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.. Sarai Robin Charles, Harpist,  and Andrew Hennessey

Sarai Robin Charles Harpist

Robin is a Clarsach and Pedal Harp player with an orchestral, Celtic and original repertoire. Robin has featured in an international Who’s Who of Canadian composers. Her songs and vocals are from the classical, contemporary and original idiom. She is also an accomplished guitar and keyboard player and adds musical depth and colour to her concert sets. Robin can be engaged for Solo concerts and recitals.

Sarai Robin Charles Harpist

Andrew is a fiddle player in the Scottish traditional idiom and can improvise and accompany vocals on both four and six string electric fiddle. A composer in the Celtic idiom Andrew augments his concert set with penny whistle and bodhran. Andrew’s influences come from diverse roots such as Medieval, World music, Jazz, Rock and Blues and his traditional fiddle style is of the Shetland and Donegal idiom.

Andrew Hennessey

Robin and Andrew can play at venues as diverse as Convents and festivals of sacred music to Concert events with a classical or traditional feel in local halls - playing selected sets for the occasion.

The Duo would require at least 6 months notice in advance of the date/s required and would be happy to discuss booking options with Charities or Corporate sponsors

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