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Earthlight contains the original Celtic and Medieval manuscript compositions and songs of Andrew Hennessey from 1984-1991AD. The Solan Company was formed in 1984 to present Celtic and World music through the medium of original work. The various shows were played at and around the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe.

My book of Scottish Compositions is my second after Earthlight, and is inspired by my eclectic journey through Scottish culture - travels that have embraced the traditional folk music from Scotland and Ireland and the Continent and also the Neo Classical. I hope that you get a flavour for many of the milestones in my own personal pilgrimmage and that these tunes connect you with those Scottish roots that I discovered on the way.

The Shores of the Dreaming Rainbow is the collection of epic poetry written by Andrew Hennessey that spans the history and future of the human race. It also reflects -the authors personal quest for truth and spiritual freedom. Some of the plays were written for and performed at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and their historic and prophetic scope represents a roller-coaster ride through the cultural funfair of Scotland and its colourful history and mythology.  There are many blind alleys beckoning on the Way to Heaven.

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