persistent contradiction and distortion to the bodies natural integrity) so that the blood flow will continue unabated by natural clotting until the creature is satiated.

When this same process of predation is enacted with intelligent behaviour in terms of ideological constructs, the anti-coagulant that neutralises the minds defences appears much more sophisticated. Though it is not.


When a human being is born on Earth, usually a soul with highly creative tendencies, therefore good farming stock, that person is deliberately traumatised by events beyond their control in their earlier years .. then archetypes of those dark situations or recombinations of these manifest regularly/periodically thereafter throughout life as psychological blockers or inhibitors of aspiration. This to drag us back down under controls.

It is as if there is a countercurrent or countersong to our creative aspirations locking us with its nihilistic counterpoint in linear time throughout our years.

Even some variation of the same events that trouble us manifest in a recurrent way. Arguably this could be called Karma.

Isaac Newton stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, though it may well be that the action of getting born and being traumatised by our farmers sets us into a pattern or theme we might find hard to shift out of without Angelic help.

Human society is bound up in a jungle of psychological investments in relationships, artefacts, infrastructures, beliefs, tools, creations and recreations, and relationships. All of these are maintained and enacted and re-enforced by the currency and psychic energy and social activities we generate out of our own personal creativity and investments, our psychological self-esteem and our vision of social integrity.


Much of such people who are invested in the world also have their sex drive and all energies pertaining to its expression in many of these ‘investments’. E.g. sports car, house, status symbols etc


The human mind though tends to be bound up in the details of our transactions and investments and it begins to externalise and recognise itself not in terms of its resonance with the highest source, but with a world populated by the fruits of its investments.

These assets therefore become the mirror of the soul or spirit rather than a fellowship of the highest love.

That kind of human being has become worldly and invests in the fellowship of the world. However in the semantic jungle of this world of energy investments, psychic, magnetic and aspirational investments in artefacts and other social tools and materials lurks an entirely different kind of being with a totally different set of priorities that have nothing whatsoever to do with the human agenda.


In the jungle of human psychological and psychic energy investments lurks amongst other predators, the dark reptilian.


The mechanism has a biological analogy in the bite of the mosquito, yet to the human mindset, immersed in intellectual human culture the problems posed by this encounter appear much more sophisticated than they actually are.


A basic universal law is, that states of high energy discharge to states of low energy across a common medium.

However for the social vampire the skill of the feeding process is in the construction of a mutually agreeable interface, a bridge or conduit, like the aqueducts of ancient Rome down which the human waters of life can flow.

This bridging activity by the psychic Vampire targets several of the psychological and social investments and relationships that the victim uses to mirror his or her self-esteem.

It may take the form of an untruth or contradiction, or unjust contempt of some obvious thing that we take to be true, it may undermine the artefacts and things in our life that we use to make us feel good about ourselves and it may directly misrepresent or mislead our status quo.

We can be rubbed up the wrong way or wound up so that we vent our energies to set things right.


For the Vampire, like the mosquito, having injected the anti-coagulant of  distortion into our self-image and esteem, the feed comes from the investment made by our will and our driving of biologically based psychic energy that seeks to clean our mirror of the self so that we can re-iterate our own vision of personal integrity.

Often many targeted people, not knowing to pray to enliven and lift their frequencies, could still feel depleted after they have eaten food as they cannot get enough of that finer energy returned to them from their foods as they try to recharge their batteries.

They may also eat too much.


Generally both species, both dark Reptilian and Grey contest with us to usurp our life space our minds and our intentions and attention.

As humans we don’t have much of an inner life per se … having not been borne or configured as DNA in a very facilitative way. What we do instead, rather is extend ourselves into the world by the use of our senses. E.g. hearing, touch, taste, smell, sight and sometimes the odd urge from our deliberately dysfunctional 6th sense.


Its easy for both these sets of beings because they can see what we are thinking, maybe even visually. There are books that suggest they can do that. [CW Leadbeater, ‘The Hidden Side of Things’, and, I Swedenborg]


Our intentions are quite logical, and so is the predation.

IF X THEN Z – that is we want to obtain Z by doing X.

Z, though is maybe made out of 2 components A and B.

For the essence predator to successfully hack a chunk of our essence investment they would produce a refutation of Z, or what we wanted to achieve.

Their hijack Y, might be of the form Y = notB which was one of the components of the Z we originally wanted.

Instead of us getting Z therefore – we end up with Z minus Y, which is a distortion or negation of our social function and integrity.

Y is a confidence trick – but how does the essence predator pull it off.


The answer lies in the way the human mind works for it extends in a linear way.

e.g. suppose that the human attention span can only take in a block of eight at a time from the following list:


[A B C D E F G H] I J K L M N O P Q [R S T U V W X Y Z]


When the predator presents us with Y = notB at time 1, we can only look back as far as R in that block around Y. By the time we get round to time 5, we may then discover that B is equals to Y .. but we couldn’t spot it at the time. But by then we have been essence robbed and our lotus has been plucked by a lotus eater.


The attacks tend to target the creative, recreative, facilitative and nurturing aspects of the creative soul. It is by a process of farming, a war on our nurturing way of being.

For these predators, pleasure is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The idea that someone would come for you to engage in life filled and pleasurable and creative activity; either religiously, socially, facilitatively, in friendship or even sexually is to the self made and self sustained tyrant an act and mindset of weakness.


There are a few examples of predatory Reptilian vampiric strategies that employ entropic nihilism.



I would call this a direct attack on my empathic processes and my natural tendencies.

I am a Scottish fiddle player by profession and on the night of the Lammas tide full moon, a Celtic and pagan ritual evening which had fallen on a mundane looking weekend day I had been innocently engaged to play session music in a Scottish dance band which had been missing one of its members. The young dark haired lady fiddle player showed me something which at the time I did not recognise to be totally impossible. She was here to play this gig with her violin, happily part of this band, a long way from home, no hospital or doctors nearby or really very accessible and she had the tip of the middle finger of her left hand completely missing. At least as far as my human mind could understand or recognise.

This is the hand she would use to finger her notes for several hours on the steel strings of her violin.

What I saw was that the thick layer of skin on her fingertip had been completely cut off revealing a blue and pulpy, soft innervated layer underneath. It was as if a thick layer of peel had been taken off an orange to expose the segments of fruit underneath.

That had to be hurting very very badly.

There was no blood, no clotting, no fluids, no seeping just blue pulpy stuff.

She said that she had cut her fingertip off in a recent kitchen accident.

Recent Scientific and Industrial press coverage of a similar incident 5 years later only just announced that someone had miraculously regrown their finger tip using a new sort of chemical dubbed ‘pixie dust’ .. i.e. A compound of metabolic enhancers.

This however was a ceilidh, hours of lively Scottish dance music  during some full moon festival and this lady proceeded to play her violin without missing too many notes.

As I was playing the same notes as her, I was acutely aware that every time I fingered my middle finger on the fingerboard that I was bleeding waves of nervous and psychic sympathy to this unusually gifted lady. I could feel the tugs on my solar plexus. It was an unusually depleting event for me.

I was so psychologically invested as a being into the psychology and energy of violin playing that my flowing river of life could be hijacked by a mind control trick.

She had created for me and my sympathetic nature an energy black hole in the music that we were both playing.

My heart and life went out to her every time I used my middle finger on the violin at the same time that she would be using hers.

She thereafter proceeded with a lively career in Scottish music either finding new uses for rubbery and shreddable sub-cutaneous tissues on steel cheese wires or magically regrew the thick skin on her finger tip without the aid of the millennial antiquated pharmaceutical industry – perhaps using a totally different kind of ‘pixie dust’.



This is a form of predation that is indirect and very hard to pick out from the background of our ongoing spiritual commitments to a very needy and chaotic world and also God’s will for us as beings.

For me, as a Christian, it is very clear that Christ said that we should be prepared to lay down our lives for our friends, give them the coats off our backs and if they want more clothes or food give them those things too, also that we should disperse our possessions and turn the other cheek. Therefore if a relationship is actually predatory, Vampiric and abusive we must each make our own assessment of what is right and wrong in each unique context according to our conscience and the teachings and advice of the Church.

However, as a guide, there are actually not one but two obligations and realities laid upon ourselves by our new Covenant with Christ.

One is that, loving God, we give to our Brothers and Sisters, the other though is that we look after our own integrity by love of that small part of our self too.

Our call to self-sacrifice is a test of our Faith and also God’s will for us as individuals.

No plant cell in the vine that made a natural career out of giving and passing on the water of life to its peers still operates as such if it was totally depleted and empty. Its body would disintegrate. In terms of life force predation though we as cells in the vine can hope for the guidance and intercession of the rest of the vine lest our soul would be caused to disintegrate as in Psalm 139.

Losing the body in the world is not the same issue as the future and calling of our heavenly body with which we would become re-instated. Evil would have us totally and absolutely die in body, mind and spirit.

The Holy Spirit would have otherwise.


For example it was not given to Paul in the Book of Acts to immediately surrender himself to the children of the world on several occasions as he was always guided out of trouble and not into an opportunity to pass over prematurely.

His integrity was therefore maintained by all concerned.

As loving beings that nurture and facilitate therefore when faced with life-threatening and soul-threatening abuse it seems subjective where we may if we choose draw the line.

We are all given by God to do many different things, but we must also love ourselves as we love God, and also love our needy brothers and sisters.

In big nihilistic internet debates, sometimes from people claiming to be of a Naga (Reptilian) soul group from Tibet that use versions of mysticism we are asked to mindlessly surrender and empty ourselves and to let go of any necessity to maintain our integrity.


We should know though that only in the pits of planet Earth is there a thought of depletion that prevails – for in the realms abundantly supplied by God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, that high energy, high frequency life from the Kingdom of God can do anything it pleases with and to material objects in this dark and lowly universe.

For God nothing is impossible – thus we may be put to the test in this way, and we then put our Faith in things beyond any lowly thing we could have invested in or lost in this world. This kind of predation therefore becomes unimportant to us. At that point the Saints and Angels have come to our aid to lift us up like lost sheep beyond the reach of the evil that so plagues us.

Or indeed re-equip us to carry on the works of God.



In our mental architecture are the embedded regrets and omissions that have given shape to our psychological and psychic energy resonance with accepted visions of success and failure.

This is a somewhat unique superstructure and the effects of such investments of life may be visible in our body energy centres called chakras in Eastern Mysticism.

There is a belief system called Theosophy and a 19th Century writer called C W Leadbeater who wrote and painted his observations and images from his enhanced perceptions of coloured lights around people pertaining to their moods and state of mind or health.

Clearly any predator that was using this information would be able to observe and interrogate our aspirations and responses and mood swings in terms of flashes or changes of colour. These could reveal weaknesses in our self-image as we respond to imposed tribulations in lots of colourful and juicy ways.

Some of those flawed assumptions and beliefs are rather like a visible house of energy cards made out of our hopes and relative failures and might be visible to the predator in an environment where they are being challenged, contrasted and contradicted by a paragon of relative excellence.

The predator may unfavourably compare us to some paragon of excellence, by imposing a false and unjust comparison and we, not being centred attempt to level ourselves with this caricature.

When we level with and negotiate with the caricature of excellence posing as a paragon of excellence we are pouring our waters of life down a conduit and supplying a meal to a predator.

The predator has introduced distortions of self-image into our mirror of self-esteem and the energy rich re-investment in actions we then take to then clean our mirror of self is then assimilated by the predator.





In whole textbooks written by beings such as Emmanuel Swedenborg and C W Leadbeater in the 19th century schools of Theosophy thoughts and thought-forms and other energy processes within the human being are easily readable and classifiable.

Individual thoughts themselves and their external manifestation that is hidden or occult to the human being are given grand and beautiful names such as the ‘Rose of X’. The inference is that to a certain order of human looking beings these thoughts are visible and classifiable and identifiable and part of a very hidden library of scholarly work that does not open its doors to humanity.

Given that the energy flowers on our bodies and the thoughts we emit and create are visible it becomes very easy to assume that some beings amongst us can isolate them and remove them.

Our lotus, the flower looking energy centres also called chakras on our human bodies can be picked and eaten by the lotus eaters.

I was once working for some musicians and we were all in the room together for band practise and we were composing some songs and tunes. Now I have a penchant for medieval composition and was just starting to arrive at formulating a new melody, but before I could articulate it by playing it – somebody else in the room who had absolutely no history of composition let alone medieval composition was playing the tune I was about to play as if it were her own.

She had effectively stolen it from me.

My newly emerged and easily identifiable musical flower had been plucked by someone who later called herself Morduki and who also was caught making clicking and phonetically hard K sounds of the type known to be part of Reptilian dialects.

Picking or negating the thoughts as they emerge in the human mind can be used in all sorts of situations to panic the human when he/she needs to be able to use judgement.

This in conjunction with a presentation of abnormal and unreasonable behaviour to the victim and then alleging that the victim has caused this display by being irrational whilst the human is dumbfounded and disturbed by their lack of ability to explain their absence of mind or recognise the change of social context can enable the victim to be prosecuted for being in a schizophrenic state.

Under other circumstances, blanking can be used to cause motor accidents e.g. at critical turns or other manoeuvres an interception of attention could be disastrous.



This essence stripping attack begins with a reasonable but fake looking proposition that the natural consequences of ones chaotic worldly context can mean sudden danger or emergency and hardship at any time. Ie. The sudden presentation of a social threat of imminent harm. Then a series of re-enforcing encounters occur as if that proposition were true.

It is in fact a confidence trick but employs our fear based fight or flight reaction to stampede us into reactive use of life essences.



The predatory Reptilian puts a little bit into this attack, thinking it’s a safe bet for a bigger return. The victim is driven and slightly augmented and then encouraged to invest more self belief and psychic energy and is tricked into an augmented mindset by flattery, then the rug is suddenly pulled out from under the human by some very exaggerated betrayal.  The enhanced spiritual anguish of the betrayal and disintegration of psychic energy is a rich pay off for the predatory




Sympathetic overbear works by social levelling where relative friendship and sympathy is misused and comprises the deliberate introduction of an unexplainable perhaps aberrant thought that is alien to and misrepresentative of the victim. This secondary process requires a rare investment by the dark Reptilian but can be used as part of the disorientation process in the Landmine and Stampede feeding strategy described above.



In the Theosophical belief systems of the 19th century there are textbooks written for people who can read human electromagnetic fields called auras and who can see thought forms and the processes of the mind within our energy envelope.

The human mind though cannot recognise such things as it tends to be on lower frequencies and often driven by more basic urges other than to look up and pray.

To some beings therefore – it is possible to suggest – aspects of our mentality are entirely visible and transparent.

I propose therefore that in a telepathic encounter some aspects of our beliefs and unsubstantiated assumptions and contradictions that we tend to disregard to focus on other issues are visible to the predator.

In this predatory exchange the dark Reptilian focuses on enhancing the positive side of our allegedly secret contradiction – similar to the sympathetic driving strategy except this is covert, then the dark Reptilian demolishes the victims cherished psychic investment releasing energy for consumption.



In the work by Kurt Lewin called Field Theory in Psychology, 1952 there is described a process where the person can be; anti-social and there is field independence and sharpening, or social, where there is field dependence on the input of others. In this system transfers and transactions between people take place when they level the playing field between one another. This is called levelling, and it is a relationship or relativity that may take an investment of work on the part of one or both parties.

Indeed Wolfgang Kohler a contemporary of Lewin also published in 1952 a work based on the idea that electromagnetism also flowed between people on a similar field law to the group behaviour model.

Social levelling between dark Reptilians and their prey though can be used to form an empathic link at which simple or more complex forms of energy movements and investments can take place.



Often, many hours or days after some social event there will be recall of an irksome dialogue where we appear to be reliving the conversation that went wrong in some way. These scenarios can be very essence draining as we try to re-iterate and justify ourselves. These are not idle dreams though – these are real time encounters. These mindscape encounters will employ as if in real time the same kinds of essence grabbing strategies.

The after hours replays might become degradative to extract maximum efforts from our reassertions.



Human beings are not really that configured to remote view and do the occult stuff that we all hear about from people with more memories than they are letting on about. I.e. Several millennia worth of memories to be more accurate.

The blank-slate mind and being of the human being therefore might visualise a journey that he/she is about to make especially into familiar places. It might be though that these landmarks that we can remember because they are food shops or arty or intellectual places or places of learning or power etc appear in our minds already with a somewhat argumentative encounter that should not be happening in such a place already taking place in our minds before we even set off.

This is predatory vampirism which may actually manifest in some way in real time around one of these landmarks when we pass it.

Basically this is sympathetic or unsympathetic driving.



During some dark Reptilian social encounter – these beings may wish to target us at some later point in our day or our life. They will pick an activity that we are habitually engaged in from our surface thoughts and create a link to it in some real time conversation.

The association they create with our activity then kicks in later as we do our thing and their being and mindscape manifest in our attentions.


Typical dark Reptilian accounting given that they may see in pictures might see us as an egg shaped cloud of light and in this aura of energy – they can pick out our strengths and our weaknesses.

e.g. a happy strong vibrant picture of a Scottish violin at a strength of 6 suggests that there is a juicy feed there … but how to get close … well there is a darker and weaker picture of a tennis racket at minus 1.

So if we get close and feed the tennis racket image plus 1, a small investment to obtain sympathy and resonance and empathy and levelling … one of the stripping techniques outlined above will relieve the fiddle player of 4 juicy vibrant violin energy points because they can’t play Mozart on the little grey matter processor that they have.

Thus – a net gain of 3 energy points for the dark Reptilian predator after deducations of outlay. 



In one of the many transactions for foods and services in human society, one may sometimes encounter a person – arguably not enjoying their job, behaving inappropriately. In the sale of food or services we somehow feel that we have overspent or underspent for more or less value than we had intended to receive. This strangely unsettling fact of an inappropriate transaction e.g. being obviously sold short measure means that we have bought a not Cup of something as opposed to a cup of something. We therefore expend mental energy cleaning our mirror of self-esteem. Somehow our spiritual energies then become depleted, perhaps because of the world being so chaotic.

Indeed we may dedicate our time out with our cup of coffee and its energy to processing our hard time and the bad time someone just created for us.



In social situations many people go by empirical social indicators and other non-verbal signs, such as posture, composure, appearance, use of language to inform them of the nature of the person. Sometimes though, no matter how high class all of our cues and behaviour are – we are treated unreasonably and misrepresented.

e.g.1 High Street record store … with expensive clothes and haircut and a new carrier bag with goods from another adjacent store … ‘what are you doing here, you don’t look like a customer.’


e.g. 2  High Street Bank … with good clothes and haircut and calm demeanour and without engaging in any prior conversation .. help to leave the bank queue ‘with these people’. [that were standing in it] What was wrong with being like other people and standing in a queue ?  the nature of the language and the intercession itself disassociates my presence from the parade of the people of normal humanity. How therefore was it that Myself and People were mutually exclusive in her mind ?


e.g. 3 Previously unknown Police in a Yuppie District of Leith with townhouses, condos and various other kinds of less well off properties mixed into an artisan type social district that was open late. ‘what are YOU  doing here ?’. In context at that time of the night any number of pedestrians might have been making their way home. Why also would it be an extraordinary event to see someone as educated looking as myself during late bar times in that district ?


e.g. 4   DIY Store on a cold day. Looking for some gardening supplies went to reception to ask for a pen. Pen was refused because I didn’t look like a customer, but someone taking warm shelter from the cold. I suggested that that wasn’t fair at all and that I was looking for gardening supplies. Then a group of six people who had been standing there went into an outrageous song and dance routine that totally misrepresented 

what I had been saying and the manner in which I had said it.

‘never heard anything like it .. etc’ and while I stood there listening to a horrid soap opera sketch my spirit body seemed to be getting buffeted and torn at as if their cruel words were somehow landing physical blows and tears.

That whole event was unbelievable and outrageous and totally misrepresented my social skills and character.



Human beings tend to think what they see or hear in a linear way and if we can see a bit of road and we intend to walk up to a certain small landmark on it .. we have paid our energy investment to obtain our goal. Then somebody comes from nowhere to walk into our path and cross our path at the last moment. Our energy outlay for destination W was X, but now to achieve W we must cater for X-Y, where Y is a juicy vampire hijack.



Sometimes people seem to get in our faces at times we need to be alone and then we recall them later on because they have stuck in our minds and then we may get involved in a negative conversation with them.



Sometimes Reptilians will produce two or three doubles that are slightly similar but which are part of a broad range of social success and failure.

They can form part of a small procession in an urban area.

Two losers and one winner for example.

One’s telepathic but restricted heart can go out to the loser or justly wrestle in a prana and essence loaded way with the outrageous winner.



The Greys on the other hand have one basic feeding and mining strategy generally different to the needs and uses of the Reptilians.

Their mining and negation and human soul disintegration serves a communal purpose and not the immediate needs of a more solo and  selfish Reptilian predator.


The Greys and their nihilism are a synthesis of misused social values presented to the people that they are stripping that they may re-supply what they harvest from us to their hungry and needy new hybrids.

Their social diligence and commitment makes the dark Reptilians by contrast look like real wasters.


They appear to have ambitions to harvest the human populations.


From the birth of Radio Eugenics in the 1960’s  to its more advanced ideas as seen in the world Transhuman Movement that occur from the 1990’s, Transhumanism has become a global organization of scientists who advocate uploads for all, and who give deference to the rise of the super intelligent machine.

Although they are anti-irrationalist and anti-religious and sound convincing there are currently no publications anywhere that would justify their own faith in the success of human technology to achieve their stated goals.

Drew Hempel notes that in 1975 Oliver Reiser and the World Institute editor Ervin Laszlo published the real Matrix plan called Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.

According to Hempel, the 1975 book calls the plan, The Matrix prominently and repeatedly many years before the  Hollywood film, and states that humans will be in Techno-Samadhi as the neuroblasts and Electronic tubes for the new World Mother. According to this plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like an egg, the humans and the environment are to be fed off as energy for the evolution of the Matrix. Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted by the World Institute – except now it is called orthosynthesis. In Techno-Samadhi a person does not breath or think words – they are hooked up to satellite systems and used as energy that controls and manipulates higher dimensional space-time.  This to me sounds like the inside of an alien hive. This is all detailed in Cosmic Humanism and World Unity – the actual plan for the Matrix.

The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion called cosmic humanism now called transhumanism – or in general techno-spirituality.

This matrix plan sounds like the language and ideology of grey and reptilian  hive creation and its consumption and harvesting of spirit as described is how I understand that the hive process works. I have spoken to people who are hooked up to or fighting the assimilation process of this collective. It is an empty and hungry hive that needs new people to feed from to keep its higher echelons in the manner to which they have become accustomed as they roll across this galaxy. I suspect that a large amount of human population has been handed over in trade to these beings.

In order for the aliens to assimilate us into their matrix I have formed the theory that they act upon us by presenting the anti-thesis to every kind of aspiration and hope that we may possess. The aliens would engineer and present negative counter examples to our best personal and social hopes so that they can make us feel cut off and isolated and disorientated. By thus isolating us in a hopeless state we become easier to acquire and manipulate.

It’s true to state that I have an actual real time example of them trying to do that with me. I owned this beautiful, rich and empowering red raincoat. It was a classy item made in Germany with the best of German engineering etc etc it was disaster proof, rugged, made to last etc I was walking through the park when I saw two cars come along the park road. Both were red.

The first car was a beautiful new expensive small car the same colour red as my coat, and the other car following directly behind, driving illegally, was a dark, very old rusty red small car  and as the two cars passed by I immediately spotted that it appeared that someone had taken a pot of the beautiful fresh red expensive paint the same colour as the front car and of my coat and had arbitrarily splashed it as if thrown onto the hood of the following car.

It wasn’t some new artform … it was as if the fresh new red was being thrown downmarket and being transferred and downgraded onto something old and past it. The values of my red coat were being depressed. As soon as I recognized the total bizarre impossibility of there being anywhere a pot of paint that would ever be thrown on a car hood and the same colour of red as the car in front and my coat I just said … you’ve got to be kidding. As soon as I said that … the old car suddenly stopped in the road and sat there and put on its hazard warning lights – like I had just terminated a sub-routine in a computer program. In my opinion, the aliens had been presenting social theatre to counter and negate my feeling of integrity and social independence. If its happening to me – its also happening to many others too. Trying to get us to stop resisting the upload by making us feel hopeless. Whatever good things we have – these particular aliens want us to feel disappointed with.


What I had just observed was social theatre that had created disturbing recombinations around familiar patterns, objects and symmetries such that it produces a devaluation of and transfer of our aspirations and  attitudes towards something good onto lesser quality social objects and social investments. In this case overt degradation.

The Greys, however, use covert tactics too to gather their soul bits and pieces or soul-dust as per the recent movie ‘The Golden Compass’.

You could ask if it were humanly possible to recognise the difference between Grey and Reptilian telepathy and the answer would be that even if we could process this information at human speeds, whatever was happening would be all over before we could identify the perpetrators. We do know that the end effect in both cases is an annulment of something of ours that is good.

I do propose though that there is a more general way to tell the difference between Grey and Reptilian soul stripping activities.

The selfish magus type dark Reptilian predator is more into smash and grab tactics and instant meals whereas the Greys are more into highly detailed investments with an eye for the long haul and the bigger picture.

Gradual and slow and insidious negation strategies that slowly and comprehensively negate based on the sensory outlooks of their targets as defined in NLP, neural linguistic programming personality types such as; touch centered person, taste, visual, audio centered person etc are probably deployed.

E.g. the victim is encouraged to embrace self-destruction through the sensory processes by which they extend into the world. If that is taste for example – then expect a sugar overload.

These are slow long-term exits and comprehensive negations by complex social processes in a broader context. i.e. synthetic nihilism as opposed to the selfishly motivated entropic nihilism of the solo dark Reptilians.



A symptom of Grey assault in humans is a person who for some reason talks loudly in public places. [The psychiatric industry has other diagnoses for this kind of behaviour obviously]

In the natural universe, natural telepathy e.g. in hive behaviour in the bees, ants and wasps is a given and the interconnectedness of many lower animals was documented in Lyall Watson’s famous book ‘Supernature’.

Telepathic aliens have been discussed academically by people such as Professor John Mack, Dr Jacobs, Dr Salla and we can generally be agreed upon the fact that humans don’t tend to feel the same kind of connections to the inner and higher source of life as the more telepathic beings seem to enjoy.

Consequently the average untelepathic and disconnected human being is not inward looking but outward looking, searching for expression in and investment in the external social context in terms of e.g. status symbols or other social credence.

When the Greys attack a human being by blanking, unlike the (usually) solo dark Reptilian, they make a concerted and comprehensive effort to totally negate and suffocate and entirely stop the mind.

When the human eventually struggles to reboot – they will forcefully externalise and outpour their mental process to aid them reconnecting with their external worldly context.

It might be therefore that the Greys can predict the order of what comes up in our minds when we reboot and during our re-iteration and vindication phase before the time we regain our composure – they may insert other obstacles into our path that help to negate our reason for being.

Human beings predated on in this manner whether by dark Reptilians or Greys or some other inner planes based monster – if such predation actually exists for real may feel that they are being drained but don’t know how to detach the vampire.

We on our own can do nothing … but Saints and Angels love us, thus we should raise our mindset and our spiritual vibration to tune up to a higher resonance.

However, if we are alone and in the dark we may start to feel abused and somewhat desperate if we lose our Faith.

Often these parasitic links although metaphysically attached are focussed around the attention to certain kinds of object that pertain to our unsatisfactory choices in the material world.

These objects could be domestic or cultural ingredients of the parasitic link and therefore serve as a focal point for the central themes of the anti-coagulant that our mosquito/vampire is injecting.

It might be seen by some people that destroying that object or part of it might break them free and destroy or disintegrate the process of the psychic predatory link.

The strategy of overt physical breakage isn’t socially desirable – it is psychotic and it may actually wring more juice out of the nervous system for the predator.

Prayer is the key here in my opinion.







The following analysis begins with a quote from a source other than myself. Alien Soul Strippers are not just a figment of my reality.


‘ …. From GoldenThread:  Wow! Which ones?’

"Posted on Saturday, February 17, 2007 - 12:53 am: Whitley Strieber post 150 - Cabin Stories thread, UFO and Ufology

Whitely Streiber relates that the greys were initially very interested in government people and many were invited to his log cabin to meet them.

The government people by their human education and background were in no way prepared for or could defend themselves from what would happen.

The greys would create artificial synchronicities in their lives that would cause them to interact before they arrived, then they would take downloads from them when they met up in the cabin.

The greys preliminary scanning of these government personnel at the cabin was a prelude to much deeper scanning and downloading.and permanent stripping.

Whatever issues, attributes or assets the greys looked at in these people would be stripped out of them permanently probably to the detriment of their ongoing soul..


These government personnel experienced an emptying of their lives and Streiber concludes that to engage in covert human activity with these beings is creating a crime that will go far beyond our current temporal lifetime.

He suggests that the Greys do not think that any government is important to the human future.


The state of play on planet Earth as far as I can see is as follows … there are two ET collectives facing each other up – on one side a set of beings with insectoid lineage on the road to gender differentiation and humanoid diversity plus the gender orientated reptilian angels or EL’s, and on the other side a dark alien hive collective backed up by some sort of Borg idea and the hermaphroditic reptilian.

Dark hives and dark hermaphroditic reptilians are part of the Illuminati ideologies e.g. in Merovingian Templarism and the Order of the Golden Bee.

The Merovingians had a reputation for the occult and the supernatural. They were looked upon as priest-kings, much like the  Egyptian pharaohs.

One of the most prominent symbols of the Merovingians was the bee. Hundreds of pure gold bees were found in King Childeric's tomb. The custom endured through the centuries. When Napoleon was crowned emperor in 1804, he made sure that golden bees were attached to his coronation robes.

In Theosophy the ‘Coming man’ the hermaphroditic Aryan root race that Adolf Hitler was so longing for were probably Reptilian in nature.

Scottish painter and colourist John Duncan in his painting called ‘the Riders of the Sidhe’ celebrate the Scottish culture of the Elves and Elohim.  (1912, McManus Galleries, Dundee)

Aside from the reasons humans incarnate – working on their issues – much more X-men stuff goes on than gets spoken of, often in front of our faces.

There are, though, prominent non-human subcultures saturating human society.

The evil hive and Legion are here to strip us out – not just to kill our bodies but also to destroy our souls.

In order to conquer our souls they have to disconnect us from life so that we become an isolated commodity contained in a software process. This technologically aided process perpetually annuls our emergent good feelings and attributes and encodes and then recycles our despair at us.

They can then upload us into their matrix-like equipment and reprocess, recycle, farm and devour our beings.

I will discuss the scientific movement for human uploads later here.


Being human, our minds and intellects are greatly invested in and extended into our external world. Our self-image and essence is therefore often invested in and anchored in society and its constructs by the materials and artefacts that we have around us in our lives.


We invest our selves in the world by forming maps and webs of associations.

For example someone may like the colour yellow, and it reminds them of summer and primroses and Indian food and happy times, and even a happy holiday whilst wearing a yellow ski jacket, whilst operating the ideologies within a certain kind of socially successful and youthful lifestyle. In somebody’s personal cosmology, therefore, yellow is the colour of success and happiness.

These associations are then later re-enforced and sometimes repeated and written in our brain and spirit by pleasurable experiences we have in the world of yellow.

It would take a lot of painful experiences with yellow to change that but heh! Our alien buddies have got the time.

We are therefore engaged by alien telepathy.


There is a branch of psychology called associology and in that whole chains of positive associations can be developed.

The colour yellow [e.g. for success] for example might be associated with the flavour orange and the scent of roses and the taste of red wine, and a sports car and cosmopolitan living.


If evil beings can somehow deteriorate our self image by at least affecting the things that we like about us in our own personal and external world, e.g. the things that remind us of our vitality and our connection with eternity [e.g. yellow things and ideas] then perhaps they can disconnect the soul from it’s supply of spirit from the eternal source and somehow harvest it.


They do this by manifesting bad things in exchange for things that we once would have liked. e.g. a very bad and disconnecting yellow experience. The philosophical strategy can be called social nihilism and the process they use to enact it is scientifically known by human science and it’s called Transference. e.g.

"a reproduction of emotions (in the target) relating to repressed experiences, esp. of childhood (yellow things), and the substitution of another person (alien) . . . for the original object of the repressed impulses. [Websters, 1970]

More than likely though, by provoking maximum confusion and transference output from ourselves over some object or social process or ideology that they present means that they have clearly identified a set of associations that can, when annihilated, maximise our isolation and their power over us.


Under attack from alien telepathy, the human victim is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Within the human’s cognitive psychology, there are two processes that operate in equilibrium. Those things of ourselves, those inner cues that supply our sense of self and integrity and that make us who we are. The more reliant we are on our inner selves the more independent we become of external social reality and our relationship to it and within it. The more we exist on our inner resources, the more field independent we become.

People with high degrees of field independence tend to be more focussed and generally more successful.

If however, we are being intruded upon by evil aliens, then more and more, we will seek to check and verify and re-instate our equilibrium by reference to and investments in external social cues and their associations.

The victim then perhaps becomes over reliant on external social cues that will re-enforce their feelings of vigour and social and spiritual and intellectual integrity. They then become dependent for their psychological equilibrium on their performance and investments in and with society.


Field dependence is the tendency of a person to use external cues or field referents for perception of the upright.

It’s like looking to re-assure ourselves of our appearance and self-image time and time again by looking into a chaotic social mirror.

The more field dependent an individual is the more socially anxious that individual will be.

Under strain from telepathic intrusion perhaps the only recourse for the human being is to take refuge in the external world.

However, if aliens are deliberately deconstructing the good things that we are looking for in our external mirror on our self, then we will naturally become dis-eased by this unless we can strengthen our soul with the Holy Spirit.

Without Christ, our performance diminishes in an alien environment.

Perceptual constancy, speed of closure, and functional fixity are among several examples of cognitive dimensions that are related to field dependence and independence. The efficiency of cognition and closure reduces markedly in a flood of external information in the field dependent person.


If the aliens then use the mechanism of transference i.e. "a reproduction of emotions (in the target) relating to repressed experiences, esp. of childhood (yellow things), and the substitution of another person (alien) . . . for the original object of the repressed impulses. [Websters, 1970] to provide a target for those confused energies, then perhaps a vampiric feeding transaction has been established.


It is a universal fact that every system in the cosmos at any scale transfers from a place of high energy and potential to a place of low energy and potential across a common medium.

In electricity its called ohm’s law, in biology, osmosis, in psychology, levelling etc and every discipline has it’s own unique name for the same process.

The aliens operate this process in our personal world by presenting social theatre that incorporates our favourite investments (spiritual and material) in a way that deteriorates them or causes them to fail. We then attempt to assert our creative juices to rectify the matter and become subsequently bled or milked of our essence.

[e.g. the abductee testimony Paul Schroeder – an ‘aphid being bled’ by an insect]


If you're like me then you'll find that your wardrobe has clothes in it that you no longer wear ... but I know that one can get a very hard time if one wears such stuff again ... e.g. the worst social issues can manifest in every social stratum that you progress through in a way that negates the quality of life symbolised by the clothes.

e.g. wearing your old yellow ski jacket necessitates and causes a bunch of young happy, healthy skiers to manifest with nicer jackets and lives in one of those co-incidences.

If a big young skier then picks a fight one could rationally put this down to our psychology and social ability being ‘inappropriate’ and ‘out of sorts’ but really, is it … for at the very worst we just have bad taste – with an old yellow ski jacket, so does that have to include issues with Bruce Lee or someone who ‘should have been’ nice etc

It’s so exhausting, it’s enough to stop you feeling young for good and never identifying with the whole process of adventure and youthful independence ever again isn’t it ?

It’s like your spiritual fingers have been prised off your treasures, isolating you.


By provoking maximum confusion and transference output from ourselves over some object or social process or ideology that they present means that they have clearly identified a set of associations that can, when annihilated, maximise our isolation and their power over us.

The annihilation of good associations looses our grip on our independence and our ability to help ourselves.

Those that annihilate, however, can be hard to identify.


The problem with the hive stuff is that these people can be anyone in the phone book e.g. I recall being approached by a group of young ladies who spoke in very natural cultured English accents – then suddenly turned into the local Scottish version of a raging home posse.
As professor Mack, the Harvard Psychologist who had academically identified alien intrusion found to his cost – in my opinion – these aliens can be almost anybody in the phone book  …


This hive attack stuff is for me about the disconnection of your soul from associations of good things leaving you alone and desolate - ready for stripping out ...
Our aesthetic senses are being annihilated in this process.

For a proper empirical experiment to test this idea and even refute it, pick that certain shirt you no longer wear being careful where you wear it and expose it to view, noting the colours and associations that it embodies.  My prediction is that you're bound to see far better examples of it worn by social paragons of excellence.


To test the nihilism idea do note that certain colours have their own diametric opposites:


e.g. red and green

       purple and yellow

       orange and blue

       black and white etc


As a basic example, if you wish to reclaim the associations that connect you with all things green and good in your life … you may get presented with lots of red and mixed down with black to make a morbid opposite to your aspirations.


We interact with hive telepathy and this legion of demonic beings in an environment that is controlled not to necessarily kill the body but to negate the soul and this can inspire alien logic to manifest interactive theatre in the physical world.


The alien hive has to present and re-enforce the reasons why you should disconnect from the quality of association you used to attribute to your favourite stuff in the first place.

Sometimes to this end they will attempt to engage the intellect of the soul they are attacking as it extends into the three dimensional world.
If you wear the clothes you don't like or sample flavours that you despise you can automatically expect to feel bad - the question though is why.

We had a bad experience from childhood or have a biological adversity to these items, or, more likely these days, we’ve had a deliberately and engineered alien sickener whilst wearing these objects.

Taking a rational and scientific approach to alien telepathic hacking of your life’s processes is a good thing because you take the subjective experiences that you now feel and then put them into an objective environment that you can now manipulate and hopefully control.


 If you redefine e.g. on paper those presently sickening clothes and styles and colours as the ‘equivalent’ of something else - say some random object and new colour and new idea of goodness - again you may personally see some strange things ... and if you have a camera handy - you can always prove that at least to yourself.
Do this as a computer-like script as it keeps the process rational and real and a script on paper is difficult to subvert by telepathic substitution.


Giving things you have become sickened by some fresh and good associations and perspective may result in the components of that perspective coming under attack.

e.g. say you have been sickened of yellow things but now like green and you define your list of green and good things as the equal or equivalent of the sick old yellow list, then you may start to notice your happy green associations coming under attack.


When we fight against this process we can lose our essences and our life and may be deliberately farmed and stripped like this as if we were dairy cattle..


Speaking of the rational these bug infested people do some very weird stuff - where I used to stay the local kids went down to the woods - and made up what looked like voodoo sculptures .... it’s as if they were stripping the 'juice' out of the concepts in the sculpture - it was like a circuit board made out of garbage ... and there was a collection device or bottle that the circuit emptied into ...
I of course kicked that off the park !!
They started moving big dead trees around after that and piling enormous boulders on top of them ... just so I got the message ..


This voodoo logic stuff is based on a very real physical process called transference – it’s  a natural law and it’s a known scientific theory  produced by Kurt Lewin in ‘Field Theory in Psychology’, 1952 where he spoke about levelling and sharpening of gradients between people rather like Voltage and Current or osmosis in biology. Wolfgang Kohler in 1952, a contemporary of  Lewin, spoke of transference between EM fields.
You can see it work when you tune two acoustic guitars and face them towards each other – strum one and the other will resonate – it’s not ‘voodoo’ it’s physics ..

So it is then with the ‘garbage’ that these beings are stripping out – that is – us … and they attempt to do so by using all the artefacts by which we define ourselves against us.

They do this by prizing the good associations from our grasp by creating and using disassociative trauma. Usually by way of social externalisation and in our own terms and conditions.


I should also point out that there is an enormous cover-up here - but I strongly suspect that it’s the same everywhere.
They operate in Cities and communities right here under our very noses ... and if we get too curious - our minds just get switched off - like I walk past the same stall in a shopping mall twice in two minutes and end up at the wrong exit ... a logistical impossibility unless I had lost my guide dog.


In order to upload and farm and recycle souls and individuals there would need to be some alien factory process and to a certain extent some human co-operation to facilitate an integrated approach to their livestock.


The control of academics might be one of their priorities.

The following part-article from Drew Hempel seems to support my idea of an alien assimilation of humanity by both an insectoid and also robotic species – who may well be driving rather big black oblong ships amongst other junk they use.

What I learned independently of this of course is conjecture – but that it was the intention of this robotic species to upload and strip everything if they could.

Every bit of life would be stripped – animal vegetable and human.

I first came across this idea on transhumanist lists that I had been researching in 1996. They called it compulsory uploading.  I notice that techno-spirituality is mentioned in this article quote below and is also being currently promoted on other transhuman lists in the form of revering Rosicrucian and scientist Isaac Newton. Which for an agnostic community into science and logic seems a bit of a step.


We have star trek to thank for introducing most of us to the idea of the Borg and its collective and the idea runs close to my own deductions. Hopefully I have illustrated their attack and upload strategy which is to mimic the victims social expectations, engage the consciousness of the victim and then neutralise the victims spirit to engage by the overt and covert diminishment of their aspirations. At that point they assimilate.


That’s my theory – but the following part-article seems to illustrate the groundwork on an academic paradigm that is being done as a prelude to uploading and the mass assimilation of mankind.

Details on the Actual Matrix Plan by Drew Hempel.

Never before has the public known that the Freemason-Theosophist elite formed an academic think tank in 1940 with the expressed goal of channelling all academic research toward their goals. This is the
power source for the actual plan for the Matrix that is described below.

This Theosophist-Freemason think tank was the Institute for Integrative Education. The board of directors included the family of the directors of the Theosophists as well as Ivy League professors from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, etc. Their 1940 flagship issue of their academic journal Main Currents in Modern Thought openly states this Freemason conspiratorial goal and at one point the journal even states that most professors are more dangerous than Nazis!

The founder of this Freemason-Theosophist Educational-Research Complex that secretly controlled U.S. academic research was Lumber Magnate Julius Stulman. The postscript of his book Evolving Mankind's Future is a long statement by liberal University President Laurence Bolling -- a high level statecraft policy maker, documenting the influence of this think tank.

In 1965 Stulman created the World Institute in collaboration and at
the behest of the U.S. Government, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and the United Nations.

This information is detailed by President Bolling. The expressed role of the World Institute was to oversee the direction of technology for the world and it was located at UN Plaza. It's main policy plan was the actual plan for the Matrix published in 1975 and edited by systems theorist, global planner Ervin Laszlo. This is background for that Real Matrix Plan that is now coming into reality -- as liberally promoted by Laszlo's book Macroshift. (2001).


There is a dark conspiratorial sinister apocalyptic side to Laszlo that is now exposed by the below.

The Institute for Integrative Education highly praised Philosophy of
Science Professor Oliver L. Reiser's 1965 manifesto Cosmic Humanism.

Reiser's 1945 book World Philosophy was considered by Einstein to be the best plan for a unified field theory. In 1936 Reiser had
promoted and initiated radio-eugenics in the Journal of Heredity.
In 1945 Reiser discovered World Institute founder Julius Stulman's
essay, Energy Theory Applied to Human Relations.

In 1975 Oliver L. Reiser and the World Institute editor Ervin Laszlo
published the real matrix plan called Cosmic Humanism and World Unity in collaboration with Dr. Andrija Puharich.

Reiser's 1965 book Cosmic Humanism openly promotes Radio-Eugenics and states that while most of humanity and the planet may die that is how evolution in nature works.

The 1975 book calls the plan, The Matrix prominently and repeatedly and states that humans will be in Techno-Samadhi as the neuroblasts and Electronic tubes for the new World Mother. According to this plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like an egg, the humans and the environment are to be feed off as energy for evolution of the Matrix.
Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted by the World Institute -- except now it is called orthosynthesis.


In Techno-Samadhi person does not breath or think words -- they
are hooked up to the satellite systems and used as energy so that the Theosophist-Freemasons can create the cosmic lens that controls and manipulates higher dimensional space-time. This is all detailed in Cosmic Humanism and World Unity -- the actual plan for the Matrix.
The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion -- Cosmic
Humanism (now called transhumanism) -- or in general
techno-spirituality. … ‘    …………….
(Drew Hempel)

Anyway it’s all rock and roll ... I was out on a walk - and I noticed that a stream of cars were carrying certain very familiar colours. It was that same deep expensive red as the lovely expensive raincoat that I was wearing. My red raincoat, first energy ray, driving primal red, expensive top of the range high technology, outdoor mountain wear, Earth change proof and made in Germany by Germanic technology and totally superior, logical, rational and invincible.  Next up I see a bizarre parade of red cars and thought - I'm not looking at this - as one does - I ignore this stuff - as it’s not good to really work out how it all may be connected and associated i.e. ontologise, unless you're better than Einstein or Deep Blue computer at it .. but two colour cars really attracted my attention one driving closely behind the other in this park road. The one in front was a deep red, the colour of my coat - the one behind a similar but lower class of vehicle that was brown-red. I swear that the same colour of deep coat-red paint from the car in front had been or appeared to have been splashed in an arbitrary un-artistic splash on the bonnet or engine hood of the following lower class, older car.

The somewhat artificial and forced transference of good times red onto something more dismal had been presented in the most unsubtle way.

It was impossible and incoherent artistry it was a splash of red chaos thrown from the world of rich expensive deep red cars, people and coats into the downbeat degraded world of downtrodden cars and socially deteriorated people.

There was no chance for example that somebody from a garage that had recently painted the red car in front with that red had taken a pot of liquid red paint and just happened to throw it on the car behind.


I suddenly just said to myself - what sort of weird sh*t is that .. my noble rich red splashed and discarded down market on some deadbeat brown car. I realised that this was an impossible chromatic co-incidence, and that my social expectations, future intentions and aspirations were being downgraded before my very eyes by the use of a strange bizarre social event.

The aliens were telling me in no uncertain terms that all that fancy upper class red coat wearing stuff was going to end in social and spiritual ruin.

As soon as I had processed and cogitated, recognised and registered that fact – the brown red and dilapidated car suddenly ground to a stop and put on it’s hazard warning lights as if broken down. ... it’s like I somehow interrupted an alien matrix subroutine by invalidating it ...


Because I had been ignoring their games and their own counter strategies and social investments aimed at giving me a hard time and doing me down, my associations that give me spiritual health and well-being had overcome their logic. Being Catholic had given me strength in this soul wars battle. The alien strippers had over invested in irrational human social theatre  and assumed  that my human intelligence would be unable to pick up on their extravagant and bankrupt social reality games that were designed to diminish my life expectations.


They're strippers in the very worst sense - like in the UK what they do is make all the flavours in the supermarkets equivalent with colours - and therefore all the associations of good and bad with the produce can be controlled via mass media [in my opinion].

The UK terrestrial TV channels are entertaining because no matter how many channels you switch in the middle of sentences you always get the same subject material and ideologies on the other channels to complete the sentence – and it’s usually degrading …


Our aesthetic soul music our creative spark is being isolated by alien stuff that’s not just after our body … on one list they spoke of  ‘the harvest’ of ascension .. on another scientific list called Transhumanism – ‘compulsory uploads’.


Our lives are full of colours and flavours and smells and all of these things pertaining to the senses have both good and bad associations that can be broken into and hijacked to our spiritual disadvantage.


In my opinion the UK candy market currently utilises 3 main flavours in it’s candy bars - mint, orange and toffee - you would have to travel a long way to get a candy bar with any other fruit flavour - and it’s the ideological journey the quest for the lost flavours ... where one has the challenges to our soul that may result in our loss of childhood and spiritual vigour.
We just get on with our mundane lives working our way through the obstacle course or gauntlet but there are some real issues in the quest for that elusive lemon candy bar … we can only find lemon in caustic detergent or toilet cleaner etc


In my opinion they need to negate the outward expression of life and youth in us and distort it and break it away from us so that they can get to the juicy soul.
The tastes are to become deadened and made bland, neutralised and negated. It is also a strange co-incidence that most supermarket fruit picked green, tends to have the same bland favour.


The reduction of positive and pleasing and spiritually stimulating; colours, flavours, smells and associations in our society may well be part of a process of alien nihilism and social control.


These alien beings are detaching us from spiritual hope and creativity by stripping us out by a process called transference and are prepared to do all sorts of ridiculous looking social things to balance the energy books if their feeding and capture process is interrupted.


Getting empirical evidence as I found becomes easy - but the processes they use can sometimes not be very obvious as there can be a psionic component to it – that’s where human logic and society fails and the society of Christ’s Angels is needed more.
 If some hive stuff is attacking you and you want to hack the logic
 then find a colour flavour association that you don't like and then
 scientifically redefine it as something wonderful.

Better still get a notebook and create lists of your associations.

Every colour you can think of is the key to a whole world of other tastes, flavours, realities and social experiences.

If these lists seem to lead somewhere bland and unpleasant e.g. you start at yellow and then that leads you to summers, scenery and holidays, and bananas and daffodils and primroses then finally to some dark red sinister door for some as yet unrecognised reason.

Then actively rescript and redefine the colour dark red as equal to something really good e.g. a snowball. (but keep it real and make a commitment to write the redefinition down)

Then watch for your good snowball idea get attacked.
You might start seeing unusual displays publicly centered around your new definition of peace and security and snowballs and the objects and context and lifestyle it pertains to that actively neutralise and regress it.
It’s worth having a camera for that - definitely !!
Wear an item of clothing that you hate – maybe not visibly to begin with Until you get the idea that you really own the shirt on your back.
Don’t let the aliens take your technicolour dreamcoat off you …


I prayed to Christ – and got Angelic help to disengage with this stuff so please take care.




To conclude therefore, there might be a great many more strategies than I have illustrated in use on this planet – amongst a cleverly designed millennial old soul farm that has been processing humans and their infrastructure for millennia.

Arguably all the social systems this planet has evolved in the last 12000 years since Atlan and the Wars of the Fall so evident in infrastructure on Earth, the moon and mars, have been controlled cul de sac charades.

If such vampiric processes do exist, they cannot be seen by the human eye or touched by the human hand … but perhaps if we are guided by our hearts in this matter rather than by our easily fascinated and distracted mind .. we will come to terms more quickly with the fact that we as human beings are not the most telepathic beings around and that with so many wrong turnings and dark cul de sacs on offer even within the alleged sanctuary of our own minds – that unless Christ and the Holy Spirit makes its home there – we will be open to betrayal and abuse.







The power of wishful thinking is now being put to the test.


[Dr Michael Salla" <exopolitics@...> wrote: post 44576, 20/07/08]

>My colleague Alfred Webre is quite correct in his Mt Adams statement,
that there won't be a disaster scenario emerging during the 2012
transition. That is due to the rise in human consciousness which is
influencing global events in a positive direction. Those promoting the
idea that global disaster will strike and ETs will come down at the
last moment to conduct a global evacuation are promoting an old meme
based on a disempowered humanity.

Thanks for clarifying, Dr. Salla!

It's quite amazing to me how many deep down still want this disaster
to happen, still become quite enthusiastic about each new "warning
sign" (such as earthquakes, etc), and love to enumerate all the
possible causes for hell & damnation. It's these people who are
keeping the old meme alive, and at the core, their secret is -- they
can't endure themselves, they want to destroy their own self image,
and project that loathing out to include the world.
Peace, [Bob O’Hearn, post 44580, 20/07/08]


However much Paul Schroeder wants the evil ones to go away he is still very much beset with only brief reminders from the world of true spirit.


‘When the Dark side aliens seem addicted to you truths emerge more dreadful than mere body tampering and theft. If the truth, weren't so very scary, I wouldn't haunt you for your slant. A very different endgame than one pretends is naturally inherent at our death, the death of abductees. Reptilians and greys INTERFERE with ones soul transit; they garner souls and transfer them into soulless bodies they've created, as hybrids or clones, bypassing the whole human spiritual recycling of HEAVEN_EARTH_HEAVEN_EARTH, with all the attendant helpers from the universe of Light.  Imagine awakening, again, in an infants body with amnesia, again, but this time after time, no Heaven or rest or blueprint or attending angels between lifetimes. Your only spirit unseen guides and helpers are from the Darkness as reptilians and greys who orchestrate your emotional life replete with temptations, addictions, sinister acts and thoughts, bad luck and horrors  so that you're always their delicious property for the milking,  a landlocked spiritual Nightmare.  When greys say; WE HAVE THE RIGHT, in a response to abduction complaints, it means that they have invested much in us; that's why they know so very much about our previous lifetimes..’ [Paul Schroeder, July 08]


In July 2008 in Scotland, however, a somewhat more alarming picture emerges rather far from the cocktail bar of the Mt Shasta Hotel …






This current report of Grey human farming activity in Scotland is a bit unhappy so if you want to think create happier Grey activity in your own airspace you should definitely NOT read this article.


Firstly there are four cameramen in three parts of east and central Scotland who filmed this ships activity in the same week.

Two are Jackie Gillies of Gorebridge – who is skywatcherscotland on and the other is Brian Macphee of Stirling who is UFOSBRI on There are links to other July 2008 footage on those pages.

Jackie Gillies however got the best footage of this ship and after hearing buzzing and rising frequency sounds in his ears was drawn to his doorstep where he just needed to switch his camera on and film.

Jackie has previously up close cattle mutilations and abductions, the technology in use to render the cattle on the ground and a spherical ship type. He also filmed a smaller oblong box ufo craft directly over his roof in fairly good detail.

Brain Macphee has filmed very big Grey triangles and some excellent daylight footage in high resolution of a disk doing aerobatics.

Other Scottish contributors linked to on both Jackie and Brians sites continue to illustrate that Scotland has had more of a ufo flap than the rest of the UK, even at this time.

The link I now quote is a first effort by Jackie .. we have nearly 4 gigabytes of good and bad photos to look through of this factory ship and once we subtract all the undefined images we can present a clear set of images of what is essentially a flying luminous beehive .. with clusters of box ufos stuck to its side, and spherical ships on the top and the bottom.

There will be more and better pictures shortly

The exact nature of the honey in the beehive itself remains to be described. Some of it obviously comes from the local cattle, some of it comes from the occupants of those rooftop shuttles that come and go and lift people – perhaps replacing them with holographic and somewhat autistic imposters.

You can see rows and rows of horizontally parked box ufos strung round the beehive rather like rows of necklaces.

On the top and the bottom of the ship are docked two classic and large flying saucers. From the side of the beehive ship protrudes several multiple docking or loading tubes or exhaust apparatus. The docking arms appear to be mobile during the course of the filming. There are several braches coming from each arm.

Also several spherical ships appear to be docked near the bottom tier of this ship.

At one point during the filming the central colours visible in the beehive turn red/pink.

Perhaps the blender has been turned on and the manufacture of smoothies for the guests has commenced.

This ship has been seen and filmed over Edmonton in Canada and variously worldwide northern hemisphere between 10 and 11pm.

Most people filming it and recording on Youtube for some reason state 10.45pm between the 10th and the 25th of July 2008.

It has been drifting over major population centres in Scotland day and night.


Numerous examples are cited by the locals around the Gorebridge area of  holographic imposters providing scary and surreal security at times when stacks of red barrels are being uplifted by alien craft from the old Blinkbonny mine at Gorebridge.

The local circus of alien scare security at the old mine includes; surreal witches, gypsies, burning car parties, MIB, chupacabra and werewolves both with red glowing eyes, wavy navy personnel in 4x4 that change their appearance for the next drive past, mad bikers etc there are even low flying flights of totally silent allegedly military jets – probably more holograms that fly slowly across the mine hilltop.

Whether its just for the cattle and or the people – this ship beehive ship is seen very often … and as Brian Macphee of Stirling a city 60 miles north pointed out – it was in no hurry as it drifted across the sky in full view of the entire population of Central Scotland and was also filmed 60 miles east in Fife.


Groups of box ufo ships that make neighbourhood abductions cling to its side whilst the cattle mutilation ships park on the top .. there are tubes and pipes and shutes into the central beehive structure … which then glows .. and according to Jackie Gillies and I will verify this shortly there is some sort of smoke or ash ejecting horizontally from a big exhaust pipe.


Jackie who has always been in the right place at the right time to get footage predicted he would film this ship and actually got the signal to do so. He feels that it is a nursery or recycling centre .. though in reality humans and mixtures of other creatures may surrender their bodies to be liquidised into a nutrition bath, the honey of the hive, it may be that like any good Scottish takeaway restaurant that the Greys, who have been noticed by Scottish A70 abductee Garry Woods, 1992 and the 1697 Reverend Robert Kirk to drink through their pores, might be availing themselves of a sustaining alien honey bath made out of a mixture of all natural Scottish ingredients.


One thing about this that somewhat disturbs me is my memory of some of those Scottish housing estates that the box ufo takeaway delivery craft source their natural extracts from tend to be very dark and inactive at nightime.

It being dark early at 9pm most of the houses that also strangely had open curtains should have been switching lights on or have a flickering TV set. It was pitch black.

In daylight, where you can calculate there should have been kids playing .. the places were silent.

Some estates in the Stirling area, a place also serviced by this alleged food processing ship were like that also.

I notice that one of the features of the Scottish A70 abduction was Garry Woods friend Colin Campbell who was taken underground in that area and saw lots of naked people frozen in glass jars …


The next Big Issue is that if they are taking humans away from these places to serve them up as a nutritional Scottish smoothie maybe they first targeted the homeless and jobless – who have no-one to notice or be accountable to .. and that way people are not generally going to notice a sudden lack of emotion or sociability or affability or the appearance of semi autistic behaviour.

If these people were to be replaced on a One Eaten One Replaced basis, then its generally known that Greys have the ability to change their shape and appearance and could technically fulfil most of the social roles of the identities that they were impersonating.


Jackie Gillies fears that he will be heading for that takeaway ship which he also believes is a nursery. Perhaps there if he hands his old body over for recycling he will be given one of the many new forms that the Greys have allegedly made to colonise this planet or Mars.

Jackie on the other hand has many connections amongst the Grey Federation and is looking forward to better days in the Greys space navy. His recreational vision includes flitting between the occupancy and consciousness of biological lifeforms as a driver would try out various cars of various sizes and spec.


Certainly there have been aliens with equipment in his backyard waking some of the neighbourhood at night with portable equipment.

The operation of this stuff was familiar to me as the same process was attempted on me .. It is rather like turning the dial on an old radio receiver and hearing the rising and falling tones as the sophisticated pitching tried to tune into your wavelength and mind.


Whatever this ship is – it has input, output and some useful product and purpose. It looks like a beehive and beehives in nature tend to produce nutrition for the hive after the tasty pollen has been gathered from the Scottish flower gardens.

It drifts with impunity over high population areas and is of no defence significance to a national disinterest that is an obvious result of alien mind control. 








Reptilians: Looking After the Brood


In view of the fact that there are many human people on this planet who now see a soul farm instead of some society never quite getting there; scientifically, technologically, medically, socially, politically or spiritually its time I think that we amnesiac, reprocessed and deliberately thwarted humans stopped thinking like victims and whining like unhappy cattle.


We can see that the planets surface has been inhabited by beings with interstellar capacity for millennia, both underground and overground, and that what we take for the story of human history and evolution has been severely engineered.

We can also see that our so-called galactic brothers and sisters have been party to the criminal processes ongoing here between a Reptilian and Grey alliance acting upon the souls of captives and prisoners recycled through a farming scenario akin to the matrix ideas described by Drew Hempel and Mat Delooze, Paul Schroeder, Whitley Streiber, Alex Collier, Nigel Kerner and others.

In this aeon-old evil industry of soul crimes both Reptilian and Greys in a symbiotic relationship strip out the souls of their captives and assimilated by subjecting them to the exact negation of their; spiritual, moral, artistic, sexual/social, creative and recreative aspirations and abilities.

If it was just about playing games with prisoners of war, then the planet could easily have been covered in; advanced metallic architecture, grand reptilian city designs and interstellar class social infrastructure and transportation based on free energy. Earth indeed could have been this way for 20 millennia since the fall of Atlantis.

The prisoners could have been rendered in an advanced looking interstellar environment but totally controlled by wearable controls and containment and then butchered as usual on some full moon or whatever party without ever having to resort to the desolate social deserts of Earth.


The key to the farming on Earth therefore is;


1.      the socially engineered desolation and false visions of historic activity and some sort of end based social progress.

2.      deliberate obsolescence and inbuilt failures in all tools, mechanisms and social processes.

3.      the creation of a context-specific and targeted personal hell for the captives maintained and moderated by both Reptilian and Grey technologies. The qualities and properties of this individual experience are intended to negate and distress and distort our best personal qualities and abilities – such that our distress can be milked.

4.      The affectation, control and sabotage of the human captive mind via natural and technological and social abilities and processes. These may include dysfunctional human ‘education’ of the blank slate or tabula rasa and the hijacking of our creative intentions and our easily perceived intended energy and spiritual investments in these things we think we want to do.


The Repto-Grey soul farming though is not about social justice for humans or very much about personal growth opportunities for human individuals it is about the stripping of the souls that are down on the farm.

The Reptilians and Greys though have differing objectives for the end products of this artificial grind house and wearying butchers treadmill.


The Reptilians have ideologies that are asexual and hermpahroditic, as can be seen in Theosophical works of the returning Aryan Root Race, and also variously in Gnostic literature about the divine hermaphrodite.

They can keep captives for pseudo sexual purposes but do not derive mutual relationships and merging of life from these interactions.

Although the sexual beings they capture are more advanced, more socially specialised, the alpha reptilian is more the work of the primal swamp in that these ‘relationships’ are primarily for sustenance and the consequent depletion of the captive.

The numero uno, alpha draconis therefore is a self-made, self-perpetuating all-star predator within a hierarchy where if ‘do what thou wilt’ [Crowleigh A (Law of Thelema)] was all of the law .. then the biggest swamp monster always comes out on top.

The Reptilians also have a secondary objective down on the farm here .. and that is the creation of suitable containers in which to gestate and nurture and feed and orientate their evil ancestral swamp larvae.

It is probably beneficial to the incoming proto-Reptilians that the artificially primitive socially engineered environment is a basic and primitive analogy of the greater interstellar reality. The nature of a chaotic swamp demon might be more able to get a basic social  orientation and primary education in a lightweight version of interstellar ideologies. These creatures when inserted into blanked human beings can watch and learn from the more evolved souls as they struggle with redundancies in social tools and processes.


There is possibly another reason that the Repto-Grey alliance farms human beings.

The Reptilians currently use creative humans as personal trainers or hosts for their demonic swamp larvae – but I suspect that that process is only one of perhaps several methods the Reptilians use on Earth and elsewhere to train their progeny.

Reptilians on Earth-type farms have been noted to operate more than one identity.

It might also be true that the Reptilians make use of artificially created human hives in which to entrain their larvae. Multiple hosting in multiple hosts. Perhaps that might get the larvae used to the idea that they can operate multiple identities the way that their Parent race can.

This might well be a phase two nursery brood for the Reptilians – who have directed those proto-Reptilians with lots of human process experience into multiple identity training.


The final product of an Earth-type soul farm for the Reptilians is espoused in the first twenty minutes of the film ‘The Golden Compass’ where the hungry beings are encouraged by the presence of a rich seam of soul dust to enrich themselves with – to give their living death more sparkle.

In this context, endless newage channels that invite us to think of ourselves as stardust, electrons, photons have us resonate with an end product of annihilation and death. Reptilian Naga soul-groups are mentioned in Spiritual theosophy and many of these ideologies espouse emptiness and emptying and surrender. On any other planet in the Cosmos that has had no ET soul matrix and telepathic technology deployed for thousands of years that is maybe a good recreational and spiritual idea.

All of this facilitated by the Repto-Grey Syndicate.


The Greys as can be read in Nigel Kerner’s book ‘The Song of the Greys’ allegedly have a thing about being dead as a species and allegedly need to create and recreate hybrids so that they can evolve and grow – and allegedly all they need is some good DNA to do that with.

As we can see from the published human historic record e.g. Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, 1901AD and Reverend Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth, 1697AD they ought to have had at least one good DNA template by now as they have been abducting for millennia.

But that isn’t really what they want …

They want and are farming answers to social questions to maintain their hybrids elsewhere incognito. (imo)

DNA can be made to gestate and operate but it needs soul stuff to fire it up.

I’m sure that the Greys can find soul stuff from somewhere or other to put into their hybrids as there must be an insecta type swamp model to get their proto-types from – but then the Greys themselves are not actually into the next step in an evolution towards being human and dualistic.

For they like the Reptilians are a least asexual if not anti-sexual.

When you see drawings of ‘hot hybrid chicks’ in miniskirts as drawn by humans on the morning after – we are looking at, in my opinion, a total paradox and contradiction within the Grey imperial caste system.

I have heard stories about how the Greys intend to supersede themselves with a really advanced set of beings called hybrids that are more like humans. The truth though is that these beings would not be allowed to become sexual, specialised and more diverse and superior to the Grey imperial caste. These hybrids in any case could well have been operating on a socially self-sustaining basis millennia ago in terms of the human farm.


The ongoing stripping and negation of the human soul by the Repto-Greys has been written about by Hennessey:


In the articles mentioned above I speak about the modus operandi of Greys and Reptilians on humans and look at the stripping process as I have witnessed it.

It always seems to be the total negation of any intention by the production in sometimes the most socially bizarre way of its anti-thesis.


The Greys I suspect do not want to be superseded by ‘hot grey hybrid chicks in miniskirts’ – but they are manufacturing these beings for a specific purpose as part of a natural adaptation of the Insectoid hive.

They are thin end of the wedge Trojan horses that are probably being used to interpenetrate evolving human (sexual) populations in the cosmos.

They therefore keep the humans farmed for their ‘how to do this’ process modules so that they can smooth out the rough social edges on their sleeper megapopulation hybrids in intergalactic communities.


The Reptilians though must have ambitions beyond mulling around with human dysfunctions and the milking of engineered human despair.

The next step up for the Reptilians in facilitating their own ancestral brood is not the sexually orientated and undesirable compromise of the human, but the use of a highly advanced, technologically regulated and  networked and asexual host community that would serve the evolution and linking of the their post-human brood.

Probably unknown to their co-farmers the Greys, a tertiary host community within the Grey hybrid population has probably been identified that would serve the further education needs of their more advanced Reptilian brood. Phase 3 Reptilian Gestation ?


What would such a union produce ?

We know from the human farming reality that in terms of such relationships ‘there can be only one’ so the alpha reptilian will be creating a real disunity within the Grey reason for being by enforcing its dominance and subservience upon the ‘hot zeta chick’.

The paradox of two asexuals co-operating in a symbiotic relationship is that with the Reptilian, and indeed for others too .. the Reptilian operates the dominant alpha male strategy and the Greys the subservient female.

However much both species dress up the consequences of this Reptilian assimilation the dualistic relationship is at the very least meta-sexual.

Payback for those years on Earth indeed !!


I suspect that there are more Repto-Grey retard farms elsewhere in this very co-operative galaxy with more human type stone age societies full of dysfunctional and stressful social circus. One thing is for sure though .. as far as the Reptos are concerned – these may be good snack food, but their primal concern is to give the incoming larvae better and better hosts to fit them for a life of cosmic domination in the true Reptilian asexual traditions.

Humanity might be phase 1 and 2 junior and high school hosting as far as the Reptos are concerned, but it might  just be that (network) Grey Hybrids are the ideal and final phase 3 target hosts.

After all why give your family brood anything less than a proper University education and superior asexual social network ?



Mine Camp


Our funfair of despair a place of evil trips

Garish goods, toxic foods, mindless rudes,

Manic moods, energy field readers,

Mindless feeders, scary strippers,

Of circus seals with flapping flippers

Where many can only dream of fish

In vain

The satisfaction of extraction

of contrived dereliction

a place to lose your eyes and ears,

your teeth, your hair, your physical health,

in a moment

a place where only if you had the wealth,

if only work would work

but human lives are broken

by the imposition

of an unjust contradiction.


A place of unjust winners on pedestals

To enhance the delicious moans of outrage


Our slow speed mind adds action and act

And counts the issues in a long long line

But the Repto-Grey with our mind and body field

Simultaneously Interacts,

At frequencies beyond our sea of mud

Faster than the human eye can blink,

Before a thought can think

A very personal and impossible sabotage

Under the camouflage of our own incompetence

Drives us down and down.

Each day even the simplest domestic task

Is a starwars movie

Our vision of where to, how to, when to, why to,

Broken down, diverted and mined out,

As Repto-Grey evil plays the human retards

like a slot machine

to collect a payout

on our dreams long before we can.


In town the surreal clown overdoes

Its superiority, not hard to outshine a human

In its straightjacket of human flesh.

Grey Process robots mutate

into everything you fear

Do things with time and space and footballs,

A whole world of X-men

At the gates of the stockyards


Repto double acts or triples

Mutt and Jeff, Have and Have not

Subtract the energy difference that you feel

Between two similar visions

Between two ends of the human scale,

From you.


Shops full of distorted patterns, garish colours

and distressingly performing social artefacts,

They know how it SHOULD be on planet Should,


When they don’t .. they stand like patient fishermen

Waiting for the needy animals

to shovel their way through the aesthetic pain

to get to a bargain.

On their way they run the gauntlet of old memories

Through the threshing mill

A sea of social, moral, artistic and ethical distortion,

A rasping grinding of the senses of loving creatives

and the slashing of our spirit,


What lifeform can so hate

the essence of social love

and loving creativity


That its own self-loathing

Imposes the evil creations of

Anti-life mining and organised spiritual torture

For some common and alien

And Godless social ‘good’

Our souls as food

Our giving fodder

Our language babel

Our intentions meat


Such beings would not understand

The meaning of defeat

Such is their taste for death.



Andrew Hennessey

I have discovered some very interesting quotes from Biblical sources that very much relate to recent discoveries and announcements in UFOLOGY and scientific cosmology.
I see evidence for a very well developed Chaos theory as used by the ancients and also by people like Nigel Kerner who wrote about Grey soul farming a few years ago.

I also found a quote that totally shook me up … as it totally augments my position on soul farming here on Earth and the deliberate engineering of nihilistic social charades and desolate negation by a grasshopper species and their artificial matrix-tent. Isaiah 40:21-24 which I develop below.

Using a free bible software called Theophilus, word searches in the King James bible can turn up evidence for very deep knowledge of a cosmology that is far beyond its time in terms of its wisdom and knowledge of chaos theory.
Comparable cosmology to the alleged post Atlantean Hindu Sanskrit tablets of Dyzan quoted in HP Blavatsky's 'Secret Doctrine'.

We hear from Laurence Gardner and Sitchin of the shapeshifting demi-gods and their technologies. From Alan Alford in Gods of the New Millennium and from the research of many others we discover the hidden reality behind such things as the horned hand salute … the symbol of Reptilian Overlords amongst the flock.
We see from their statues in Oslo that they take their dominance seriously.

Knowledge of shapeshifting and energy to DNA combinations, recombinations and patterns in our Earthly history and in all its communities might surface from these ancient biblical books.
There certainly was knowledge of others amongst us.
Note also the hundreds of references to Fallen Stars, Dragons and other kinds of non-human beings in that body of work.
Having a pattern for an eternal soul and eternal body is a very important issue.
We know though that some Reptilians can produce many doubles and travel between some planes.
Without a pattern for true life though, there is only a pattern for death.

Hebrews 13:1 Let brotherly love continue.
2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

1 Timothy 1:16 Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting.

Ezekiel 43:10 Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities: and let them measure the pattern.

It might be too that the Holy Mountain is an analogy for the hierarchy of overarching Heavens above us:
The height of the Mountain can symbolise higher and rarer forms of human life and love beyond the concepts of time, energy and matter
as we understand them.

Isaiah 57:13 When thou criest, let thy companies deliver thee; but the wind shall carry them all away; vanity shall take them: but he that putteth his trust in me shall possess the land, and shall inherit my holy mountain
Isaiah 65:25 The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the LORD.

Of the Heavens themselves, we can see evidence of real truth that goes beyond the times of 20th Century Earth or 800BC Athens.
In such cosmological chaos theory, seen expounded in Nigel Kerner's
recent work 'The Song of the Greys' and also seen alluded to in interviews with some people in alien contact e.g. Collier, Jackie Gillies of Scotland and also in the suppressed scientific works of chaos theory such as the Santa Fe Institute of 1990's and also the ancient Hindu Sanskrit quoted in Volume 1 of the Secret Doctrine by Blavastsky i.e. Logos, Outpourings and Vehicles - the law of emergence.

In such a cosmological chaos theory, universes are organic and flourish and grow or wither and die. The organic analogy holds at all scales and magnitudes. [as above so below]

Luke 21:33 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

Hebrews 1: 10 And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine hands:
11 They shall perish; but thou remainest; and they all shall wax old as doth a garment;
12 as a vesture shalt thou fold them up, and they shall be changed: but thou art the same, and thy years shall not fail.

There is a distinct use of the Plural of heaven which is heavens and this cosmology fits the many other faith based ideologies about the many mansions that exist beyond our imaginations.
It is true that Christ said that the heavens are being taken by force of arms.
Which suggests an ongoing set of issues with many different kinds of iniquities amongst adjacent realities that are directly connected with our Earth.

Ezra 9:6 And said, O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to thee, my God: for our iniquities are increased over our head, and our trespass is grown up unto the heavens.

Psalms 97:6 The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory.

Psalms 115:16 The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men

Like all organic systems theory the biblical cosmology that now is heard amongst contemporary UFOLOGISTS as organic chaos theory wrapped up in other jargon - produces images of organic systems failure and temporality amongst our many adjacent cosmic bubbles in our foam.

Isaiah 34:4 And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

Isaiah 51:6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner: but my salvation shall be for ever, and my righteousness shall not be abolished.

Things chaotically and suddenly change even in our picture of eternity, as matter and energy in complex systems create and emerge new structures and systems that self-regulate.
If we migrate appropriately however we can find ourselves a new and loving vineyard.

2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
2 Peter 3:12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?
2 Peter 3:13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Beyond the days and times of the Reptilian enthrallments - there is hope of much better things to come.

Job 26:13 By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent

Isaiah 65:17 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.
Isaiah 66:22 For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.

The following quote from Isaiah is truly amazing in the context of the Matrix ideas of Icke, Collier, Hempel, Hennessey.
What Insectoid grasshoppers mentioned below are stretching out our matrix-like tent like curtains before us all .. whose purpose is to bring us desolation, annulment, delusion, cancellation, that mines our despair and milks our stresses, woes and sorrows by distressing and meaningless social charades.

Isaiah 40:21 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?
22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:
23 That bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.
24 Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.

We have little collective excuse for being drawn into these charades though. We often forget or are made to that we can have choices.

James 1: 13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:
14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

Yet we know that true Love and Sentience brings us Life not death.

Ephesians 4:10 He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.
Matthew 3:16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him

At the end of the geophysical play on landscape earth it is somewhat comforting to know that if Christs Angels don't want bad things to happen - then bad things will not get to happen.
The quote below demonstrates that Dr Salla's position on the power of positive attitudes and upwardly looking prayer can perhaps enable us toenlist the attentions of beings of enormous powers and magnitudes who can literally set the Earth to rights.
This idea is rooted in ancient knowledge.

Revelation 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.